My Husband Warm the Bed-966

It would be just around a month, which was not a long time. Nathaniel thought to himself, no matter how much he would miss her, he could just bear with it for a while and it will be over soon.

But no one could predict what would happen in reality.

Neil was not that close to Nathaniel, so he didn’t know what else he could say to Nathaniel.

Thump! Thump!

Someone knocked on the door again. This time, before

anyone answered, the person who knocked on the door

pushed the door and came in. It was Karen Joy, whom they

were talking about

In the study, the two men looked at Karen Joy at the same time.

She held a tray laden with some snacks and said with a smile, “Great Uncle, Brother Lionel, you two must be tired. These are the snacks I specially prepared for you guys for supper.”

“Did you bring snacks for us or were you just here to see your Brother Lionel?” Neil asked with a smile on his face. When speaking with Karen Joy, he unconsciously softened his voice.

“Of course.. Actually, sending these snacks was just an excuse for me to see Brother Lionel.” Knowing that she couldn’t cover up her own thoughts, Karen Joy decided to just admit to it.

“We’ve just finished our discussion.” Neil raised his hand and

looked at the time. I’ll leave the rest of the time for you two to chat.”

“Great Uncle, you are the best!” Neil was really considerate to Karen Joy. Knowing that she wanted to be alone with Brother Lionel, Neil made way for her so quickly. “That’s because I have been watching you grow

dear.” Neil smiled and walked to Karen Joy. “Little remember, no matter what decision you make, your family will be behind you and we will support you.”

“Thank you, Great Uncle!” Karen Joy did a playful military salute to Neil and watched him leave. Then, she turned her eyes to Nathaniel and said, “Brother Lionel, try these snacks and see if you like them.”

“Why did you suddenly think of preparing snacks for me?” Nathaniel took a bite. It was delicious and he was surprised, “What kind of snack is this? I’ve never had it before.”

“This recipe had been specially prepared by my housekeeper back home. Of course, you’ve never had it.. But, when you marry me in the future, she will come over with me into our household. By then, you can have as many snacks as you wish.” Karen Joy smiled sweetly. “So, Brother Lionel, you have to work hard to get us married as soon as possible.”

I think there is another type of snack that is more delicious. I haven’t eaten it yet, but I will have it soon.” The so-called “snack” was, of course, not a real pastry, but it was the very attractive little girl who was standing in front of him.

“Oh, there’s a more delicious snack? Brother Lionel, tell me where it is, I want to have a taste too.” She blinked, looking innocent and lovely, but she felt a little anxious. She was so clever, so how could she not know that the snack that Brother Lionel mentioned was referring to herself? She just

didn’t want to expose him!

“Silly girl!” Nathaniel pulled her into his embrace, moving her onto his lap. He lowered his head and buried himself in her hair. “Karen, Captain Brown and his family will be returning to Chatterton Town in two days.” Karen Joy nodded and said, “I know. My Little Aunt told me

earlier that they have been wasting too much time here. If

they don’t return to Chatterton Town soon, they are worried

that something would happen there in their absence.”

Nathaniel looked at her and slowly opened his mouth. “Karen, why don’t you go back to New York for now?” “Brother Lionel, why? Don’t you want me to be with you?” Did

he feel that she was of no use? Or did he feel that it was too

troublesome for her to be with him, here?

Didn’t they come to an agreement not long ago that they would go to New York for a holiday this New Year’s? It was so that he could meet the other elders of the Kyle family. Was Nathaniel afraid of them now? Had he regretted it?

Karen Joy didn’t understand his intentions, therefore

was a little worried.


“How could I not want you to be by my side?” He lowered his head and kissed her, gently nibbling on her adorable round earlobe. “It’s just that I still have some things to attend to here, and I may not be able to take good care of you. I want you to go home first, and I will come and find you soon.” “But.” Karen Joy had already contacted Jason Lesley and

would soon start work as Brother Lio interpreter. Why

did he suddenly want her to leave?

He should know that she didn’t want to leave him at all.

However, Karen Joy didn’t want him to be in a dilemma. She didn’t want him to be distracted because of her.

Nathaniel had said that he had some affairs to attend to, so he probably couldn’t find time to accompany her. He was worried that he couldn’t protect her and that she would be bored too, that must be why he arranged for her to go home to New York first

Karen Joy came to a realization suddenly and felt sorry for

him, so she couldn’t bear to put him in the spot. “Brother

Lionel, i’ll go back to New York first then, like what you said.” “Mm?” Nathaniel didn’t expect her to agree so quickly. He suddenly felt a little disappointed. However, he realized that she must have been trying to be considerate, not wanting to put him in a tough spot.



Nathaniel continued to kiss her. “Say it.” He kissed her earlobe, and she could feel his breath on her

earlobe, making her feel ticklish. “Brother Lionel, don’t move around. Let me finish what I want to say.”

Nathaniel continued to fool around. “Tell me, I’m listening.”

Karen Joy was annoyed and suddenly forgot what she was about to say, “Brother Lionel, what do you want to hear?” Nathaniel chuckled, “Didn’t you say you have something to

say to me?”

Karen Joy tried hard to recall, but she was so aroused by his kiss that she couldn’t concentrate on thinking. For a long time, she couldn’t recall what she wanted to say to him.

It was not until Nathaniel stopped playing with her earlobe that her mind gradually returned to its normal state. “Brother Lionel, but you have to let me stay for a few more days. In the week after next, I will go back to New York on my own.”

Nathaniel said, “I want you to leave with Captain Brown. With them around you, I will feel safe and reassured.”

Karen Joy said, “Brother Lionel, there is nothing to worry about. Don’t forget that Blake and the others are with me. With them around, I will definitely be fine.”

After thinking for a while, Nathaniel said, “Well, I don’t see

why not. I guess you could stay for a little longer. But you have to tell me why you want to stay here.

“This is a girl’s secret. I don’t want to tell you.” Karen Joy lay in his arms. She would never tell him that she wanted to stay around to celebrate his birthday with him.

Nathaniel was turning 30 and has had so many birthdays, but Karen Joy hadn’t been with him to celebrate even a single birthday with him yet.

She hoped that from this year onward, she could accompany him for each and every one of his birthdays.

“You don’t want to tell?”

“I can’t tell.”

“Even to me?

“It’s a girl’s secret, can’t tell it to anyone, including my beloved Brother Lionel.”


Nathaniel suddenly called her name seriously again.

“What’s wrong?”

He took her hand and took out a small box from his pocket. “What’s this?”

Nathaniel did not respond to her. He opened the box immediately, and there was an exquisite vintage ring lying in it.

He said seriously, “The totem of this ring is the same as the totem on the necklace you are wearing. It is the symbol of our family. Accepting it means that you would no longer leave me. Karen, would you be willing to wear it?”

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