My Husband Warm the Bed-967

He said that as long as she accepted this ring, she could no

longer leave him!

Upon hearing this, Karen Joy was so excited that even her heart was shaking. “Brother… Brother Lionel, are you proposing to me?”

Nathaniel was also nervous, but he didn’t show it. He calmed down his nerves and said, “I am asking you to be the future First Lady of Country A, would you be willing?”


Of course, she wanted to!

She wanted it with all her heart!

However, she was just a little girl, so she wanted to be a little reserved. But in actual fact, she couldn’t control herself at all. Karen Joy accidentally blurted out the words she was thinking in her mind.

“Alright, I know now!” Nathaniel chuckled and quickly put the ring on the middle finger of her right hand. “Karen, do you know what it means to be wearing this ring?”

“I know.” He just mentioned it, so of course she still remembered what he said.

“By putting this ring on, you, Karen Joy Kyle, will be my fiancee!” Nathaniel looked at her and said slowly and



Karen Joy had been looking forward to this for a long time. She always yearned to be his fiancee, to be his wife, and to

be with him forever.

Now that it was finally happening, Karen Joy found it hard to

express the excitement in her heart, that was why she continued to stare at him for a long time, unable to speak. “Karen… Nathaniel quietly clenched his fists and thought to himself, why was she not saying anything, what did that


“Brother Lionel, I have been waiting for this day for a long time..” Perhaps she was too excited, so Karen Joy’s tears could not stop rolling down her face. She was crying so much that she was unable to finish her sentence.

“Karen, I’m sorry! If you’re not ready yet, I can wait a little longer.” If she didn’t want it, he would feel dejected. However, he did not want her to cry so unhappily either.

“Brother Lionel, it’s not that I don’t want it! I’m just too

happy” Karen Joy threw herself into his arms and cried her

lungs out. She wiped her runny nose and her warm tears on his shirt.

“Silly girl, you’re crying even when you’re happy!” Nathaniel patted her back gently. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say to comfort her.

After crying for a long time, Karen Joy finally stopped. She

rubbed her red eyes and said, “Brother Lionel, turn your head around, don’t look at me.” She must look very ugly right now, so she didn’t want him to see her face reddened from all the crying. She didn’t want

him to think badly of her!

“Okay, I won’t look.” That was what he said, but his eyes were still fixed on her face and he didn’t plan on moving them away. He raised his hand to wipe away the tears in her eyes. “Karen, to me, no matter what you look like, you will

still be your most beautiful self!” “Well, you know how to say nice

words to make me happy.” She didn’t know what he was thinking, but whatever he said made her very happy.

In the study, Nathaniel and Karen Joy embraced each other, surrounded by a warm and cozy happiness. It was a beautiful and heartwarming scene to witness.

Outside the study, the atmosphere in the living room was very cold.

No, not cold.

It was a tense atmosphere.

Mia and Neil stared at each other. It seemed that they might fight each other at any second.

Levi looked at them staring at each other with their eyes widened fiercely. They were obviously tired but they had not started fighting yet, so Levi felt a little lost. “Mom and Dad, are you two going to fight, or are you not? Let me know if you’re not going to, I’m feeling sleepy already”

“Levi Brown!”

Levi managed to draw attention to himself with these

words. He instinctively knew that trouble was coming and started running away. In the blink of an eye, he had hidden well in his bedroom.

Once again, there was only Neil and Mia in the living room. They were still glaring at each other, and neither of them was willing to give in.

“Neil, you are not a man. I gave birth to a son for you! I do your chores and cook for you, serve you food, take care of you, and yet you are still mad at me!” If Mia was sure she could win a physical fight, she would have pounced on him and bitten him already.

The fire in Neil’s heart was already raging, but after he heard Mia’s words, the blaze had become an inferno.

He stood up and said angrily, “Mia, in your opinion, how are you even a woman? You don’t behave like one at all!” Mia pointed at herself and also jumped up in anger. “Neil, what did you just say? How dare you say that I am not a

woman? Try and say it again.”

If Mia were not a woman, then had Neil been sleeping with a man all these years? Or did he think of other women whenever he was holding on to Mia?

In a fit of anger, Neil couldn’t stop himself, he then said, “You don’t even know how to raise a child, you don’t know how to cook or do your chores properly, and you need me to serve you and take care of you, how shameless of you to say that

you have been looking after me instead.”

D*mn it! This arrogant Mia, her infuriating words could really make him explode in anger.

If it weren’t for her good looks, he would have already lost his patience a long time ago. He would have sent her the divorce papers and asked her to get lost!

Both of them had their own principles, but who was

speaking the truth?

In actual fact…

Mia muttered, “Uh..”

Neil’s accusations seemed to be closer to the truth. On the other hand, Mia was only talking nonsense and said whatever she had in mind. She had never thought too much about the credibility of her words.

Mia wanted to refute him, but she did not have any substantial argument to spew. It was all because the old b*stard, Neil, was telling the truth.

Was she going to admit defeat just like that?

She had already admitted defeat once today. If she admitted defeat again, Neil would probably take advantage of her


She couldn’t give in to him anymore, and she couldn’t let him

get to her

So, Mia rolled her eyes and found a new stance for her argument. “Neil, I took the risk of severely deforming my body to give birth to the only child that can carry your family name. So, shouldn’t you serve me?”

Mia was very satisfied with her point. It was the perfect argument!

She raised her head slightly and looked at Neil smugly. She felt so quick-witted to have found such a good reason in such a short period of time. She was waiting to see if Neil could refute her this time. “The only child who can carry my family name? Do you mean that little brat, Levi? If I had known that he would be

against me all the time, I would not have agreed to having a

child with you.” Neil said this just to spite Mia. In truth, he

had always wanted a child! He had never regretted it.

Hearing this, Levi, who had been hiding behind the door watching their fight, frowned and muttered, “Mom and Dad, argue if you want to fight if you have to, but why do you use me as a shield?”

Levi was just a seven-year-old child. Why did he have to get hurt every time the couple got into an argument?

Was it that he had to cry pitifully before them, so that they would behave more sensibly?

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