My Husband Warm the Bed-968

Chapter 968


It seemed that for this family to be harmonious and happy, Levi had to be the one to mediate the situation

He opened the door and put his hands on his waist, looking like a little adult. “Dad, Mom, if you really don’t like me, throw me out the window then.”

Mia was silent.

Neil was dumbstruck too.

It was their fault. How could they drag their child into this while they were the ones arguing?

Levi then said, “Dad, Mom, you are both adults now. Don’t do such childish things again, okay? It’s better to just fight it out. If arguing can’t solve the problem, but a fight can solve the problem sooner.”

Mia was ashamed!

Neil was also ashamed of himself.

The two adults were not even as sensible as a seven-year old child.

No matter how insensible Mia was, no matter how rude she was, she was Neil’s woman. There was no need for Neil to

argue with her

Sigh, forget it!

Neil decided to forgive Mia.

Besides, Mia behaved this way because he spoiled her. In the end, it was he who should be blamed.

Thinking of this, Neil pulled Mia into his arms and rubbed

her head. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t be so petty. I shouldn’t have argued with you.”

“You know it’s your fault now?” Mia was the typical woman who, when given an inch, she would take a mile. “If you know that it’s your fault, think about how you will make it up to me.”

“Make it up to you?” See, this woman just needs to be beaten up. Neil didn’t want to argue with her anymore. He picked her up and carried her on his shoulder, then he turned around and strode to the room.

He said while walking, “Levi, I have reconciled with your Mom. You can go back to your room and go to sleep. Don’t be so nosy.”


Just as Levi was about to speak, his father closed the door. Judging by the loud noise, it seemed that his anger had not subsided.

He shook his head and said, “Mom, it’s not that I don’t want to save you. I can’t save you even if I want to. You’d better pray for yourself.”

Neil carried Mia into the room. When he turned around, he

didn’t notice where Mia’s head was. He inadvertently swung

Mia’s head against the wall and she cried out in pain, “Neil, what are you doing?” Neil said without any apology, “Um, I told you it’s my fault already. Now I’m going to apologize to you officially!”

Upon hearing this, Mia knew that this man had no good intentions. She said in a hurry, “Put me down first. As for the apology, let’s talk about it later.”

Neil said, “It’s better to deal with this matter as soon as possible. It’s not good for both of us if we delay it.” He didn’t

want to put her down, so he spun around and made her dizzy

Mia wanted to kick him, but she couldn’t. Then, she shouted, “Neil, how are you planning on apologizing to me?” Neil sneered and asked slowly, “How do you think I can apologize to you?”

“Let me go first…” Before Mia could finish what she wanted to say, Neil threw her on the bed.

As he threw her a little too hard, her head hit the bed frame, and it hurt so much that a small bump appeared on her head in an instant.

Mia touched the small bump on her head and whined in pain. “Neil, you old bastard, you apologizing, or are you trying to get revenge?”

She was so pissed off! She was really pissed off. How could she believe that this man really knew that he was wrong and wanted to apologize to her?

“Neil, what are you doing?” Why was this man starting to take off his clothes?


Mia licked her lips. This old man’s body was too good looking, he had the kind of body that she would be willing to commit crimes for. When she saw Neil’s body, she forgot the pain on her head. She was starting to imagine lustful things in her mind, which

made her excited.



Neil shut her up. He spent the whole night apologizing to Mia with his superb fighting abilities in bed.

In the next few days, Mia’s legs were trembling and weak when she walked.

Whenever she received strange gazes on her, she would clench her teeth and curse, “Neil, you animal!” He was not a human being at all. How could he still be so

unrestrained at such an old age!

In a flash, nearly three weeks had passed. On December 12th, the weather turned sunny after snowing

for a long time. It was Wednesday. It was the day of the trial of Dominic Cooper’s case. Dominic’s attempted murder would be judged today by the

Royal Court of Coast City, Country A. As soon as the news

spread out, the court was surrounded by reporters early in

the morning.

After the previous incident, the citizens of the country hated

Dominic very much, so the reporters wanted to report on the progress of this case to the citizens as quickly as possible. The person that Dominic wanted to assassinate was the President of Country A. And, he also set up oppositions to

disrupt the prosperity and stability of the country. How

could the citizens not hate him?

Jason Lesley had released a national poll before this. Even if Dominic does not receive a sentence for his crimes, and is able to walk free, he would still be hated by everyone anyway

He had not yet pleaded guilty for the attempted murder. But

as for the disruption of peace in the country, he had already pleaded guilty because of the evidence at hand. Not long after the court trial, the Royal Court of Coast City of

Country A sentenced Dominic to life-long imprisonment, which would deprive him of his freedom for the rest of his life.

After the news was spread out all the people in the country were so happy that they chanted “Long live Country A.”

Everyone was hoping to get rid of all these nasty criminals who would harm the country and praying for the President’s health, so that he could lead the people of Country A to a

brighter future.

While the whole country was celebrating fervently, there were still some people hiding in the dark and still

desperately struggling Hannah Elliott turned off the TV and turned to look at Griffin

Cooper angrily. “He is sentenced to life in prison and has all his political power taken away for the rest of his life. Is Nathaniel doing this for you or me to see?”

After Dominic’s arrest, those opposition groups that were

around Hannah were caught. Now, there was no one else she could discuss with besides Griffin. Griffin said slowly, “It’s just imprisonment for life. At least

Nathaniel still considered him as his brother and spared his life.”

These days, due to lack of rest and care, Griffin’s physical condition was a lot worse than before. He coughed for a long time after saying these few words.

Hannah shouted, “Griffin, are you blind? Do you think nathaniel consider odin as his brother? If he did, he

would not even bring Dominic to court to sit for trial.”

Hannah’s heart was bleeding when she thought of her son’s hands being cuffed, sitting in a prison cell, and having to appear in front of the country like a criminal.

She hated this so much that she couldn’t wait to rip off Nathaniel’s skin. She wanted to drink Nathaniel’s blood and even wanted to bring him down to hell.

She wanted to make Nathaniel suffer forever.

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