My Husband Warm the Bed-969

“Ahem, ahem, ahem.” Griffin coughed and pressed his hand on his chest. He paused and then said, “Hannah, do you know who you’re talking to?”

Griffin had never felt such pent-up anger before. He was furious at what Hannah had said and could not stop coughing for a long time.

Hannah sneered and said, “Griffin, there are only two of us

here, who are you putting a show for? You are a smart person, and you should know what you mean to me.” At this moment, Hannah was like a crazy person who had

lost her mind. She was like a lunatic who was sick and off her medication.

When she lost herself, she couldn’t care less about anything at all, especially towards a person who was of no value to her anymore, Griffin.

In the past few days, Hannah had been asking the same question to herself. Why did she stay with Griffin for all

these years?

In the past, she could not stand being abandoned and losing out to that Collins woman because of her background. Therefore, she chose to stay quietly by Griffin’s side, always planning for her revenge secretly.

Later, she spent more than 20 years to defeat the Collins

woman, but she lost her youth and the glorious life she

could have had.

Since she had planned for the Collins woman to be exterminated and completely win over Griffin, there was no going back.

She knew that she could only keep her head high and walk steadfast forward.

After the tragic death of the Collins woman, Griffin was no longer as vigorous and domineering as he was when he was young

The reason why Hannah chose to stay by Griffin’s side might

be because she did have some feelings towards him for


In addition to such an affection, Hannah only wanted Griffin to help her when she was desperate. She didn’t want his constant help and support.

However, there was nothing Griffin could do to help her now. Besides, he might also betray her and throw her under the bus.

She didn’t ask Griffin to do anything else for her. She only asked him to think of a way to save their child. Who knew that Griffin was incapable of doing anything?

Griffin wouldn’t even stand up and give her a hug as a normal man would. He did not reassure her and tell her that he would try his best.

As long as he tried his best, even if it would not end like what they wanted, she could be thankful for his efforts nonetheless. However, Griffin did not do any of these things.

He did not do anything at all.

He didn’t do anything that she wanted.

In fact, Griffin always relied on women. He was a true coward, but she was just hoping that he had another side of him deep down

The biggest mistake that Hannah made in her life was to bet her life on Griffin, and she devoted 30 years of her life to him.

30 years and more!

It was such a long time!

Hannah spent most of her life on this man, but she didn’t even get a single consolation from him.


Thinking about it, it was rather sad and miserable. How much time did she have left? Moreover, the time she spent with him was the most valuable thirty years of her


Thinking of this, Hannah gritted her teeth and clenched her


She had already wasted several decades of her life on

Griffin. She could no longer bet her life and her son’s life on

Griffin anymore.

If she didn’t want to die, then she had to kill him off first. While Griffin was still hesitating, she had to catch him off guard so that he would not have the strength to fight back.

“Hannah, have you gone insane?” Griffin stopped coughing and asked seriously. Then he started another round of coughing violently.

Hannah had been with him for more than 30 years, but he had never understood this cunning woman.

For a long time, Hannah had been putting on a sweet image. She was always sweet, gentle, virtuous, and considerate. She took good care of him so that he would not leave her. These were traits that he liked.

In the past, he had never dreamed that this woman would become so terrifying. She was more demented than those people in the political world.

“Yes, I’m insane, and I’m insane because of you.” Hannah

shook her head and sneered. “Griffin, remember this, from now on, we mean nothing to each other. It’s going to be

every man for himself now.”

Griffin frowned. “Hannah.. You..” “It’s all because of you, Griffin.” Hannah shook the document in her hand. Under Griffin’s hateful gaze, she said slowly, “The information in my hand is what Nathaniel Cooper and Neil Brown want. If I give this to Nathaniel… Do you think

you can enjoy the rest of your life?”

“Hannah, give me that!” Griffin got up and wanted to stop Hannah, but he fell back to his seat in an instant.

For a moment, his thigh seemed to have been stabbed by something severely. It was so painful that he trembled,

“Griffin, just you wait for your scandals to be exposed and your reputation will be ruined.” Hannah was cackling like a bloodthirsty ghost with her gloomy and horrifying smile.

“Hannah..” The more angry Griffin was, the more intense the pain in his thigh became. The pain made him break out in cold sweat and his whole body go limp. He could barely breathe through the pain.

“Griffin, let’s make a bet. Let’s see if Nathaniel will care

about the father-son relationship between you and him after he gets the information.” After saying this, Hannah left smiling, under Griffin’s resentful gaze,

“Hannah just wait and see..” He was so angry that his thigh ached even more, and every nerve in his body began to hurt.

Just as he calmed down a little, Hannah had already disappeared. He cried so loudly but no one responded, it was as if the employees at the Manor House had all disappeared along with Hannah.

“Mr. President, as you expected, Hannah Elliot has come to see you with the information you asked for.” After receiving the news that Hannah was requesting for a meeting, Jason did not delay for a second more and he immediately rushed to report to Nathaniel.

“She can pass you the information. I don’t want to see that

woman.” Nathaniel was busy dealing with his national

affairs. After finishing his work, he had to rush to a hotel for

a lovely dinner with Karen Joy.

A few minutes ago, Karen Joy had called Nathaniel and said

that she had prepared a huge surprise for him. Hearing the little girl’s innocent voice, Nathaniel thought it


over and over again. Could it be possible that the little girl

wanted to give herself to him as a ‘gift?

Karen Joy should know it. To Nathaniel, any lavish surprise could not compare to having her by his side safely and soundly, even if it was just having a simple dinner together with him

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