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Jason continued, “Sir, I just asked Hannah to pass me the information, but Hannah is very stubborn. She wants to hand over the information to you in person.”

As a qualified and excellent secretary, Jason would have thought of the things that his boss would want to do in advance. However, Hannah didn’t want to hand in the information, so Jason was caught in a dilemma too.

“Bring her to the reception room. I’ll be there a little later.” With Dominic Cooper under his control, Nathaniel was not worried that Hannah would play any cunning tricks.

Moreover, at this moment, Nathaniel’s mind was full of the surprise that Karen Joy mentioned. He couldn’t wait to finish his work so that he could be by her side!


He had to do things slowly and steadily when it came to his work, as Rome wasn’t built in a day.

After reading the pile of documents, Nathaniel listened to reports after reports, and then he was done with his work for the day

It was already five o’clock in the evening, and Hannah had been waiting in the reception room for Nathaniel for more than two hours.

“Mr. President, are you going to see Hannah Elliott now?” Seeing that Mr. President was putting on his suit jacket and was preparing to leave work, Jason reminded him dutifully.

“Hannah?” Nathaniel paused for a moment before he remembered that Hannah was still waiting for him. “Don’t worry. Let her wait for a while more.”

Jason replied, “Yes.”

After Jason left, Nathaniel immediately took out his mobile phone to call Karen Joy. As soon as he called, the phone was connected quickly. He heard her pleasant voice, “Brother Lionel, are you done with your work?”

“Yes, I’m done with work, but there are still some personal

things I have to deal with. But don’t worry, I will arrive at the

place on time at six o’clock.” Nathaniel originally planned to

go there early so that he could give Karen Joy a surprise,

but he didn’t expect that Hannah would disrupt his schedule

today “Brother Lionel, I’m not in a hurry, as long as you turn up tonight, I’m okay with it!” Karen Joy said playfully. Her voice sounded very cheerful. At the other end of the phone, Nathaniel could feel that she was talking delightedly.

“Sure!” Nathaniel was happy to hear her happy tone, so he responded cheerfully too. It was not hard to tell that he was also smiling,

“Brother Lionel..”


“Brother Lionel.. She called out his name and wanted to say something, but she didn’t.

“Karen, what do you want to say to me?” Nathaniel patiently waited for her to speak, but on the other end of the phone,

Karen Joy didn’t say anything, “Karen?” Nathaniel called out her name again.

“Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy paused again. After a few seconds, she said, “Forget it, i’d better not tell you on the phone. I’ll tell you in person when you arrive.”

“You are teasing me, little girl!” He exclaimed. Karen Joy had piqued his curiosity but didn’t tell him anything. She must be

deliberately teasing him so that he wouldn’t have the mood to deal with other matters.

“Brother Lionel, focus on your work. I’ll see you later.” After that, Karen Joy hung up the phone. Nathaniel was constantly wondering about what this little girl wanted to say to him.

In the reception room.

Hannah looked at the clock on the wall as time passed by. However, the person she was waiting for was still not there to meet her. She knew that he was deliberately making things difficult for her.

Dominic’s life or death was in Nathaniel’s hands. He had the right to be arrogant. Hannah could not afford to argue with him with her current circumstance.

The best skill that Hannah had honed in her life was being resilient. She had endured grievances for more than 30 years, so she could wait for another hour or two for Nathaniel.

After waiting for more than two hours in the reception room, she sat on the sofa and didn’t move at all. She had a cold and unapproachable expression on her face.

Both Griffin and the Collins woman were no match for her. However, she knew that Nathaniel was not so easy to deal with. He even used Hannah’s own trick against herself, which caught her off guard completely.

It would be too kind to say that Hannah plainly hated Nathaniel. She hated Nathaniel so much that she could not wait to kill Nathaniel and turn him into a pile of ashes.

But… could that be possible?

Just when Hannah was thinking of countless ways of

murdering him, finally, there was a sound at the door. It was the sound of a person’s footsteps.

Hannah looked up immediately and saw the elegant Nathaniel walking in with the protection of a group of


Seeing how Nathaniel walked over in a dignified manner,

Hannah was so jealous that she gritted her teeth

Nathaniel and Dominic were both Griffin’s sons. Why did Nathaniel look more powerful and dignified than Dominic

ever was?

Why was it this way?

How could it be?

Was it just because Nathaniel was that Collins woman’s child?

“Madam Elliot, Mr. President is here.” Hannah looked at Nathaniel and did not speak. Hence, Jason, who was next to Nathaniel, broke the silence.

Hannah suppressed her strong envy and spoke frankly, “Nathaniel, can give you what you want, but my purpose is clear. I want Dominic to be safe.”

Nathaniel stood straight, but he was much taller than Hannah was. Hence, Hannah could barely see through his expressions

After listening to what Hannah said, Nathaniel did not say anything. He felt that if he said a word more to this woman,

it would disgust him greatly.

Jason then spoke on Nathaniel’s behalf again. “Madam Elliot, whether it’s about the extermination of the Leves family or the espionage incident, those things are in the past. The damage has been done. Even if we solve the case, they won’t be able to come back to life. But Dominic is

different. He’s still alive.”

What Jason meant was very clear. Dominic was still alive. Since he was alive, there were many possibilities of saving


However, the dead had been buried. Even if they were to avenge them, they would not be able to come back alive.

Hannah clenched her fists and said, “Mr. Cooper, if you do not think that’s enough, I can give you an extra piece of information.”

Jason was right. Since Dominic was still alive, if she wanted to save him, she had to swallow her anger and ego. There was no other way.

It was all because she had been so stupid to have exposed her weakness in front of Nathaniel..

Jason glanced at Nathaniel. Seeing that his master had no intention to speak, he continued as the messenger, “Madam Elliot, if you are sincere, you can hand over all the information in your hands and promise to be our witness When everything is done, Master Dominic’s life will be spared.”

“Nathaniel, don’t go too far!” Hannah exclaimed in anguish. It

was Jason who spoke, but these must be Nathaniel’s wishes. The person Hannah wanted to yell at was Nathaniel

“Madam Elliot, you are not the only person we can obtain the evidence from. If you don’t want to cooperate, please leave,” Jason said

“Nathaniel, you are ruthless!” This was the only chance to save Dominic, how could Hannah leave? She could only swallow her frustrations. “Okay, I’ll agree with all your conditions!”

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