My Husband Warm the Bed-971

Jason said, “Madam Eliot, thank you for your cooperation! Please come with me now. Let’s sort out the information and record your statement.”

Hannah did not want to leave. She looked straight at Nathaniel, hoping that Nathaniel could at least give her assurance. Then, she could be a little relieved.


Nathaniel didn’t even look at her. He turned around and walked away in a dignified manner. From the beginning to the end, Nathaniel didn’t even say a word to her.

Looking at Nathaniel’s back, Hannah clenched her fists. She didn’t feel any pain even when her nails pierced into the

flesh of her palms. Nathaniel Cooper!

Hannah yelled out silently in her heart.

If she didn’t successfully take revenge on Nathaniel, Hannah vowed to kill herself

At the Century Hotel

In order to give Brother Lionel an unforgettable birthday, Karen Joy had been preparing for it since Neil and his family returned to Chatterton Town two weeks ago.

She booked a luxurious suite as the venue for Brother Lionel’s birthday celebration. She also ordered a gigantic themed cake to commemorate Brother Lionel’s 30th birthday. The cake had 30 tiers in total!

Besides that, Karen Joy also hired a professional band and

spent two weeks composing a song for Brother Lionel… She

thought of every idea to make the birthday celebration as memorable as possible. She had dug out some information about him. In the past, Brother Lionel had never celebrated his birthday properly.

Perhaps, Brother Lionel might not remember his own


For Karen Joy’s birthday every year, her family would rush home to celebrate her birthday no matter where they were. Every year, she would receive plenty of birthday gifts.

Compared to Brother Lionel, Karen Joy had such a wonderful time growing up.

But it didn’t matter now. She wasn’t in Brother Lionel’s life in the past, but she would never be absent from Brother Lionel’s future.

Karen Joy vowed to shower Brother Lionel with love from now on. She vowed to ensure he had a wonderful, sweet, and loving life with her in the future.

There was still half an hour until six o’clock, which meant that she still had to wait for another half an hour to meet Brother Lionel. Although it was only half an hour left she felt that time passed really slowly.

She hoped that Brother Lionel would come soon so that she could tell him what she just wanted to say to him on the phone earlier. She wanted to let him know that from now on, he would never be alone anymore.

Thump! Thump!

Just as she was thinking of Brother Lionel, there was a knock on the door.

Did Brother Lionel come early?

Thinking that it might be him, Karen Joy suddenly jumped

up from the chair and rushed to open the door. However, when the door opened, it was a waiter who stood at the door.

Karen Joy’s bright smile suddenly disappeared. She looked at the waiter in front of her irritably and asked what he wanted.

The waiter said, “Excuse me, are you Miss Kyle?” Karen Joy nodded and asked, “Is there anything I can do for

you? The man pointed to the dining cart next to him and said politely, “As you are a big spender at our hotel, you are entitled to several free gifts as a token of our gratitude. I have specially brought them over here to you, Miss Kyle.”

“Oh… then push them in and leave it somewhere.” Karen Joy couldn’t care less about these gifts.

When she opened the door and saw that it was not Brother Lionel, she was already disappointed, so how could she have the mood to accept gifts?

She turned around and sat back in her chair. She continued sitting there, thinking about her Brother Lionel. She didn’t care what the waiter was doing next to her.

“How annoying! Why would you send gifts all of a sudden

now? You got me excited for nothing!” Karen Joy murmured

in her heart.

Sending gifts… all of a sudden?

Thinking of this, something flashed through Karen Joy’s mind, but she didn’t care about it too much. She lost her train of thoughts in an instant.

Perhaps it was because she was disappointed, or perhaps she didn’t remember the strange thing that flashed through

her mind just now. Suddenly, she felt a little agitated.

If she had known that she would be so irritated, she should not have driven Jacky Ball away. It would be nice to have him stay with her to chat for a while.

“Waiter, leave the things as they are and you can go out

now,” Karen Joy said.

This was a private room, and it came with butler services.

Karen Joy didn’t want the waiter here to ruin the atmosphere. She wanted to wait for Brother Lionel alone. The waiter did not respond, and that strange feeling flashed through Karen Joy’s mind again. This time, she became alert

“Oh no!” She screamed in her heart.

The waiter walked with a firm and steady pace, which was completely different from other waiters who would bustle about politely. It seemed like he was skilled at martial arts.

As she thought about how this waiter might be an undercover enemy, Karen Joy quickly looked back, but just as she turned her head, she smelled something odd.

She couldn’t figure out what the scent was. She only saw the man grinning at her. Soon, she lost consciousness and she fainted.

It was dark. The darkness was endless. It was as if there was no source of light at all. It felt like the world had collapsed.

“No! No! No! Brother Lionel, save me!” Karen Joy wanted to shout, but she couldn’t make a sound.

She could only raise her hands to hold her head tightly and shrink into a ball. She was as helpless as a weak infant.

She had been terrified of the dark her whole life. It was a nightmare she could never escape. It was the root of her inner demons. She had never been able to get out of that trauma and phobia.

Karen Joy held her head tightly in her arms and curled up in the dark corner. The horrible memories of the past attacked her like a tide.

She heard the voices of the kidnappers. It had been more than ten years, but it echoed so loudly in her ears right now.

She heard someone yell, “Kevin Kyle cares about this child. As long as the child is in our hands, we won’t have to be afraid that Kevin will not step back.” Another person spoke, “Break one of her legs. Even if he

managed to save her, seeing the injury will still make him regret it for the rest of his life.”

“We were given an order that we cannot go too far. If we hurt her enough to make Kevin regret it for the rest of his life, we will win anyway!” Another man said.

The discussion about hurting her grew louder and louder.

On a normal day, Karen Joy would not be able to recall this dark memory that clearly. But at this moment, her memory of being kidnapped was so clear in her mind.

“Brother Lionel.”

At that time, when she was at her most helpless moment, Brother Lionel came by her side like Superman and rescued her from the darkness on his own.

This time, she fell into the darkness again. Could Brother Lionel still arrive in time? Could he still be her hero like before?

She thought that Brother Lionel would definitely come to save her, but the fear in her heart did not decrease at all.

The darkness was still there, so she was still extremely terrified.

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