My Husband Warm the Bed-972

Karen Joy did not know when would this darkness end. She could only wait for her destined hero to come and save her in time.

She hoped that her hero would come to her soon and rescue her from this dark and frightening prison.


The door

swung open, and

again, illuminating the dark room.




Karen Joy suddenly raised her head and said instinctively, “Brother Lionel…”

However, the person who appeared in front of her was not Brother Lionel whom she had been looking forward to, but.. She couldn’t believe what was in front of her eyes. She muttered incredulously, “Jayden?”

How could it be him?

Why was he here?

Just as Karen Joy’s mind was still in chaos, Jayden Elias Kyle had already walked to her side quickly. He pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.


Jayden shouted her name, and his voice was so nervous that it trembled. One could only imagine how worried he

was about her safety

“Karen… Karen..”

He held her tightly and called her name out, it was as if he was pouring out all the emotions suppressed in his heart.

“Why are you here?”

Karen Joy raised her head slightly and looked at Jayden, who was holding her tightly. Her voice was also trembling, it was obvious that she had not recovered from the traumatic experience.

Seeing her disappointed eyes, Jayden’s heart was filled with

bitterness, but he answered calmly, “I just received some

information, so I came here immediately. It’s just a

coincidence, don’t think too much.”

Besides having Kevin Kyle and Nathaniel arranging people to stay by Karen Joy’s side, Jayden also sent his men to protect her. He was only worried that she would find out about this, that was why he asked his men to be more cautious.

It was precisely because his men were hiding in the dark that they accidentally found that Karen Joy was attacked, as the enemies slipped through the protection from Blake White and Nathaniel’s menu. It was also because his people were the first to find out that

Karen Joy had been attacked, so that he could be the first

one to know about this. That was also why he could arrive

earlier than Nathaniel to save her.

For a long time, he had always known that her life was more important than his own. In order to protect her, he was constantly working hard behind the scenes.

However, she had never seen his efforts, nor did she realize that he was silently protecting her. She had been avoiding him as if he was a curse.

“Thank…” As soon as Karen Joy uttered the word “thank”, Jayden held her even tighter and said in a low voice, “I’m doing this on my own accord, I don’t need you to thank me.”

He didn’t need her gratitude, because he knew that he couldn’t ignore her and wanted her to have a good life, even if she would never be his for the rest of her life.

There were a lot of things that Jayden couldn’t say to Karen Joy, so he could only suppress all his emotions once again. He could only let his love for her be hidden in the depths of his heart forever..

“I.” Karen Joy still wanted to say something, but Jayden held her in his arms with greater strength. He said, “No need to say anything. Let me get you out of here first.”

“Okay.” Karen Joy nodded.

Even if she was disappointed, and even if she had not recovered her strength, she agreed with Jayden’s plan.

“Young Master Kyle, my master invited Miss Kyle, not you. Do you think this is a place where you can come and go as you wish?”

As soon as the two turned around, they saw a few strong men standing at the door. The strong men blocked their way, and one of them spoke out clearly.

Karen Joy had not yet completely recovered from her fear. When she heard the strange voice, she trembled with fear and instinctively hid in Jayden’s arms.

She looked like a helpless child. Jayden felt so much pain in his heart when he saw her like this. He patted her back gently and said softly, “Don’t be afraid, Karen!” However, Jayden’s comfort did not help at all, because

Karen Joy’s body seemed to tremble more violently in his


D*mn it!

This group of punks actually frightened their beloved Karen

so significantly, they needed to pay for it!

What exactly did they do to her before he arrived?

Jayden patted Karen Joy on the back gently, but he looked at the enemy coldly and fiercely like a sharp knife. If looks could kill, Jayden’s eyes had already slaughtered

this group of strong men in front of him into pieces.

He raised his hand gently and covered Karen Joy’s ears, staring coldly at the person who spoke in front of them. He said in a mellow voice, “Since you know our family, then get

away from us.”

His voice was cold, and his stern tone shocked some of these strong men who were ready to attack. Everyone looked at each other, and no one had the courage to step forward.

“Get out of my way and I can forgive you for what happened today.” Jayden looked at the strong men and said again.

Jayden rushed here from his meeting, so he didn’t bring anyone with him. If he wanted to deal with so many of these strong men, he knew he couldn’t fight them off alone.

“Young Master Kyle, we know what you’ve done. We’ve caught the treasure of the Kyle family, and how dare you speak about forgiveness?”

As they heard the man speak, the group of men who blocked the door made way for the man come to the front. Jayden had never seen this man in person before, but he had seen his photos. This could be considered a very familiar person to him.

He was a famous person in Country A that was deprived of the right to be the President a few years ago and was exiled from Coast City because of a crime he committed. He was the second son of the Cooper family, Solomon Cooper.

Solomon was Nathaniel’s half-brother and they shared the same father. The reason why he was deprived of the right to be President back then had something to do with Nathaniel


It was clear why he ordered these men to kidnap Karen Joy. Just as Solomon was staring at Jayden and sizing him up, Jayden also had a clear view of him.

Solomon was wearing a cheap-looking jacket, and his cuffs were badly worn and dirty. It seemed that he had not been living well throughout these years.

He was framed by Nathaniel and had been in a bad situation over the years. That was why Solomon went for desperate measures. He was so desperate that he decided to attack the Kyle family despite knowing their influential power.

Solomon wanted to kidnap Karen Joy to threaten Nathaniel, so that he could get what he wanted from him.

However, Solomon was wrong. Karen Joy was not officially Nathaniel’s woman yet. She was a precious member of the Kyle family, Kevin’s daughter, and the woman Jayden wanted to protect

Jayden chuckled. “So it’s the Second Young Master Cooper.”

Having his identity revealed, Solomon froze for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure. He sneered and said, “Young Master Kyle, we only invited Miss Kyle for tea today. We won’t hurt her. Why do you have to be here?”

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