My Husband Warm the Bed-973

“Spare me the nonsense. Would you set free the hostage?” In everything that he did, Jayden had picked up one of his father, Kevin’s, signature moves, which was to settle matters as soon as possible.

He learned to settle matters efficiently and effectively. He would get negotiations out of the way and never delay the matter unnecessarily.

However, one thing was very clear. As long as he was here today, no one could touch even a strand of Karen Joy’s hair.

Solomon ruffled through his unkempt hair, and his legs were noticeably trembling as he spoke, “Young Master Kyle, calm down. I’ve told you that I was just inviting Miss Kyle for tea,

mean no harm”

Jayden glanced at him coldly. “Get your people out of my


Solomon suddenly laughed. “Young Master Kyle, are you


Jayden didn’t say anything.

Solomon added, “You’re already here, how can my people let you go? If you leave, can we still live?”

Although the Kyle family would not abuse their power, those who dared to provoke them would definitely have no good

results. Jayden subconsciously held Karen Joy tightly in his arms and narrowed his eyes. He glanced at the person in front of him again and quickly scanned through this group of people.

Solomon sneered and said, “Then you can stay here with your sister.”

After that, he waved his hand and the group of strong men behind him rushed at Jayden immediately. These people were actually just a group of gangsters that would do all kinds of crimes. Jayden’s domineering attitude

could intimidate them for a while, but with their master’s

orders, they would regain their courage. Several burly men rushed forward. Jayden kicked them

away furiously because he had to protect Karen Joy. Under the furious attack of the group of people, it didn’t take long for him to be at a disadvantage.

The situation was very dangerous, but Jayden responded calmly. He knew that if things went on like this, their lives would be in danger.

He took a few steps back with Karen Joy still in his arms and asked her to stand in the corner. “Karen, listen, don’t be afraid, I’ll take you out of here later.”

“I.” Karen Joy was still afraid and wanted to grab Jayden, but she knew she needed to step back. At this time, she couldn’t be of any help, therefore, she couldn’t be a burden.

“Karen, don’t be afraid!” Seeing her pale face, Jayden felt distressed and the anger in his heart was rising rapidly.

On this day, it was his mission to make these people pay for their crimes.

Sensing that the man behind was about to attack him, Jayden turned around, threw a quick punch, and hit his left eye violently.

Jayden’s punch was fierce and heavy. The man that was hit wobbled and he fell to the ground loudly.

Seeing that their companion at the forefront was defeated,

the people who were waiting behind were stunned, and then they began to attack like madmen.

The opponents’ attack was getting more and more aggressive. Without Karen Joy holding on to Jayden, he also attacked them back bravely. He could knock down anyone who tried to attack him.

For a long time, no one could get closer to Karen Joy.

However, the group of people did not give up, and they became more and more furious. Gradually, the group of 20 men lost their strength and stepped back. The room was not spacious, and everyone was groaning and shouting. The scene was extremely chaotic.

“Karen..” After fighting them off, Jayden looked back at

Karen Joy who was at the corner of the room. He raised his

lips slightly and smiled at her so that she could feel better. He had knocked down so many men, but there was still one person standing on the other side, and it was none other than Solomon, who had been watching by the side coldly and quietly.

Seeing that his men were defeated and that Jayden was about to win, Solomon laughed coldly and used his trump card.

He slowly raised the tiny pistol in his hand and pulled the trigger. With the loud sound of a gunshot, the bullet whistled through the air and plummeted into Jayden’s abdomen.


There came another gunshot, and the bullet quickly flew towards Karen Joy. In an instant, Jayden did not think much, and his body instinctively moved slightly towards Karen Joy as he blocked the deadly bullet for her.

As the bullet passed through his abdomen, fresh, red blood

sprayed out..

The gunshot shocked Karen Joy, who had been traumatized into a daze earlier. She suddenly opened her eyes widely and saw that Jayden was about to collapse beside her. She rushed over and caught his weak body. “Brother.”

When it came to such critical moments, a person’s first

reactions would be the most authentic. Karen Joy cried out

“brother” immediately, which indirectly meant that she truly

acknowledged Jayden as her brother deep down.

Jayden was her brother and had always been. Just because he once did something despicable, she hated him and did not want to be on good terms with him since then. “Brother, don’t be afraid, hold on!” She held him, but because he was much heavier and larger than she was, and because Jayden had lost all his strength, he collapsed lifelessly and

she couldn’t hold on to him. However, she gritted her teeth

and stood up, slowly helping him lay on the ground. “Brother.. don’t be afraid. Everything will be okay. It will be fine..” Karen Joy bit her lip and tore off his shirt. She quickly covered his wound and stopped the bleeding for him. “You have to hold on! You must hold on!”

“Young Master Kyle, Miss Kyle, just wanted to invite you to have a cup of tea. Does it have to end this way?” Solomon played with the pistol in his hand and continued, “You may be quick with your defensive skills, but could you be faster than my bullets?”

He turned the pistol and pointed it at Karen Joy’s head.

“Young Master Kyle, what will happen if I shoot this girl’s

head in one shot?”

“Solomon Coop..” Jayden wanted to speak, but his voice was too soft for Solomon to hear clearly. He could not help but get closer, “Young Master Kyle, what do you want to

say? Speak louder. What happened to your smug


However, just as Solomon approached Jayden, Jayden suddenly sat up. He gritted his teeth and used his remaining strength to punch Solomon on the head and he passed out. “Brother..” Because of his swift actions, he bled even more,

and soon his white shirt was stained red. Karen Joy was so

worried that she almost cried aloud. “Karen..” Jayden smiled weakly and tried to reach out to

touch her delicate face. “Thank you for calling me Brother.” Although he did not want to be her brother, he felt that it was good enough to hear her call him that from the bottom of

her heart

He protected her for more than ten years, and now, he could see that she was worried about him.

That was enough, and that was what he told himself. The Kyle family had raised him for more than ten years, giving him the best life and everything he wanted. It was reasonable for him to repay them in this way.

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