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“Yes.” The doctors immediately worked on their respective tasks as fast as possible as soon as they heard Kevin’s words.

They all knew that the Young Master of the Kyle family was lying in the emergency room. If something happened to Jayden, their future would be bleak.

“Dad?” Karen Joy was very confused. If the group of doctors went in, wouldn’t it affect the operation?

What if…

Karen Joy didn’t want to be pessimistic. She knew she needed to believe in her father. She trusted that her father would not let anything happen to Jayden.

Her father was not very good at expressing his feelings. Kevin might not have said anything particularly endearing about Jayden throughout the years, but allowing Jayden to take charge of many businesses was Kevin’s way of declaring his pride and recognition for his son.

“These doctors are the experts I brought from New York.” Kevin seemed to see through Karen Joy’s concern and commented casually as he walked to her side.

He was looking at her, and the more he looked at her, the more distressed he felt. He felt anger rising in his heart. His daughter’s usual rosy face always made her seem like she was full of youthful energy. She always looked adorable, and he didn’t want her to grow up so fast so that she could

be by his side every day.


At this moment, her face looked as pale as a sheet of paper. Her clear and bright eyes were red and swollen, and her face had fear painted all over it.

How could Kevin not be mad when his daughter looked like this? However, he was an introvert, so he didn’t show it no matter how angry he was.

He pulled Karen Joy into his arms slowly and said, “Karen.”

“Dad, I’m fine.” Karen Joy knew that her father was worried about her, but she was really fine. The focus was on Jayden. “Dad, I was the one Solomon Cooper wanted to shoot. Brother took the bullet to save me. Dad, you must save him We can’t let anything happen to him.”

Solomon Cooper?

Sure enough, it was that brat, Nathaniel Cooper who caused

all of this!

Kevin’s eyes darkened slightly, and he gently stroked Karen Joy’s head. “Karen, don’t worry. Jayden is part of our family. I won’t let anything happen to him.”

Karen Joy emphasized repeatedly, “He was injured because

he wanted to protect me. If it wasn’t because of me, nothing

would happen to him. I should be the one lying in the

operating room.”

“I know.” Kevin’s eyes became deeper, but his voice was still gentle. “Karen, don’t blame yourself. If it were you, you would also have made the same decision as your brother did.”

Kevin knew the personalities of these children he raised. Their tempers and temperaments were very clear to him.

Although Karen Joy always complained about Jayden and never said good things about him, Kevin knew that she would be willing to take a bullet for Jayden.

Karen Joy was still worried. “But..” Kevin rubbed her head and looked at her tenderly. “No more

buts. When your Brother wakes up, he will not want to see you blaming yourself like this.’ Karen Joy bit her lip and said, “Dad, Brother, he really..”

Karen Joy couldn’t continue her question. She was afraid of

hearing her father’s answer because her heart was still in a panic and helpless state.

Kevin said, “Karen, he will be fine. What you need to do now is to go home to take a bath and have a good sleep.”

If Karen Daly could see Karen Joy’s current state, she would definitely be heartbroken. What Kevin didn’t want most in his life was to make his wife feel sad.

“No, I want to be here,” his daughter replied. Jayden was still lying in the operating room. She could not sleep at all. She

wanted to wait for Jayden to wake up from his surgery. Karen Joy was stubborn and Kevin knew that, therefore, he didn’t push further. He only held his daughter’s tighter so

that she could rest on him for a while.

Patting Karen Joy’s back gently, Kevin looked at Nathaniel,

who was behind her. Kevin felt furious at the very sight of him. Nathaniel was standing there silently, like a pillar of salt, while an inferno of fury burned within Kevin’s eyes. That brat, Nathaniel!

Kevin’s daughter had been kidnapped because of Nathaniel.

and his son was injured because of him. Yet, when

Nathaniel saw Kevin, Nathaniel did not even bother to


Kevin frowned slightly. He was very unhappy with Nathaniel. He would never hand his daughter over to a person like this.

“Dad, did Mom and Little Precious come here too?” Karen Joy didn’t notice how her father looked at Nathaniel, and she thought of her mother and brother.

“They’re coming.” Kevin muttered lowly. As they were in a hurry, Kevin took the doctors to the hospital first. His wife and youngest son were walking at their own pace, and it would take them a while more to


Kevin spoke to Karen Joy, but his eyes were still fixed on Nathaniel, who was still standing there without doing anything

Not long later, Kevin suddenly pushed Karen Joy away. He then stepped forward and punched Nathaniel in the face. His punch was heavy and at full force.

Kevin’s punch used up all his strength. When the punch landed on him, Nathaniel’s face swelled up immediately.


Karen Joy was so frightened that she shouted and rushed over to stop Kevin, but Kevin moved faster and punched Nathaniel on the face again.

Nathaniel was punched twice in a row. His face was so swollen and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. However, he still stood straight and didn’t dodge Kevin’s

attacks. Nathaniel just stood very upright, facing Kevin with a yielding demeanor. No matter how Kevin hit him, he would not dodge his attacks and he would not go against him, and

he would not explain himself either.

Kevin’s anger reached its boiling point, and he wanted to

punch Nathaniel again.

“Dad, stop hitting him!” When Kevin raised his fist again

again, Karen Joy’s petite body came in between two big

men. She stood in front of Nathaniel. “Dad, if you really don’t like him, then hit me. I caused all of his. This has nothing to do with Brother Lionel.”

“Nothing to do with him?” Kevin stopped his fist abruptly and asked in a gloomy tone.

Didn’t Solomon Cooper appear because of Nathaniel? Wasn’t Karen Joy kidnapped because of Nathaniel’s inability

to protect Karen Joy?

Wasn’t Jayden lying on the operating table because of Solomon’s attack?

Everything was related to Nathaniel. Yet, his foolish daughter even said that this matter has nothing to do with Nathaniel and even wanted to bear his punishments.

Hearing Karen Joy’s words, Kevin seemed even angrier. He glared at Nathaniel, but it frightened Karen Joy so much that

she trembled. “Dad, don’t hit him.” “What’s so good about him? Why did you do this for him?” Kevin really couldn’t see why Nathaniel was worthy of his daughter’s protection.

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