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“Dad, maybe there’s nothing good about him in your opinion, but I just like him.” This was Karen Joy’s answer to Kevin She didn’t need a reason to love a person. She didn’t even realize it, but she already had a deep affection for this man. If Nathaniel was happy, she would be happy too; if he was

worried about national affairs, she would worry with him

too, she felt considerate for him deeply

“You..” Kevin clenched his fists. After all, he didn’t want to see his daughter sad, so he swallowed what he wanted to say.

He didn’t want to stop her from being with anyone. However, he really didn’t like Nathaniel as he felt that Nathaniel wasn’t worthy of his daughter.

But in other words, even if Director Kevin could choose another man from the whole world, he may not be able to choose a son-in-law that he would be satisfied with.

“Dad, I know you are angry. If you want to hit someone, hit me.” Karen Joy knelt on the ground and said, “I only beg you not to hurt Brother Lionel.”


Kevin and Nathaniel called her name at the same time, and two men rushed to her together, trying to help her up. Just as they caught a glimpse at each other again, tension and fury build up between them.

Nathaniel grabbed Karen Joy’s arm faster than Kevin did. “It’s my fault. If you want to find a person to blame, I am willing to take the hit. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Kevin frowned unhappily.

Nathaniel was slick with his words. He knew how to comfort

Karen Joy with the right words. Kevin narrowed his eyes and looked at Nathaniel coldly.

He looked at Nathaniel as if Nathaniel were a ruthless human trafficker. Kevin felt like beating him up immediately.

“No, Brother Lionel, it’s not your fault, it’s my fault. If I had been more alert and if I was stronger, then those bad guys won’t be able to capture me, and Jayden won’t be on the operating table, and Dad wouldn’t hit you. It’s all my fault.” Karen Joy’s heart was full of remorse and she kept blaming herself.

She couldn’t blame her father for beating up Brother Lionel,

and she couldn’t blame Brother Lionel for not protecting her

well. It was all her fault, and it had nothing to do with others. “Karen..” Nathaniel hugged her tight. Once again, he did not know how to comfort her. He could only hold her tightly and

let her know that he was there.

“So this is how you bully our daughter?”

A crisp and gentle female voice suddenly echoed behind

them. Even for a confident man like Kevin, he felt stunned by the voice, and a sense of unease coursed through his body. His daughter’s issue had not been settled yet, yet his wife, Karen Daly, had already arrived… He was going to have a huge headache over this… Kevin adjusted his glasses that were sitting on the bridge of his nose. He closed his mouth and didn’t dare to say a word again.

Karen was holding her son, Little Precious, hand as she walked over. She walked to Kevin’s side, glanced at him, and then she ignored him. Then, she went straight to Karen Joy and Nathaniel.

Karen looked at Nathaniel and asked softly, “Mr. Cooper, can I have a moment with my daughter?”

Nathaniel nodded.

“Mom..” When she heard her mother’s voice, Karen Joy forcibly held back her tears and said, “I, I..”

Karen Joy wanted to explain something, but she choked so hard that she couldn’t finish a complete sentence.

Seeing her daughter crying so hard that she was sobbing, Karen’s heart ached terribly. She hugged Karen Joy into her arms and gently rubbed her head. “Hey, I’m here. Tell me everything, and let me help you.”

Karen Joy wiped her tears and shook her head. “It’s my

fault. I’m not sensible enough. I’m useless. It’s all my fault.”

“Baby Karen, you are the most excellent child in our family. It’s not your fault.” Karen comforted her daughter. Karen Joy had been excellent since she was young, how could she say

that she was useless? It was all Kevin’s fault. Karen had told him never to hurt their daughter’s feelings or offend the man their daughter was in

love with, at all costs.

However, Kevin just didn’t listen to her. He beat his future son-in-law up and traumatized his daughter. He would definitely regret it in the future.

“Mom, you don’t have to comfort me. I know it’s all my fault. It’s me, that’s why Brother got hurt. I’m the one who made Dad angry too.” Karen Joy shed tears as she berated herself.

Karen interrupted her, “Baby Karen, hush. You did nothing wrong. Your brother only wanted to protect you. Your dad is probably just old and confused.”

Old and confused?

Kevin’s face darkened and his eyes showed dissatisfaction.

He was only in his forties, which meant that he was at the golden age of a man’s life. How could Karen say that he was old and confused?

This woman!

“Mom… I..”

“Sister, Dad brought a lot of excellent doctors over Brother will be fine. Don’t cry. Mom will be sad if you cry.” Little Precious, who was neglected at the corner, tugged at the corner of Karen Joy’s clothes and said calmly in his soft voice, “Yes, our Little Precious is right. Karen, don’t worry, Jayden

will be fine, and your Dad will come to terms with this.

Karen touched her daughter’s face and said sweetly, “Alright,

don’t think about these things now. Take your Brother Lionel

to a doctor and get treatment for his face first. If not, I worry

his injuries would leave a mark.”


“Go, I’ll be here with your Dad. It’ll be fine.”

“Okay.” Karen Joy nodded.

“Mr. Cooper, please look after our little Karen for us,” Karen looked at Nathaniel again gently.

She spoke to him politely and there was an amicable look in her eyes. She was sure that Nathaniel was going to be her son-in-law in the future.

“Okay.” Nathaniel was not good at pleasing elders. Hence, he still maintains his calm and indifferent demeanor. As soon as they left, Karen looked at Kevin and shook her

head. “Oh, you.”

Kevin ignored her.

He was still mad at her

Why did he have to talk to her?

Karen continued, “You made our baby Karen cry, are you

happy now?”

Kevin still didn’t say anything.

He was like this every time.

When he disagreed with her opinion, Karen would be the only one doing the talking, while Kevin would listen quietly and he would not say a word.

Karen was a little mad as she spoke, “Kevin, do you think I’m wrong?

Kevin was still arrogant and silent.

Karen bit her lip and said, “Kevin, don’t be like this every time. If you’re not going to talk, I’m going to get angry.”

“I have nothing to say.” He didn’t think there was anything wrong with what he did. If it weren’t for his daughter’s sake, he would have sent his men to chop Nathaniel into pieces.

Besides, he wasn’t angry at Karen over their children’s

matters. It was actually because Karen insulted him for

being old and confused.

“You have nothing to say?” Karen was almost furious with Kevin’s attitude. She had to endure the frustration for a while before she could have a good discussion with him. “Then let’s not talk about Karen today. You should at least tell me about Jayden’s condition.”

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