My Husband Warm the Bed-978

Kevin answered in a serious tone, “Two years ago, the victim of that notorious shooting in New York got shot twice, one of which was close to the heart, but Dr. Jim and his team managed to save the victim.”

“I’m relieved to have Doctor Jim and the others here, but after all, Jayden’s surgery has been going on for so long already.” Karen was worried about this.

Jayden’s operation had been going on for more than ten hours already. The doctors were probably mentally strained and physically exhausted, not to mention the patient lying

on the operating table.

“Karen, trust me!” Kevin looked at Karen and said these simple words. Simple, yet reassuring.

Hearing this familiar phrase, Karen’s anxiety gradually subsided. “Yes, of course, I will trust you. Our Jayden will be fine.”

After living together for so many years, Kevin’s character was simple and clear. If he was not 100% sure about something, he would not answer so confidently,

Karen not only believed in Kevin, but also believed in the doctors Kevin had hired. She believed in Kevin’s love for Jayden, she also believed in the fact that their child was resilient and tough

Jayden had always been strong since he was a child. No matter what happened, he never made his parents worry about him. He knew he had to take care of himself since he was a child.

For more than a decade, the couple watched Jayden grow

up from such a thin and weak little boy to a grown-up, a strong young man. They really regarded him as their own child.

However, Kevin was not good at expressing his feelings. Especially as the child grew up, the interaction between the father and son became less. Despite that, Karen knew that Kevin felt the same way for him as she did.

“Dad, Mom, two days ago, Brother called me and promised to bring me to Antarctica for an adventure during the New Year’s holiday! I don’t want him to break his promise. You must find a way to save him.” It was Little Precious who spoke bravely.

Julien Kyle was Jayden’s biggest fan. He listened to

everything Jayden said. He was still thinking about how he

could see his brother in a few days, but he didn’t expect that

something like this would happen.

When he heard that his brother was injured, he was so worried that he cried, which was rare as he always put up a guarded front. But because he was calmer than other children, he held back his tears in front of his parents, and then he hid in the room and silently wept alone.

“Julien, your Big Brother will be fine, trust me!” Kevin knelt and gently rubbed his head. Seeing that both the brothers had a close relationship, he was very gratified.

“Little Precious, don’t worry. If Dad said that Brother will be fine, he will be fine.” Karen also knelt and kissed her lovely and sensible son. “Little Precious, I need to talk to your dad for a while. Why don’t you go check on your sister?”

Karen still remembered that she has unfinished business. She had to get the little one out of the way before she could ‘negotiate properly with Kevin.

“Okay.” Little Precious had always been sensible. He nodded

and went to check on his sister. Looking at Little Precious’ upright figure as he walked away,

Karen suddenly sighed, “Our son is already so calm at such a young age, is that good or bad?” “What’s bad about that?” Kevin was also like this when he was a child. He was very sensible at an early age, so he

didn’t think that there was anything bad with his son being

like this.

“What if in the future… Sigh, forget it… I have a lot of things to tell you. Why do I have to worry about that?” Karen felt that she was thinking too much Kevin was such a cold and aloof man, and despite so, he had so many admirers. She knew that she didn’t need to worry about her son so much.

“What were you going to say?” Kevin felt that it was not a good thing.

“Kevin, tell me. Are you happy that you bullied your daughter so badly?” Karen would not let go of Kevin for making Karen Joy cry so easily

When did he bully his daughter?

Why was Karen behaving like this? Over the years, she had become more and more unreasonable.

There was a lot of dissatisfaction in his heart, but Kevin still took his usual approach, and he was just silent and cold. He wanted to see what she could do to him.

With this attitude, Karen took a deep breath and said, “Kevin, let’s talk properly. Don’t do this every time.”

This person…

What should she do with him?

She really wanted to beat Kevin up.

She wanted his face to swell up so that he could feel the pain Nathaniel felt.

Kevin replied, “No, I didn’t.”

Karen then asked, “Then why are you not speaking?” Kevin replied, “Because I don’t want to argue with you.”

Karen became a little more confused, “Do you think I want to

argue with you? Kevin expressed his dissatisfaction. “You said that I’m old

and confused.”

Karen finally realized that this petty man was still unhappy about that. She found the key to the problem, now, everything was

much easier to settle. Karen poked him in the chest and sighed, “You’re getting more and more petty. I said that because I was worried Karen would blame you. I was saying that for your own good, but you’re blaming me.”

Kevin raised his eyebrows. “You don’t think I’m old?” Karen raised her hand and swore, “I never thought of you as


Karen meant what she said. Putting his appearance aside, he was still the same strong man as he was when he was younger. He even proved it two nights ago.

“Okay.” Kevin’s face finally looked less stressed out. Karen asked, “Then what are you going to do about Karen?”

Kevin asked, “What else can we do?”

Karen raised her voice slightly and said, “Kevin, are you really going to split them up?”

Kevin was unhappy to hear that. “Karen, do you think that I can feel safe to hand my daughter over to a man who

always hurts her?”

Karen was not willing to hand Karen Joy over to a man who would always hurt her, but what happened this time was just an accident Karen didn’t want Nathaniel to be blamed just because of this accident. She did not want Kevin to deny Nathaniel as

his potential son-in-law all because of what happened


Karen then said some words on Nathaniel’s behalf. “Nathaniel should be more anxious than anyone else here. His concern for our daughter is also as strong and as real as ours. Kevin, hope you won’t be stubborn anymore. Open your heart, get to know him. He is really a man worthy of a woman’s trust.”

“Karen, I will listen to you on other matters, but you have to listen to me on this.” With an absolutely stubborn attitude, Kevin did not intend to give in to Karen this time.

The reason why Kevin was so firm was probably also because Karen would praise Nathaniel a lot whenever she mentioned him.

He was upset that she would praise any man other than him!

Karen was really angry. “Kevin, I can listen to you on anything else, but I hope you can listen to our child on this matter.” Kevin glanced at her and started being cold again. If there was something that couldn’t be agreed upon, he would

choose to stay silent. He would not back down on this

matter, and any further discussion would not be effective.

“Kevin..” This person was really hard to communicate with.

Karen also gave him a stern look. She didn’t speak anymore.

She would definitely be in a cold war with this man if he continued

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