My Husband Warm the Bed-979

In the hospital.

At the VIP luxury ward.

Looking at Nathaniel’s swollen face, Karen felt so distressed that her heart was in pain.

She stood beside him and kept telling the doctor and nurse, “Doctor, please use the best medication to treat him. Miss, please be careful when you apply the medication. Don’t hurt him.”

The doctor and nurse answered carefully, “Miss Kyle, don’t

worry. We will use the best medication we have and we will

take care of Mr. President well.” They were terrified. This was their President. Even if they

had a tiger’s courage, they would not dare to give the President any medicine that was subpar. The doctor and the nurse had reassured her, but Karen Joy was still worried. Seeing that the nurse was about to apply

some cream medication on Nathaniel’s face, Karen Joy

immediately blocked her. “Miss, why don’t you give me the

medication and I’ll apply it for him.”

The nurse instinctively looked at Nathaniel. After receiving a nod from Nathaniel, she agreed. She handed the medication to Karen Joy and then briefed her on how to apply it. After that, under the instruction of the President, she left the room.

Karen Joy took the medication and gently applied it to Nathaniel’s face. “Brother Lionel, if it hurts, you can yell, don’t keep it in. There is no one else here, so nobody would laugh at you.”

These words sounded very familiar, as if he heard it

somewhere before.

Nathaniel thought for a moment and remembered what she said. It seemed that she also said the same thing when she helped him treat his wound during the earthquake disaster the last time.

How important was he in this silly girl’s heart? Nathaniel thought that it might be far beyond



He was so important to her, but he could not protect her again and again. Not only did she get kidnapped because of him, even the people close to her were injured.

He really deserved it!

Feeling her warm fingertips gently touching his face with the cooling ointment, Nathaniel felt very warm in his heart. For a moment, he wanted to give up everything just to be with her.

With this thought in his mind, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled her to sit on his lap. He held her tightly in his arms and said, “Karen, Karen…”

Karen Joy struggled, but she was worried that she would affect his wound. She held back and said, “Brother Lionel don’t move. Let me help you with your wound first.”

Nathaniel held her in his arms, unwilling to let go. “Karen, don’t move. Let me hug you for a bit.”

Just now, when he rushed to the hotel to meet her, as he

realized that she was not there when he arrived, he felt that

the world was going to collapse

He was afraid that he would never find her again.

After Nathaniel found Karen Joy, he didn’t get to hold her

properly in his arms. In order to save Jayden, they rushed to

the hospital. After that, they began waiting outside the operating room. He couldn’t hug her nicely then as she was in a frantic and worried state. At this moment, she was in his arms and he could feel her heartbeat. His worried heart gradually went back to normal.

Karen Joy wanted to break out of his arms. “Brother Lionel,

your wound is more important.”

Not only did Nathaniel not let go of her, but he even held her tighter. He said, “Karen, don’t worry. I won’t die from this tiny wound.” “Brother Lionel, I won’t allow you to say that.” When it comes

to his life, Karen Joy was easily triggered. Her eyes bulged

with pain, and tears swirled in her eyes. “I don’t want

anything to happen to you. I don’t want anything to happen

to my brother. I want everyone to be safe.”

She spoke too fast and said something wrong, which made Karen Joy sad. Nathaniel was also so anxious that he was at a loss. “Karen, I’m really fine. Don’t worry about me too much.”

Karen Joy raised her head and forced her tears back. She murmured, “Your face is already swollen, how can it be fine?”

“It’s really fine.” He buried his head in her neck and breathed in her unique scent. “As long as you’re with me, this pain is really nothing. And I don’t think it’s wrong for your father to beat me up. I really deserve it.”

Mentioning that, Karen Joy also blamed herself. “Brother Lionel, my father hit you just because he cares about you. Please don’t blame him for that.”

Kevin and Nathaniel didn’t like each other. After all, Karen

Joy, who was caught in between, was in the most uncomfortable situation.

If she stood on her father’s side, she didn’t want Brother Lionel to get hurt. If she stood on Brother Lionel’s side, she didn’t want to see her father disappointed and sad. She was really in a pickle.

“No.” If Nathaniel really thought that Kevin was wrong, Nathaniel would not just stand still. More importantly, Kevin was his future father-in-law, of course, he wouldn’t fight


“Brother Lionel, I’m sorry!” In the end, it was her fault. If she was a little bit stronger, everything that happened would not have happened today.

“Sister.” Little Precious suddenly pushed the door open and came in. Seeing this scene, he turned around and was about to leave, but Karen Joy stopped him. “Little Precious, did something happen to Brother?”

Little Precious shook his head and said, “Brother is fine. Mom and Dad are watching him, so they asked me to accompany you… But I feel like a third wheel here.”

What was this little one talking about?

In the past, Karen Joy would have scolded him, but today she had no mood to say anything mean, “Little Precious, I have applied the medicine to Brother Lionel already. Let’s go together.

“Sister, are you sure that you were treating the wound?” He

was doubtfu because they were holding each other so

tightly, how was that treating the wound?

“I am helping Brother Lionel.” Karen Joy quickly jumped off from Nathaniel’s body and applied the medication for him seriously.

At this time, because of Little Precious, Nathaniel could only endure what he wanted to do to Karen Joy.

Little Precious was standing beside them. Nathaniel wanted to get close with him, but when he realized that this little kid was as cold and serious as his father, Nathaniel gave up the idea.

As time went by, there was no news from the doctors after they entered the operating room. The people outside the operating room did not know the situation in the operating room, so they could only wait anxiously.

Everyone knew that the longer the operation took, the more critical the situation would be.

Seeing that the operating room had been silent, even the usually calm Kevin could not sit still. He took a cigarette from his assistant’s hand, wanting to go for a smoke, but when he saw his wife and children beside him, he threw the cigarette into the trash can

Not knowing how long it took, the lights of the operating

room were finally turned off. Before the door of the

operating room opened up, the group of people immediately

gathered around

The group of doctors just came out with Doctor Jim. He walked to them, took off his mask, and said, “Mr. Kyle, the operation was successful. However, because the surgery duration had been delayed, we cannot guarantee when Young Master Kyle will regain consciousness.”

Hearing the first half of the doctor’s words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Then, the second half of the sentence made everyone’s heart plummet into an abyss again.

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