My Husband Warm the Bed-980

The doctor said the operation was very successful, but they still couldn’t guarantee when he would get up.

Karen Joy instantly felt like her entire world was shattered. “No, no, no… I don’t want anything to happen to him. I want him to wake up.” She shook her head and murmured, and then her body went limp and she fell straight to the ground.

Fortunately, Nathaniel was standing behind her. Before she was about to hit the ground, he reached out to hold her in time.

Nathaniel held her in his arms and felt very sorry for her, “Karen..”

Karen Joy was afraid and worried. She was so worried that she was going to cry, but she had been crying for hours already and she was exhausted from it. “Brother Lionel, I don’t want anything to happen to him. He must be fine!” Nathaniel patted her on the back and comforted her softly, “You have to trust your brother’s strength. Since the

operation has been successful, he will definitely wake up.” “I don’t know.” At this moment, all kinds of comfort could not ease Karen Joy’s fear and uneasiness. She was thinking about all sorts of things. What if…

What if Jayden couldn’t wake up for the rest of his life…

No, no, no. She didn’t want any ‘what if to happen. She wanted Jayden to wake up and to be alive and well. Even if Jayden would still poke his nose into her affairs after

he woke up, Karen Joy vowed to let him be. She would gladly listen to him in the future. She would not mind anymore.

She wanted to wait for him to wake up so that she could tell everyone that he was her brother. He was her protective older brother, the only one she had in her life! She freed herself from Nathaniel’s embrace and took a step

forward. “Doctor Jim, no matter how much it costs, and no matter the consequences it will take, I want my brother to wake up.”

Doctor Jim had an uncomfortable look on his face. “Miss

Kyle, this…”

Kevin suddenly said in a cold voice, “Jim, you can’t even guarantee if he could wake up. Can you even say that this

was a successful operation?”

As soon as Kevin said that, Doctor Jim was speechless.

Jim was sweating all over. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said, “Director Kevin, I have tried my best to operate with my team here. As for the rest of his recovery, it has nothing to do with the medication, and it all depends on his strength and willpower.”

Kevin asked again, “Willpower?”

Doctor Jim assured him, “Yes. If he has a strong willpower

and a strong desire to survive, then he will definitely wake up.

Kevin suddenly smiled coldly and said in a low voice, “Jim,

who do you think I am? You can fool others with these

tricks, but how dare you try to fool me?”

Jim broke out in a cold sweat. He said in a panic, “Director Kevin, how could I have the courage to fool you?”

Kevin continued to say, “You doctors would always leave it

up to willpower when you don’t have 100% confidence in the treatment. Let me tell you this, the Kyle family has never believed in fate. I don’t care whatever method you use, I

want the results that I want.”

Well, this was the almighty Kevin Kyle.

He was the leader of the largest financial group in the world,

Rovio Corporation Inc. He had been in charge of Rovio for

two decades and had been in the business industry for so

long. He had been through all kinds of situations before.

That doctor said that Jayden’s recovery was dependent on fate, was Kevin a person who looked like he believed in fate?

Of course not!

Jim also knew that. As he was clear with Kevin’s status and power, he was forced to admit, “Director Kevin, you are asking for something very difficult to guarantee.”

In the past, Jim had never worked with Kevin before, but he had heard of Kevin’s name long ago. He was very familiar

with this big shot.

It was precisely because he was familiar with Kevin and that

he knew what Kevin cared about most was not Rovio, but

his family. That was why Jim had the courage to say that. “What do you want?” Kevin frowned and looked at Jim. Jim did not say anything, but Kevin already saw the desire in

Jim’s eyes. A man with eyes full of desire, what he wanted was nothing more than money, and that was the easiest thing for Kevin to obtain

As long as someone could guarantee Jayden’s wellbeing, Kevin would definitely remunerate Jim with more than the necessary fee. Moreover, if that person needed any help in

the future, as long as he asked the Kyle family for help. Kevin would definitely help.

However, it was obvious that Jim was not a smart person. Before the Young Master of the Kyle family could wake up from the coma, he wanted to get more from Kevin. Kevin did not like this kind of person, and if that person

would cause trouble for him at a critical moment like this, it would definitely not end well for him.

“Director Kevin, I really have no other way, how could I request anything from you?” Jim was still pretending. After all, it was absolutely impossible for him to take advantage

of Kevin with direct confrontation.

“I’ll give you one last chance,” Kevin said calmly, but the way he looked at Jim was terrifying.

Kevin would never go against his own words. If he had said that this was his last chance, then it would be so. It was impossible for him to give anyone another chance.

Jim was very clear about that too. He didn’t request for anything, and it was Kevin who proposed it anyway.

He covered his mouth and said in a soft voice, “Director

Kevin, I heard that you won the bid for the Pink Luminous Pearl in Dubai last year.”

It turned out that this was what Jim wanted.

Kevin understood immediately,

He smiled and said, “You want it?”

Jim then said, “My mother is very interested in rare treasures in the world. She is already very old and she won’t have many years left to live. I want to make her happy as much as I can.”

At this time, he was using his mother as a shield. He was

really a despicable man. Kevin had seen through this

person thoroughly.

The Luminous Pearl was a very unique and rare pearl, and Kevin bought it at a price of 19 billion dollars. As for why he bought it, it was a very simple reason… it was because his wife liked it.

During that period, Kevin went to Dubai on a business trip.

and he had Karen with him.

During that business trip, their hotel was the venue for a luxurious auction. When Karen saw the Luminous Pearl on a poster, she exclaimed and said that it was beautiful. Kevin then took her to the auction that night. After bidding for the Luminous Pearl, he gave it to her personally.

Kevin never spent money recklessly. However, for him to spend nearly 20 billion dollars just like that, it was clear that he would do anything to make his wife happy.

If this Luminous Pearl was not something that Karen liked, Kevin did not mind giving it to Jim for a few days. After that, he would have plenty of ways to get it back.

However, it was something that Karen liked. Therefore, no matter how hard Jim wanted it, he wasn’t going to budge.

Jim had even coveted the gift Kevin had especially bought for his beloved Karen. So, a menacing gaze flashed in Kevin’s eyes, but it disappeared very quickly and no one noticed it.

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