My Husband Warm the Bed- 981

Karen only wanted to save her son. When she heard Jim said that he wanted the Luminous Pearl, before Kevin could say anything, she said in a hurry, “Jim, as long as Jayden will recover, I will send the pearl to your mother immediately.”

Everyone knew that the Luminous Pearl was priceless. Many rich and famous people had the money to buy it, but even so, they could not get their hands on it.

Jim did not hold much hope that Kevin would give him the Luminous Pearl. But just as he heard Karen say these words, he was so excited that his eyes turned bright.

“Mrs. Kyle, doI have your word?” He was in a hurry to get the answer from Karen as he showed his despicable face.

Seeing his face, Karen frowned and said, “Doctor Jim, you don’t have the basic ethics that a doctor should have, but I

will never fool around with my son’s life.” No matter how rare the Luminous Pearl was and how much

she liked it, it was nothing compared to Jayden’s life.

If that Luminous Pearl could save Jayden’s life, Karen would trade it in a second. In her opinion, no matter how expensive it was, it was not more important than Jayden’s life.

She only wanted to save Jayden’s life, thus she ignored everything else. And of course, she also didn’t notice Kevin’s look on his face.

Everyone knew that the leader of the Rovio doted on his wife. He would never disobey his wife. If his wife wanted the stars in the sky, Kevin would get them for her.

Therefore, what Karen said gave Jim a lot of courage, and it also made him see hope from Karen’s real emotions.

Jim then added, “Mrs. Kyle, then it’s a deal. Send the pearl to my residence, and I will treat Young Master Kyle

wholeheartedly.” “Nick!” Kevin suddenly shouted at Nick Black. His loud voice frightened Jim and made him tremble slightly. He instinctively took two steps back to keep a distance from


Nick immediately stepped forward and reported

respectfully to Kevin, “Director Kevin, I have already asked our men in New York to locate Doctor Jim’s family. Our men will take good care of them and let them know that Doctor

Jim will return as soon as Young Master Kyle is recovered.” Anyone who was sane in the mind would know that Nick

was threatening Jim. It was an upfront threat.

Jim was so angry that his face turned blue. He glanced at Kevin and Karen. “Mrs… Mrs. Kyle, can you ask Director Kevin what he means by that?”

Karen was worried about Jayden’s safety and she was even worried that this would delay Jayden’s treatment time. She moved to Kevin’s side and tugged at his shirt. She looked at Kevin with pleading eyes and said, “Kevin, that Luminous Pearl is just an object, it’s more important to save Jayden’s


“Shh!” Kevin grabbed Karen’s hand and held it tightly in his

palm. Instead of answering Karen’s question, he glanced at Nick again. Nick understood his master’s order. He said, “Dr. Jim, your son is 21 years old this year. And he’s studying at the

University of California?”

When he heard a stranger suddenly mentioning his son, Jim knew that things were not going well. He panicked and asked, “What, what do you want to do?”

Nick took out his phone as he smiled and said, “Your son looks much better than you, and it would be a pity if he loses his life at such a young age.”

Jim was furious, but he couldn’t vent his anger. He could only stare at Nick angrily and said, “You, you.. You are just an assistant, how could you threaten me?”

“What do you think threatening is to me? It’s not like I’ve never done anything worse.” Nick shook his head and sighed. “In this world, the laws of the animal kingdom have never changed. The allocation of power.. the food chain is always the same. But some people just don’t understand it, so they would do stupid things such as playing around with the tiger.”

After saying this, Nick slowly realized that it was not good to describe his master like this. He only hoped that his master wasn’t listening to him seriously.

As soon as he had this idea in his mind, he felt a cold and sharp gaze swept over his body. Oh no, his master was really upset this time!

Nick didn’t dare to vent his anger from his master, so he had

to vent his anger on someone else, therefore, Jim was the

best choice.

Before Jim opened his mouth, Nick said again, “Doctor Jim, as for what you should do, it’s your own decision to make. By the way, don’t make it sound like a threat. You’re the one who caused this whole thing, so you’re the one to bear the consequences.”

Nick was only Kevin’s special assistant. He did things according to Kevin’s instructions. Jim knew that it was useless to talk to him any longer. Therefore, he looked at Karen again and wanted to use Karen as a shield by attacking her kindness and using a mother’s love to his


Jim said, “Mrs. Kyle, I understand that Young Master Kyle is not your biological son. So, is that why you don’t care about his life?” Karen was worried about Jayden’s condition, but after Kevin

held her hand tightly in his palm, she was no longer so

worried. She knew that Kevin already had it all planned out,

and he would never let their child be in danger.

As long as Jayden was fine, Karen could think rationally. She smiled at Jim politely and said, “Doctor Jim, the way I raise my son is my personal matter, you don’t have to worry about that.”

After thinking for a while, Jim said in an evil manner, “Mrs. Kyle, you’re not answering me directly, does that mean I’m right?”

Karen pursed her lips and smiled gently. “I think my son knows best about how I treat him. I don’t need to explain it to an outsider. Besides, I have to remind you that no matter how good a person’s medical skills are, he won’t be able to have a long career if he is unethical.”

After listening to Karen’s words, Jim’s face turned blue. He

didn’t know whether it was because he was angry or because he had a little conscience, he suddenly realized it was not right to take advantage of people when they were in need.

Jim didn’t want to give up, but he couldn’t do anything anymore. He was not a match for Kevin. It was so easy for Kevin to do despicable things to him.

This time, he made the wrong move and thought that Kevin would be threatened. He thought that he could take advantage of him, but in the end, he lost so badly.

Now, he was even more clear that even if the Young Master Kyle had recovered, he would not be able to see his son again.

Kevin had always been calm and composed. He was well prepared for everything he did, and he would not allow

anything unexpected to happen.

It was the same this time. Not only did he bring a team of doctors with Doctor Jim from New York, he also invited a group of doctors he was familiar with that he trusted dearly,

Since Kevin had arranged for the team of trusted doctors to work with Jim’s team of doctors, Jim would not have the opportunity to do anything untoward to Jayden.

Jayden’s condition was slightly better than they expected. Although there was no sign of him waking up soon, his vital signs were still strong.

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