My Husband Warm the Bed-982

Doctor Jesse and his team were old friends of Kevin who had been working with him for many years. His team was assigned to perform a detailed examination on Jayden.

After their examination, he concluded, “Director Kevin, although this surgery has been delayed for too long and it even caused great harm to the Young Master’s body, fortunately, the Young Master’s physical condition is very good. We’ll give him the best medicine we have. In a few days, he will wake up.”

In the medical world, Jim was a master at surgery, while

Jesse was an expert at post- surgery recuperation. They

each had their own strengths, but Jesse was more ethical

as a doctor than Jim was.

Jesse would tell Kevin everything he knew about Jayden’s condition, as he should. He wouldn’t hide anything from him, and he wouldn’t exaggerate any symptoms. Moreover, he wouldn’t even think of taking advantage of Kevin.

Kevin said his usual answer, “As long as it helps with his injury and he can wake up as soon as possible, no matter how expensive the medicine is just use it at will. I have only one request, which is for him to regain consciousness.”

Jesse said, “Don’t worry, Director Kevin. I will use as much as I can to help the Young Master.”

Kevin nodded and didn’t say anything else.

With Jesse’s reassurance, Karen was really relieved. She stepped forward and said, “Thank you, Doctor Jesse! Thank you very much! Sorry for troubling you with this.”

Jesse replied politely, “Mrs. Kyle, it’s our duty as doctors to

save lives. You don’t have to thank me.”

Moreover, he wasn’t saving Young Master Kyle for nothing. He also received his wages in advance and even extra allowances for his travels to Country A, which were exclusively high

Rovio was one of the top financial conglomerates in the

world. If the boss needed to fund their employees’ travel,

they would be seated in private planes enjoying the best

care and treatment possible. Hence, Dr. Jesse had no

reason not to put all his efforts into ensuring Jayden’s


Although both of them were doctors, the difference between Jim and Jesse was distinctive. However, the crafty and cunning Jim was taken away already. It was not known whether he could still be a doctor in the future.

In comparison, the sensible and principled Jesse would never lack funds or opportunities in future. If he faced any troubles, Kevin would definitely get help for him. “Alright, then that’s done. When can we go in to see our

child? I would like to speak to him,” Karen said softly. They

had been in Country A for two days already, but Karen had

not seen her son yet. She was really worried about him.

Jesse said, “Mrs. Kyle, Young Master Kyle is still in the intensive care ward. Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for one more day. When he gets better, he would be moved to the general ward. Then you can go in and see him.” “Alright, thank you!” She was disappointed that she could not enter the ward to take a look at her child. But for the

sake of Jayden’s recovery, she knew she needed to be


“Director Kevin, Mrs. Kyle, I have to check on Young Master Kyle for a while. I’ll excuse myself.” After updating Kevin and

Karen, Jesse left them alone.

After seeing the doctor off, Karen looked through the window at Jayden who was lying on the bed. He was lying quietly on the bed with a pale face, and he did not look as high-spirited as he used to be.

Looking at him, Karen felt very sad. Her heart was beating

aggressively, and she felt so sad that she wanted to cry.

“Kevin, our Jayden.”

“Don’t worry!” Kevin gently wiped Karen’s tears from the corners of her eyes with his finger. “When Jayden’s condition is stable, we will take him back to New York for treatment.”

The medical facilities were more advanced in New York

compared to Country A. Kevin had already planned to take

Jayden back to New York for his recuperation so that it

would be convenient for his family to take care of him.

“Okay. No matter what happens, you must help him get better. He’s our child, a member of our family that we cannot lose,” Karen said. “Karen, what kind of person do you think I am?” Karen had

mentioned more than once that Jayden was their child, she also mentioned that Jayden could not be in trouble, which made Kevin feel quite flustered.

Did Karen think that Kevin never treated Jayden as his own If he didn’t treat Jayden as his own son, would he be willing to hav a random person wandering around house all



Obviously, Kevin would not allow that. If there was someone he did not like, no matter how persistent Karen was, he could come up with a way to remove that person without

making Karen sad.

Karen asked, “Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?”

Kevin insisted, “Answer me.”

After being together with her for a long time, Karen understood Kevin a lot more. When he asked a question and insisted on hearing the answer from her, he must be upset with her.

Kevin was really petty sometimes. She would always upset him unknowingly, then, he would put on a gloomy face.

After thinking for a while, Karen said, “You’re a good person. You’re a good son, a good husband, a good father, and a good boss. You’re the best person that I know.”

Karen praised Kevin nonchalantly, but it did not make Kevin happy. Instead, it made his face appear gloomier, and his expression looked like he wanted to ignore her.

Karen thought about it again, trying to recall what she had

just said wrong and made him angry, but she couldn’t figure it out She shrugged helplessly and said, “Kevin, you are already a

father of three children, how can you still throw tantrums

like this?”

Kevin glanced at her and turned his head away indifferently.

Sure enough, he was angry!

He was always like that.

Karen shrugged helplessly. She reached out to hold his

waist and snuggled into his arms. “Kevin, do you know that every time you get angry with me, I feel so scared.”

Karen spoke really softly and sadly and appeared really scared. When Kevin heard that, he couldn’t show his gloomy face anymore, so he instinctively hugged her and said, “), I’m

not angry with you.”

Even if he was really angry with her, he would not admit it because he did not want her to be scared.

Karen raised her head slightly and looked at him, “You are not angry with me? Then why did you ignore me?”

Karen understood Kevin so well that she knew how to deal

with him. This man would be defenseless against her. For so many years, he was like this every time.

Kevin said awkwardly, “I didn’t ignore you.”

He already said that he didn’t ignore her, and he was even hugging her and talking to her nicely. Hence, Karen had no reason to make things difficult for him.

She was a smart woman. She knew when to pretend, and she also knew when not to expose him. She smiled and said, “In this whole world, you’re the kindest

to me. You always prioritize me.”

This was the undeniable truth. Karen would always mention it just to let Kevin know that she knew Kevin treated her well.

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