My Husband Warm the Bed-983

“You are my wife.” Every time he wanted to reassure her, Kevin would give Karen this same answer. It was a simple sentence, but it contained deep affection.

Karen was his wife, so, of course, he wanted to give the best to her, otherwise, would he want other men to be nice to her and care for her instead?

Of course not!

He should be the one to protect his wife and to bring her happiness. He needed to pamper her so much that she would not care for anyone else.

“Of course I know that I am your wife.” Karen knew what Kevin was thinking. She snuggled up in his arms and said, “Mr. Kyle, thank you!”

She thanked him for giving in to her, thanked him for spoiling her, thanked him for supporting her, thanked him for loving her, and thanked him for giving her a complete and happy home.

“Are you confused again?” Kevin lowered his head and bit her playfully. He punished her for thanking him again. In his perception, loving her was his duty. These were his obligations, and she need not thank him at all.

“Well, I’m confused by your sugar-coated bullets!” Karen chuckled and snuggled in his arms. “Mr. Kyle, you should go

and rest for a while, I’ll be here to watch over Jayden.”

It had been two days since the operation. During these two days, Karen and Kevin had been guarding Jayden in the hospital day and night.

When she got too sleepy at night, Karen would sleep in

Kevin’s arms for a while.

When Karen was asleep, of course, Kevin could not be

sleeping too. He barely slept a wink these two nights, so Karen wanted him to have a rest in the lounge for a while.

Although he would feel much better after resting for a while, given the long period of exhaustion, Kevin shook his head and said, “I’m not sleepy. I’ll wait with you.”

At this moment, how could he bear to leave his wife alone? While she was suffering in silence outside the ward? He needed to be with her.

Karen knew that Kevin was stubborn. He already said he would stay here with her, so as long as she didn’t leave, he would never leave.

Karen stopped insisting after that. After thinking for a while, she then said, “I’ll sit down, so you can sleep on my shoulder for a while, okay?”

Kevin said, “No..”

“Don’t reject me, just listen to me this time.” Kevin had no choice but to listen to her because she insisted on it. They sat on the couch together and Karen shrugged. “Mr.

Kyle, come on. You can lie on my shoulder. You can depend on me this time!”

“Alright,” Kevin even responded to her.

He sat down next to her and leaned against her shoulder. He didn’t feel sleepy at first. However, he leaned on her shoulder and sniffed her comforting scent, and listened to her calm breathing. Unconsciously, the drowsiness gradually kicked in and he fell asleep.

Listening to Kevin’s soft breathing, Karen gently turned her head and leaned closer to him. She smiled subtly as she kissed his face.

This man was really good looking. He looked like a perfect sculpture, without any flaws. She had been looking at him

for so many years yet she never got sick of looking at him. His eyebrows, his eyes, and his face. He looked as handsome as he did on the day they met for the first time. It

seemed that he did not age.

If she had to point out a difference between his younger self and his current self, it would probably be the evolved maturity and intelligence he had acquired throughout the years. Wherever he went, attention would be on him.

Besides, there were countless women who took the initiative to get close to him throughout the years too, trying their luck to seduce him. Fortunately, this man had strong self-control, otherwise, he might have been snatched by

those women long ago.

Every time she reminded herself that this was her man, it made Karen feel extremely proud and honored to be his wife.

He belonged to her, and no one else could take him away from her.

“Am I really that handsome?”

Suddenly, Kevin’s seductive and deep voice sounded.

“Aren’t you asleep?”

He caught her staring at him, Eventhough they were husband and wife for many years, Karen was still embarrassed and her face blushed immediately.

“If I was asleep, how would I know you were looking at me?” He was glad that he was not really asleep, so he was able to catch her looking at him secretly.

“Stop fooling around. Hurry up and go to sleep.” She didn’t want him to know that she was a little infatuated with him,

so she urged him to sleep again. “You haven’t answered my question yet!” Kevin had this

habit. When he asked her a question, he would not give up until he got her answer.

Karen had no choice but to admit shyly, “Well, yes. It’s because you’re too handsome that I’m mesmerised, I didn’t even realize that you noticed my stare.”

“Okay!” Kevin was very satisfied with Karen’s answer. He closed his eyes and continued to sleep.

He did not rest for two nights. Kevin was still a mortal being at the end of the day, so he leaned on her shoulder and fell asleep after a short while. No matter how Karen stared at him, he didn’t wake up again.

Karen Joy rushed to the hospital and saw the scene where her mother and father were leaning against each other. Her father was leaning on her mother’s shoulder, and her mother was looking at her father sweetly. They both looked extremely content with each other.

Seeing such a beautiful and warm scene, Karen Joy couldn’t bear to ruin it. She left quietly, giving her parents some time alone.

Most of the time, Karen Joy would define true love’ as the love her parents had for each other. No matter how routine their lives were together, as long as they had each other, every day would be a special and lovely day.

Two days passed quickly.

Under Doctor Jesse’s care and medication, Jayden’s body recovered much faster than imagined. Presently, the

doctors transferred him from the special ward to the general ward.

Coming out of the intensive care unit meant that Jayden had passed the critical period. As long as everything went well, he would definitely wake up fine.

Previously, it was Kevin and Karen who stayed in the hospital because they were worried that Karen Joy couldn’t take up the heavy role of taking care of her brother. However, under Karen Joy’s strong insistence, the couple went home to rest, and Karen Joy stayed in the hospital to take care of Jayden.

Although she knew that Jayden would wake up, looking at

the pale Jayden lying on the bed, Karen Joy quietly wiped away her tears. She then held his hand and said to him, “Brother, it’s going to be the New Year’s holidays soon. You’ll wake up and spend it with us, won’t you? It’s been more than a decade of us

spending it together every year. You won’t let everyone

down, will you?”

She held Jayden’s hand and talked to him persistently. But no matter what she said, he could not respond to her.

In the past, she always disliked him for being nosy and meddlesome. Now, she wanted him to get up and continue to annoy her, but he didn’t.

Karen Joy didn’t know whether Jayden could hear her talking or whether he knew how much she wanted him to wake up.

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