My Husband Warm the Bed-984

Perhaps, the reason why Jayden didn’t want to wake up was not because of his injuries, but because he didn’t want to see Karen Joy.

It must be that!

She used to think that he was annoying, which hurt him severely. Now, he didn’t want to care so much about her anymore, so he simply stayed asleep. That way, he could see nothing and would not feel frustrated anymore.

Thump! Thump!

The sudden knock on the door interrupted Karen’s thoughts. She immediately calmed down and said, “Come in.”

Blake opened the door and walked in. He said, “Miss, there’s a girl called Yaya, and she wants to see you.” “Sister Yaya?” Karen Joy was a little surprised how Yaya got the news, so she nodded and said, “Ask her to wait for a

while, i’ll go there right away.” “Yes, miss.” Blake left respectfully.

After Blake left, Karen Joy pulled up the quilt for Jayden and said, “Brother, I’m going to see my friend, I’m not leaving you,

don’t worry! Get some rest and i’ll be back in a minute.” She got up and left. After a few steps, she suddenly turned back. She hoped that when she turned back, she could see

Jayden open his eyes and look at her, just as he used to do.


Karen Joy shook her head in disappointment. What on earth was she thinking?

How could she think that Jayden was pretending to be in a

coma? All this while, he had been a child that his parents never needed to worry about. He was so sensible, so he would never pull a trick like this.

Karen Joy saw Yaya as she came out of the ward. When she

saw her, Yaya immediately ran to her and said, “Karen Joy.


Seeing Yaya’s worried look, Karen Joy knew that Yaya was not here to see her, she must be here to see Jayden. She said, “Sister Yaya, you’re here to see my brother right?” Yaya would never beat around the bush. Karen Joy was right about her purpose of visit, so Yaya admitted, “Yes. I heard

that he was injured, so I came here to see him.” After a slight

pause, Yaya continued, “Karen Joy, can I go in and talk to

him alone?”

Yaya asked sincerely, and from her expression, it could be seen that she was worried about Jayden from the bottom of her heart. Karen Joy didn’t want to stop her too. “Sister Yaya, he hasn’t woken up yet. He may not be able to respond to you. But you can try anyway, maybe he can hear you.”

The doctor had told the Kyles that they should spend time speaking to Jayden while in his coma. Perhaps this would increase his will to survive with the affection of family and friends.

They had tried hard, but it didn’t work. Perhaps, if someone else talked to Jayden, it might yield different results.

“Karen Joy, thank you!” After saying thank you, Yaya opened the door to the ward and looked back. “Karen Joy, don’t worry. I’ll only say a few words to him, I will be out soon.”

“Okay.” Karen Joy nodded and said, “Yaya, take your time to

talk to him. I’ll wait for you outside.”

Then, Yaya went into the ward.

As soon as she stepped into the ward, Yaya was surprised by the layout of the room. It didn’t look like a hospital ward at all, it was such a well decorated and cozy suite. At first glance, it was totally different from the setting

outside the ward. There were all kinds of furniture inside, and the decoration was also extremely exquisite, which was almost better than that of a six-star hotel.

If it weren’t for the scent of the medicine in the room, Yaya would have thought that she had gone to the wrong room.

Yaya sighed. The Kyle family was indeed one of the richest families in the world. Even their hospital ward was different from ordinary people’s

She took a few more steps forward and walked towards the center of the room. There was a bed, and Jayden was lying

quietly on the bed. He lay there quietly, and his face looked pale and lifeless. No matter how Yaya looked at him, he was not the decisive

and brave man she had seen at work.

Yaya opened her mouth and wanted to call his name, but a sudden wave of heartache rendered her speechless.

A few months ago, after meeting him in the disaster area,

she had been obsessed with this man. Later, she decided to pursue him and applied for a job to work under him. Jayden was a workaholic and often worked throughout the night. But no matter how busy he was, when Yaya saw him

the next day, he was always energetic and did not look exhausted at all.

Most of the time, Yaya would wonder if this man was made out of steel.

Why was he never tired?

Why did he never smile?

In the past, she couldn’t even think of an answer. Now, she

understood why he was so relentless, why he was so powerful, and why she never saw his smile. She stood by his bed and stared at Jayden. As she looked at

him, tears silently slipped down from the corner of her eyes.

Jayden, was it worth it?”

She asked him.

Although Jayden could not answer, Yaya knew that if he could answer, he would definitely say, “Yes, it was!”

Yaya could not forget Jayden ever since she first laid eyes on him, similar to how persistent Jayden’s love for Karen Joy was.

Love was just indescribable most of the time.

If love happened, it needed no reasons.

Staring at him for a long time, Yaya took out a memory card from her pocket. She took a deep breath and said, “The

person you love doesn’t love you back. No matter how much you strive, she won’t even look back at you. This doesn’t feel good, and I can understand that.”

There was someone in Jayden’s heart, a person who he clearly loved, but he couldn’t get her. Yaya understood this feeling deeply

It was because she was on the same boat. Yaya loved Jayden, but she could not have him.

“I found this memory card by accident when I was cleaning up the office. Don’t worry, I won’t show it to any other person. When you wake up, I will give it to you.

From the contents of this memory card, Yaya realized why

this man never looked at her Because there was someone else in his heart. There was a

woman he had fallen in love with, but she was a woman he couldn’t love.

“Mr. Kyle!” Yaya closed her eyes and forced the tears back into her eyes. At the same time, she opened her eyes and watched how the sunlight fell on him through the window.

Under the sunlight, he looked so serene and at peace, as if he could leave the world at any time.

After a long pause, Yaya said, “Mr. Kyle, even if you don’t like me, I still hope you can get the happiness that you should

have.” She would hide her love for him in the corner of her heart, and she would not mention it to anyone else for the rest of

her life.

However, when she realized how she could love someone so deeply, it was still a comforting feeling to her.

As Yaya came out of the ward, she saw Karen Joy. She was anxious and worried, “Sister Yaya..”

“I spoke to him already.” Yaya forced a smile and said bitterly, “Karen Joy, I’m leaving.”

Karen Joy asked her, “Sister Yaya, where are you going?”

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