My Husband Warm the Bed-986

At the Coast City International Airport.

As the largest airport in Country A, many flights were flying in and out of the country every day. The majestic planes flying across the vast sky daily served as beautiful scenery in the city.

On that day, the Kyle family plane would take off from this very town too, and its destination was New York. Therefore, before the Kyle family arrived at the airport, there was a person waiting at the watchtower.

He looked the same as usual. He was donning a black suit, standing still at the entrance, quietly watching the planes flying in and out of the airport.

When a plane with a special logo slowly approached the

boarding entrance, he became alert. He stared at the plane The private plane of Rovio’s boss looked similar to other planes. However, there was a special logo on the body of

and did not even look away.

the plane, ‘Rovio Airlines. This caught Nathaniel’s attention

in an instant.

“Sir, your binoculars.” Jason Lesley handed over the

binoculars that Nathaniel Cooper wanted. “Miss Kyle and her family are preparing to board.” Nathaniel took the binoculars and looked at the entrance of Gate 88, the person whom he was most reluctant to part

with was standing right there.

He was only a few hundred meters away from Karen Joy, but he seemed to be so far away from her. He could only see her but he couldn’t touch her.

Most of the time, Nathaniel wanted to leave everything behind and just persuade her to stay, but his rational mind prevailed.

As much as he wanted her to stay here with him, what was the purpose of that anyway?

So that she could be hurt and harmed every day?

He could not bear for that to happen. He had to take care of his affairs as soon as possible. When

that’s done, he could rush to her side and assure her loved ones that he would be able to look after her for the rest of their lives.


He saw her walking behind the crowd, holding her eight-year old brother’s hand tightly. She lowered her head and slowly stepped into the corridor that will lead her into the plane.

The weather in Coast City was still very cold, so she was wearing a white down jacket today. Although her jacket was very thick, she still looked very thin, as if the wind could blow her away.

Along the way, she kept her head down. He couldn’t see her expression and didn’t know what she was thinking. He could only guess that she was probably unhappy.

Perhaps she was unhappy because Jayden got injured and fell into a coma because of her. Perhaps she was sorrowful because she had to leave Nathaniel, but she didn’t tell him. She probably thought that he didn’t know that she was leaving Coast City today, but did she know that he knew everything about her?

In the end, her slender figure stepped into the cabin and disappeared from his view. In an instant, Nathaniel felt his heart twitch with bitterness.

His heart ached, and he felt a strong surge of sadness and


Soon, Karen Joy’s plane began to move, it was slowly getting farther and farther away from him. A few seconds later, the plane flew up into the sky and out of his view.

She left!

She really left!

Originally, he also planned for her to go back to New York first and he could fly over to meet her during the New Year. However, she had now really left him behind and disappeared in front of his eyes, he didn’t expect his heart to

hurt this much It hurt so much that he felt numb and exhausted. It felt as if

this heart had already left his chest. He stared blankly at the blue sky where he last saw her fly

away. Just like a sculpture, he stood still for a very long


“Sir, Miss Kyle has left for some time now. There are some matters for you to attend to at the North Palace.” After some time, Jason’s cautious voice sounded in Nathaniel’s ears.

That was right!

His beloved Karen had already flown away. Where was she at this time? Was she thinking of him while she sat on the plane?

He didn’t know!

His mind was in a mess. He only knew that he missed her and wanted to chase after her, without caring about anything else.

After long silence, took out his phone slowly from his pocket and pressed on Karen Joy’s

number. He sent her a brief text message. It read, “Karen, wait for me!”

Wait for him!

This time, it would not be too long. He would be by her side soon and give her everything she ever wanted, in addition to providing her a happy life she yearned for.

He asked her to just give him a little more time. “Sir, Young Master Leves has called several times.” He

looked at Nathaniel helplessly. Jason thought he took a big risk by disrupting Nathaniel’s thoughts and silence.

“Let’s go.” Nathaniel responded and turned around to leave. After a few steps, he turned back to look at the blue sky once ain.

The airport still remained the same. There were still planes flying in the airport and flying out of the airport. The world still spun, and nothing stopped for him.

Meanwhile, there was a huge political turmoil in Coast City Many high-level officials of the North Palace had been exposed as accomplices to the massacre of the Elves family. They were brought into custody within a day.

The Leves family’s murder had always been an unresolved case. For a year now, the government never mentioned it, as if it never happened.

However, as soon as the news about the Leaves family massacre broke out this time, evidence showed that the mastermind behind the scene was actually the former President, Griffin Cooper.

In the beginning, the former president, Griffin, was still trying his best to defend himself. When Hannah Elliott stood in court and testified against him, he was so infuriated that he fainted on the spot.

Witnesses and hard evidence had been discovered. The

former President, Griffin, was ordered to be under house arrest. He lost his hard-earned reputation overnight and became a national traitor that everyone hated.

Griffin was arrested. The high-level officials he had placed in North Palace were exposed one by one. As a result, the forces against Nathaniel in the North Palace had been

eliminated completely.

Nathaniel led his team firmly and strongly as they weeded out these malicious people in the government. No one dared to cause trouble behind his back anymore.

The North Palace, which was the governmental office of Country A, was finally at peace.

“All the murderers of the Leaves family have been dealt with What are you going to do next?” Standing on the highest city gates of the North Palace, Nathaniel looked into the

distance and asked Jackie, who was standing next to him. “My revenge plan is complete, but the lives of the Elves family are gone forever. I can no longer be the Jackie I used to be.” Looking down at the busy traffic of the city, Jackie


At that time when he was seriously injured, he gritted his teeth and fought hard to survive in order to avenge the lives of the Leaves family. Now, after all this had been realized, he was not as happy as he imagined.

Perhaps, he had caught those murderers but could not get

rid of the hatred in his heart. Or maybe, the hatred in his

heart would gradually fade away, and maybe this was

enough justice for the Leaves family.

“I heard that you’re going to leave this place?” Nathaniel turned to look at Jackie. “Are you really not going to stay and help me?”

“Do you still need my help?” Jackie chuckled. “You’ve gotten rid of your enemies here and led Country A on the right path. Do you still want to stay in this position?”

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