My Husband Warm the Bed-987

The person who knew Nathaniel best was definitely not Karen Joy, but it was Jackie, who had been by Nathaniel’s good friend for decades. He was like a brother to Nathaniel.

Being the President of Country A was much coveted by many people. They would sacrifice their lives and fortunes to attain such a noble and influential position.

However, for Nathaniel, being President of Country A was just a means to fulfill his mother’s wishes, and to prove his capabilities to the country, His goal was to ensure that the heartless Griffin, who had

never loved his wife and son, could realize that Nathaniel

was comparable to his other sons. He wanted Griffin to

know that abandoning Nathaniel and his mother would be

the biggest mistake in his life. Jackie asked, “Tell me, I really want to hear it from you.” “You want to know?” Nathaniel responded with a faint smile,

“I’ve tried so hard and eliminated so many people to get to

this position, do you think I’ll give it up that easily?”

“It’s not up to me.” Jackie raised his hand and poked Nathaniel’s chest. “You have already made a way out for yourself, I know it. You can fool others, but you can’t fool me.”

“What about you?” Nathaniel did have his own plans. He had

no intention to compete for power, so he had already

prepared a way out for himself. Now, he cared more about

his good friends future plan.

“I will do what Serene wants to do. I will be with her wherever she wants to go.” Jackie looked into the distance.

“Even though this is where we grew up, we have nothing left here. Perhaps we are being heartless, abandoning our home, but maybe this city has also brought too much pain

upon us.” They grew up in this city and they loved it too, but they were also scarred by the memories here. Instead of staying, it was better to leave. There was a big world out there, so

there must be a place that would welcome them with open

hands anyway.

“No matter where you go, just call me if you need anything.” Hearing that Jackie was going to leave, Nathaniel did not try to persuade him to stay. Nathaniel knew that it was pointless for Jackie to stay if his heart wasn’t in it anymore.

It was just like Nathaniel. He was still standing on the top floor of the North Palace. He was talking about life, but he felt that a part of him had already flown to some other place.

“Nathaniel, even though I don’t have the money you have, can still give Serene a comfortable life.” Jackie looked away again and pat on Nathaniel’s shoulder. “Nathaniel, take care! No matter how far I go, you are still my brother.”

“Take care!” Nathaniel responded. He watched helplessly as Jackie turned around and left. He watched sadly as Jackie walked further and further away.

Perhaps, they would not be able to meet again for the rest of their lives. However, knowing that Jackie was going to be with a woman he loved, Nathaniel was relieved.

He looked down at the busy traffic below, without the company he once had by his side, Nathaniel’s mood also changed.

No matter how high a person could climb in life and how much wealth he had, if he was not with the person who

cared for him, what was the point of having everything he


After pondering upon it, Nathaniel really couldn’t think of any reason for him to stay here and continue to sit in this position of power

While Nathaniel was still immersed in his own thoughts, Jason asked fearlessly, “Sir, it’s getting dark. Do you still want to go to the Manor House?”


Of course he wanted to go!

Nathaniel wanted to see what the man would say to him and if he had any regrets!

At the Manor House.

Compared to the past, the number of guards there had doubled. In the past, the guards were there to protect the former President’s safety, but now their duty was to monitor and keep the former President under house arrest.

By the time Nathaniel arrived, it was already dark. The lights were turned on at the yard and the place appeared bright. It looked just like daytime.

Griffin was sitting in a comfortable lounge, and he had been sitting there in a daze. He looked into the distance distractedly, and he lacked the arrogance he used to have. Nathaniel had been standing there for a long time, but

Griffin did not even acknowledge his presence, as if he was


“Do you regret it?”

After waiting for a long time, Nathaniel asked this question. It was a simple question, but it still attracted Griffin’s


“Regret?” Griffin slowly raised his head and looked at Nathaniel, as if he was looking at an enemy who had a deep hatred for him. “Regret? Of course, I regret it!”

“You regret it?” Obviously, Nathaniel knew that Griffin was not referring to the same ‘regret’ as he did.

As expected, Griffin quickly gave him an answer. “I regret that I didn’t get rid of you when I knew you would betray me! I regret that I didn’t do my best to help your brother when he wanted to murder you. If I had been wiser back then, wouldn’t have been fooled by you for so long!”

Griffin never had the thought of eliminating Nathaniel

despite his disloyalty because he assumed that Nathaniel

was powerless. Even if Griffin continuously tormented

Nathaniel, he thought that the young Nathaniel would never

be able to escape from his grasp.

It was not until later, when Nathaniel assumed the position

of President, that Griffin knew that he had underestimated his youngest son’s competence. Nathaniel was good at hiding his strength and he was good

at disguise, that was how he could deceive his old man, and how he became the President easily,

Nathaniel fooled him and made him lose his reputation. How could he not regret it? He regretted it so much, but

what was the point of it?

Regret could never cure anything.

Once again, Nathaniel willingly allowed Griffin to take a stab at him mercilessly. He thought that Griffin would feel a little remorse at this point.

In fact, this made him realize that he expected too much. In his heart, he was still thinking about the father and son

relationship between them.

But now, Griffin disregarded the bond between them brutally, hence, Nathaniel decided to give up on it.

He asked, “I know what your purpose was for exterminating the entire Leaves family, but why did you murder your own sister and her husband more than 10 years ago?”

Nathaniel learned from Hannah that Griffin framed the Silas couple, allowing them to be captured and executed for espionage. However, what was Griffin’s purse?

“You want to know?” Griffin asked.

“Yes. I can’t figure it out, so I have to ask you.” Nathaniel thought of many possible reasons, but it didn’t make sense. He still wanted to get the answer from Griffin.

“Nathaniel, you really want to know?” Griffin asked again, and his voice became a little louder.

“Yes.” Nathaniel nodded again.

“You want to know!?” However, Griffin suddenly burst into manic laughter. After laughing for a long time, he covered his chest and looked at Nathaniel fiercely. “You want to know, but if I don’t want to tell you, what can you do?”

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