My Husband Warm the Bed-989

It had been two weeks since the Kyle family returned to New York.

Two weeks passed as quickly as a blink of an eye. Just like

that, there was only a week left before the New Year. In the past, during this period, every family member of the

Kyle family would return to Chatterton Town and celebrate

together with their friends back home. However, due to Jayden’s condition, no one in the Kyle family mentioned about going back to Chatterton Town for celebrations. Even Mia, who lived in Chatterton Town, came

to New York with her son, Levi.

On this day, Karen Joy got up as early as she did since she returned to New York. She went to the hospital early to take

care of Jayden. “Brother, I’m here.” Every time she stepped into the ward, she would say this. She didn’t mind if Jayden could hear her or not, but she

would assume that he was awake and that he could hear it


Karen Joy put down her backpack, removed the old flowers from the vase, and placed some new flowers into the vase. “Brother, I brought some fresh red carnations for you today.”

Red carnations represented health and longevity, and it also symbolized family affection. Thus, Karen Joy bought this flower routinely and placed them in Jayden’s ward.

She was very adamant in ensuring that Jayden knew her and the family’s affection and care. She hoped that their love could help wake him up.

It felt kind of odd too. Jayden’s health had always been

good, and the doctors even said that he was recovering very well, but there was no sign of him waking from his coma yet.

“Brother, I heard that Rovio was giving out the year-end bonuses yesterday. The outstanding managers all received new houses, cars, or company shares. I secretly enquired about yours and I was shocked by your performance. Dad has transferred all the shares of the companies that you’re managing to your name. I’m sure this must be because of your commitment and hard work!”

“Of course, I understand Dad’s intentions too. He doesn’t want you to be to get comfortable and slack off. He transferred the shares of these companies to you because he hopes that you can get better soon and share some workload with him. These days, when you are sick in bed, Dad is much busier. As you can see, you’re actually his right hand man.”

“Brother, two days ago, Little Precious teacher sent a

message to us and said that he completed another grade in advance, again. It seems that Julien will have to skip a grade next semester. We are used to him skipping grades, but there is a girl who sent him flowers and said that she likes him. He is not yet nine years old but he has girls pursuing him! Wow, don’t you think the children of the Kyle family are doing quite well?”

Karen Joy would update Jayden on such trivial matters every day. When she mentioned stories about Little Precious, she sounded very proud of him.

She had such an adorable, sensible, and smart little brother. Karen Joy felt pride and joy swelling within her.

If she had known that her Julien would turn out to be this considerate, kind, and sweet, she would have asked her

parents to give birth to more younger siblings in the past.

Karen Joy spoke a lot, but she had never gotten Jayden’s response. She was disappointed, but she never gave up. “Brother, if you think I’m annoying, then you could wake up and say it to me. If not, ‘ll stay by your side and disturb you every day.”

Perhaps, this was life. When Jayden was by her side and cared deeply for her in the past, Karen Joy wasn’t happy about it. Now that Jayden was in a coma and couldn’t talk at

all, she came here to see him and yearned for his care. “Miss..” Blake, who had always been very sensible, suddenly rushed into the room. His anxious eyes fell on

Karen Joy.

“What’s wrong?” Blake had always been calm. His anxiousness made Karen Joy feel uneasy, but she didn’t want to think negatively

“Haven’t you seen the news?” Blake was worried that she would not be able to handle the impact of the news, so he barged in the room without a care.


Karen Joy’s heart dropped. She subconsciously glanced at her phone on the bedside table. “Miss, the President. Nathaniel Cooper.. he passed away


suddenly three days ago.” Blake didn’t know how to lie, so he just repeated whatever he heard on the news. “It could possibly be fake news.” Perhaps the news was too shocking and terrible that Karen Joy could not believe it therefore, she convinced herself that it was fake news. “This news was issued by the North Palace of Country A. The spokesperson for the President, Jason Lesley, has stepped forward to confirm this matter. And the next candidate to assume office has also been elected and

announced that he will take office soon. I don’t think that they are trying to draw an enemy out this time. This news should be true.” Blake said cautiously.

“Blake, just do whatever you need to. Don’t waste your time on such nonsense, and sensationalize fake news!” Karen Joy still remembered Nathaniel’s fake death previously, thus, she regarded this news as fake news too.


“Blake, am I not being clear enough?” Karen Joy smiled at him and continued, “Go now, go dating or shopping, just don’t disturb me.”

Karen Joy’s reaction was too calm, so calm that it was a little scary. Blake was taken aback by her reaction, so he just stood there in the room and did not move.

“Blake, I still have to chat with my brother. Move along now!” Karen Joy waved her hand impatiently and seemed a little

annoyed. Blake did not want to irk her. After pondering about it, he obeyed Karen Joy’s orders and left the room. However, he stood guard at the door just in case of an emergency. He would be able to intervene at once.

The last time, when Karen Joy was kidnapped, Blake blamed himself very much. He could not afford to make the same mistake again.

After the last incident, since Blake did not protect Karen Joy well, Kevin wanted to remove Blake from his position as her bodyguard. It was Karen Joy who wanted Blake to stay, so

that explained why Blake was very loyal towards her now.

After Blake left, Karen Joy still chatted with Jayden as if nothing happened. “Brother, Blake must be learning some nonsense from others. I don’t know how he got the courage

to share this fake news to me.”

In fact, Karen Joy could confirm the news if she just turned

on her phone, but she did not have the courage to face this reality

Karen Joy knew Blake’s character very well. Blake was very honest. He never lied, nor would he lie to her.

Hence, she didn’t dare to pick up her phone to read the news.

Karen Joy thought that as long as she didn’t look at her phone, as long as she couldn’t see the news, she could avoid learning about the bad news and remain in denial.

She understood that this was a very cowardly behavior.

However, at this moment, she would rather be a coward, and lie to herself.

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