My Husband Warm the Bed-990

“Brother, you must help me teach Blake a lesson when you get better. You must make him understand that he cannot be spreading groundless news!”

“As the President of Country A, Brother Lionel would have regular health check-ups. Why would he die suddenly? Blake must be bullying me because there’s no one around to

protect me.” “Brother Lionel told me that he would protect me for the rest of my life. He said that he would come to New York to visit our family during the New Year. He also said that he would marry me when I grow up! He hasn’t even married me yet, so

how could he abandon me?”

“He made so many promises to me and he is a man of his word. He will never break his promises.”

“I’ve always known that he loves me so much that he wants to give me everything in the world. How can he bear to

make me sad?”

Karen Joy kept talking. While it looked like she was talking to Jayden, but in fact, she was talking to herself. She had to think of a way to convince herself that nothing had

happened to Nathaniel. But as she was talking, the wall of defense that she set up suddenly broke down, and tears rolled down from her

eyes uncontrollably.

She was scared!

She was so scared that her heart was in a panic. In the past, she had lost her Brother Lionel once. Did God have to torment it again?

She didn’t want it!

There was no way!

“Brother, did you hear me? If you heard me, answer me. If you don’t say anything, I will be afraid. Do you know that I am scared of losing you too?”

Karen Joy spoke so much by his bedside, but Jayden was still lying on the bed with his eyes closed, and there was no sign of him waking up at all.

Finally, the volcano of emotions in Karen Joy’s chest erupted, “Jayden Elias Kyle! Why don’t you answer me? Are you going to continue sleeping for the rest of your life?”

“The doctor said that your health is in good condition, but it’s already been such a long time, and you still don’t want to

wake up. How much do you hate me?”

“If you hate me, then wake up and scold me or hit me. You can do whatever you want after getting up. Do you think you can punish me if you stay asleep like this?”

“Let me tell you, I’m not sad at all. I hope you won’t wake up forever. That way, no one would poke their nose into my business anymore.”

Jayden got injured because of her and had fallen into a coma, and now, Karen Joy received the news of Brother Lionel’s death. She was crumbling internally, and could no longer stay strong.

She needed somewhere to vent the frustration in her heart. Otherwise, she felt that she would explode and go crazy.

“Why? Why are you all so cruel? You all want to see me suffer, don’t you?” She roared like a crazy person, “All of you said that you wanted to protect me, but instead, you are bullying me..”

“You guys are bullying me!” She cried and held Jayden’s

hand tightly. “Brother, it was my fault in the past. Stop sleeping! Wake up now, can you? I beg you. Wake up now!” Jayden still did not answer her. But suddenly, his other hand twitch and his eyebrows furrowed slightly. However, Karen Joy, who was immersed in her grief, did not

notice it.

Jayden didn’t open his eyes until Karen Joy was exhausted

from her crying. She was sobbing at his bedside pitifully.

His lips finally parted and he opened his mouth, then he called out her name softly, “Karen…”

There were two people standing outside the ward, one was a tall man and the other, a petite woman. Of course, they were Kevin Kyle and his wife, Karen Daly.

Hearing Karen Joy crying in the ward, Kevin clenched his fists, but the expression on his face remained indifferent and calm, as if her cries did not affect him at all.

Karen bit her lip hard and controlled herself so that she would not rush into the room to hold her daughter in her arms. After trying to calm down, she turned to look at Kevin

and asked, “Kevin, what do you want to do?”

“Didn’t she say that she was already an adult, so let her bear the responsibilities and the burden of an adult. We have to let her know that in this world, besides herself, she cannot rely on anyone else forever.”

Kevin was much taller than Karen was. At this moment, he

stood extremely straight and raised his head coldly as he

spoke. Karen could not see his expression.

Kevin appeared ignorant, but actually, he didn’t want Karen to see how sad he felt for Karen Joy. The child in the ward was about to have a mental breakdown. She was a child

that he raised lovingly, so how could he bear to see her sad?

Karen then responded, “She can rely on Nathaniel Cooper.” Kevin replied coldly, “A woman should never rely solely on a man. What if the man has a change of heart or stopped caring for the woman?”

Karen could not understand Kevin at all. He was open to every other matter, but why was he so stubbornly against Nathaniel?

Karen was really anxious, so she argued with him, “I see. So you want me to rely on myself, and you don’t want me to rely too much on you.”

Kevin raised his eyebrows and clarified, “We are talking

about the child, why are you talking about us?” Karen really

liked to speak out of the topic, yet he couldn’t do anything

about it

Karen said unreasonably, “I was also very innocent before I married you. Besides, who knows if you will change your mind in the future? How would I know if can rely on you for

the rest of my life?”

“You..” Kevin was speechless. This woman actually turned his words against him.

Karen was still rational even though she was angry. They were husband and wife for so many years, yet it was rare for them to fight with each other. Hence, she analyzed rationally with him.

“Kevin, you don’t want Karen to leave. You’re worried to

entrust her to another person. I can understand what you

feel, but why can’t you look at Nathaniel with an open heart?

Don’t be so biased. Try to understand him again.”

Karen’s voice was warm and gentle, which made Kevin feel much better as he feels at home with her. He sighed and

held her in his arms, “I really don’t trust that guy.”

Karen asked, “Why don’t you trust him?”

Kevin replied, “Do I need a reason to not trust him?” Karen was confused again, “Don’t you need a reason to not trust a person?”

Kevin just looked away and said, “No reason.”

No reason!

He really replied that!

Karen shook her head and said, “Forget it. I won’t talk to you about Nathaniel anymore. If you can’t figure it out yourself, anything I say would be useless anyway.”

Kevin could be really stubborn when he wanted to. This was also the only thing that Karen couldn’t do much about over the years

Karen took two steps forward and was about to enter the ward, but Kevin pulled her back and said, “Karen, are you mad at me?”

Knowing that she might be mad was progress on his end. Karen appeared very satisfied with his answer as she

smiled at him, “I’m not mad at you.”

Kevin asked, “Then why won’t you talk to me about him?”

Director Kevin, please!

If she continued to discuss this issue with him, she would probably be angry soon.

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