My Husband Warm the Bed-991

Well, was it really that Kevin Kyle was a stubborn man?

If he were a stubborn man who’d never listen to Karen Daly, then he would not have shown up here at this moment to meet a person who made him very dissatisfied.

The tall and strong man standing before Kevin was about thirty years old. He was young and lively. Judging from his

appearance, he seemed to be an excellent young man. However, the longer Kevin looked at him, the more discontented he was. Kevin would never look at him in a

different way just because the man had changed his usual

style of wearing exquisitely tailored suits to casual clothes.

The man arrived earlier than Kevin, but he did not sit down.

He was standing as he waited for Kevin. When he saw Kevin, he greeted him politely, “Director Kevin!” Director Kevin?

Kevin didn’t like it when the man addressed him this way, but

he didn’t show any dissatisfaction on his face. He only

glanced at the man with his usual cold gaze and said


The man addressed him as Director Kevin, which meant that this person was not here to talk about private affairs with him, and he was here to talk business with him. Naturally, there was no need for Kevin to discuss business with anyone in person.

Whenever Kevin did not speak, someone would speak for him. Nick Black, who came with Kevin, quickly stood up and spoke, “Mr. Collins, Helix Inc has cooperated with Rovio for quite some time already. If you’re here to talk business

today, please come with me. I’ll get my colleague who is familiar with Helix Inc to assist you.”

Nick had been by Kevin’s side for decades, and the longer he worked with him, the smarter he got. What Nick said sounded courteous, but in fact, he was indirectly telling Mr. Collins that their Director would not attend to such trivial matters personally

How could Mr. Collins not know

what Nick meant implicitly? Yet, he was not annoyed as he said, “I’m not here to talk business, I’m here to talk about personal matters with Director Kevin.” Nick glanced at his master and saw that Kevin had no

intention of replying to Mr. Collins. Nick then said, “Mr.

Collins, Director Kevin is a very busy person, he might even

be busier than the President of your nation, so he may not

have time to talk about personal matters with a stranger.”

“Uncle Kyle, since you’re already here, why won’t you talk to me? I’ve done the things you asked me to do within a year’s time, just as promised.” Although he didn’t want to address Kevin as “Uncle Kyle”, he needed to bring the woman he loved home. So, he was desperate and had to do whatever it took!

“Mr. Collins, do you think Director Kevin… Nick spoke confidently, but Kevin suddenly interrupted him. “Nick.”

“Director Kevin, I’ll excuse myself then.” Nick had been by Kevin’s side for decades. He could read Kevin’s every expression and cue, and he would know what to do. As soon as Nick left, Kevin looked at Mr. Collins coldly,

saying, “I’ll give you five minutes.”

Kevin gave this man five minutes to impress him. If he could persuade Kevin during these five minutes, then Kevin could spare more time for him.

If the man couldn’t impress Kevin within the five minutes, Kevin would not spend another minute on him. Hence, these five minutes were paramount!

“Uncle Kyle, my name is Lionel Collins. Today, I’ve come to you to ask for your consent to be with your daughter.” Lionel Collins immediately expressed his true intentions without beating around the bush.

After all, he only had five minutes, and he needed to seize

the opportunity. Kevin’s impression of Lionel within these five minutes would be a deciding factor if Karen Joy and Lionel could become an official couple. Lionel only said a few words, and then he just stopped speaking. He was waiting for Kevin to speak, and sure

enough, Kevin responded, “Lionel Collins? Your name is

Lionel Collins?”

“Yes, my name is Lionel Collins.” Lionel nodded respectfully, as he should when speaking to an elder.

Kevin stared at Lionel and looked at him from head to toe. Then, Kevin asked, “What makes you think would agree to let you be with my daughter?”

Thinking that someone wanted to take Karen Joy away from him, Kevin was very unhappy. However, as he was thinking about Karen Joy’s happiness, he held back his displeasure.

If he hadn’t suppressed his emotions, Kevin would have swung his fist to beat Lionel up like how he did previously “I will care for her as much as you care for her.” This was Lionel’s second sentence in negotiation with Kevin.

Every word was sonorous, and every word sounded

convincing. “Can you care for her as much as I do?” Kevin chuckled, and there was a hint of anger in his cold gaze. “Anyone could

spout sweet words.”

“Yes.” Lionel nodded. Indeed, anyone could spout sweet words, but talk is cheap. Things were always easier said than done, so Lionel was cautious with his words, and would not make beautiful but empty promises.

In fact, Lionel didn’t need to say any sweet words. What he had done was the best proof of his love for Karen Joy.

“You said, yes’?” Kevin raised his eyebrows, and his face was full of dissatisfaction with Lionel. Kevin felt like he wanted to beat Lionel up again.

Was this the attitude a future son-in-law should have when he met his father-in-law? Kevin finally understood why many would dislike Lionel. It turned out that Lionel was not good with words.

“I agree with you. Anyone can spout sweet words, but things are easier said than done.” Lionel explained his stance so that his future father-in-law wouldn’t misunderstand him.

“Are you the real big boss of Helix Inc?” After pondering for a moment, Kevin no longer mentioned Karen Joy, but instead posed this question to Lionel.

“Yes,” Lionel nodded, but his face was expressionless.

Kevin said again, “I’ll give you another two years. When you successfully double Helix Inc’s current net worth, then we will resume this conversation about you and my daughter.” Lionel finally became anxious. “Uncle Kyle, you…”

Seeing Lionel getting jittery, Kevin felt satisfied. He said,

“But in the two-year timeframe, I will not stop you two from

having a relationship.”

Kevin was a man who never compromised with others. But for his daughter, he gave up his persistence for the first time.

Of course, this time Kevin was able to put aside his

prejudice and get to know this man who wanted to take his daughter away again. However, it was not only because his daughter liked Lionel

More importantly, Kevin saw a part of himself in Lionel Through Lionel, he could see how Lionel loved Karen Joy as much as he did.

For a man to give up the position of being a nation’s

President for a woman, then to change his name and come to her side as a commoner, Kevin really couldn’t think of any other reason besides true love. Kevin agreed to allow Lionel and Karen Joy to be in a relationship, and he also set another goal for Lionel. He did not set this goal to ensure that his daughter would marry a

rich man with a high net worth, but instead, he wanted to

test Lionel’s business acumen.

If Lionel could double Helix Inc’s net worth in two years, it

would definitely be an incredible feat that very few could achieve. Kevin regarded himself as a person who could reach this goal. So far, he had not met another person who was on par

with him.

Kevin would never hand his daughter over that easily. If Lionel wanted to marry his daughter, then he would have to wait patiently and work hard.

Two years later, the results would be revealed!

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