My Husband Warm the Bed-992

“Miss Kyle, Young Master Kyle left a letter behind, and then he left.” Karen Joy rushed to the hospital early in the morning. When she arrived, the doctor passed a handwritten letter to her.

“What did you just say?” Karen Joy couldn’t believe it. She rushed into the ward right after hearing the doctor’s words,

and sure enough, the ward was empty “Brother..” She shouted loudly and walked around the ward anxiously, but she couldn’t find Jayden anywhere. Jayden,

who had been lying in the hospital bed for three weeks, was


How could a critically injured patient suddenly disappear?

“Blake, look at the surveillance cameras and see if something happened to him. No matter who took him away, I must save him.”

Perhaps the news of Jayden’s disappearance was too

shocking, so Karen Joy forgot that she was still holding the

letter that the doctor had given her. Then she instinctively

thought that Jayden had been kidnapped.

“Miss, Young Master Kyle was not taken away. He left voluntarily.” Blake pointed to the letter in Karen Joy’s hand, “That is the letter he left for you. Open it up and have a look.”

“He left voluntarily? Why?” In her anxious daze, Karen Joy slowly opened the letter the doctor passed to her. When she tore open the envelope, familiar handwriting came into her sight.

“Karen, by the time you read this letter, I would have gone.

As for where I am going, I don’t know either. The world is

humongous, and I can settle down anywhere. I think I should be able to find a place to settle down soon, and I hope you wouldn’t worry about me.” “I’m not going to tell you where I will go, but I want to tell you this. I hope you can be happy forever. Like the bright sun,

you will continue to radiate warmth to the people around


As she read the letter, Karen Joy’s tears were rolling down her face like a flood. She could barely continue to read the rest of the letter.

Brother Lionel was gone, and now, her brother left her behind. Both of them were escaping to avoid her. What had she done wrong?

What was her mistake? If she hurt them, they could just tell her so that she could change her ways. However, but the two of them didn’t tell her anything at all and just disappeared quietly

In the letter, Jayden hoped she would continue to radiate warmth to the people around her. But did he know that she wanted to spread some of her warmth to him too?

She wanted to let him know that he would be a part of their family forever, that he, Jayden Elias Kyle, was her, Karen Joy Kyle’s, brother. But he didn’t give her the chance and just disappeared

“Miss, you…” Looking at Karen Joy’s trembling hand as she was holding the letter, Blake tried to check if she was alright

“I’m fine.” Karen Joy bit her lip, then she raised her hand and wiped away her tears. She needed to continue reading the rest of the letter.

Jayden also wrote in the letter, “When I was eleven years old, it was your words that allowed them to keep me with the Kyle family, and from that day on, I was no longer an orphan. All these years, in order to fit in with this family, have been working hard.”

I know that after Mom and Dad took me in as their son, they

loved me like their own. They never treated me like an

outsider. But I also wanted to prove myself. I didn’t want to

embarrass them. I didn’t want to hear others say that the

adopted son of the Kyle family is not so good. And I am not

naturally smart, so I need to put in more effort.”

Jayden would always say that he was not smart enough, but how could a foolish person work as hard as he did?

How could a foolish person rank first at the examinations

every semester? How could a foolish person manage so many companies

under Rovio so well?

Jayden was obviously the smartest one around

“Karen, the Kyle family gave me too much, but I can’t give anything back to them. I will ask Simon to return the shares Dad gave to me… I have a lot of things to say to you, but I don’t know what to say to you right now. Karen, take care! If fate permits, we will meet again!”

He was gone!

They had all left Karen Joy behind and expected her to continue life without them, that she would still be a bright little Sun, illuminating others around her. Did they really think she was an angel sent by God to save humankind?

No, she was just an ordinary girl. She had a man she loved. She wanted to raise a family with him and live an ordinary happy life like everyone else.

They had no idea what was in her mind, and yet, they abandoned her just like that.

Karen Joy was ill.

Just like what happened more than a decade ago, when Brother Lionel disappeared, Karen Joy missed him so much that her high fever would not subside,

Karen Daly was so anxious as she looked at her sickly daughter, “Doctor, why won’t her fever subside?”

It had been a whole night, and Karen Joy’s body temperature was still high. If it went on like this, it might cause neural damage. Karen really wanted to bear the pain for her daughter as she felt incredibly helpless watching her suffer.

“Mrs. Kyle, Miss Kyle is going through severe emotional turmoil. This fever probably stemmed from her depression Medicine can only help her reduce the symptoms. However, for her to make a recovery, she has to first move out of her depression,” the doctor explained patiently.

“I know.” Karen was very clear about the situation. She knew

what needed to be done to make her daughter feel better,

but she needed Kevin to agree to it. Else, her poor child

could only suffer through the consequences of her father’s


“Mom, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Karen Joy’s head was burning with fever, but she still didn’t want her mother to worry about her.

“My baby Karen… You should get some rest, don’t speak, Karen immediately stretched out her hand and touched her

daughter’s forehead. It was still very hot, which made her heart twitch in pain.

“Mom, have you found Brother?” Karen Joy tried to open her

eyes wide, but she couldn’t open them no matter how hard she tried. She couldn’t even see her mother’s face clearly.

“Jayden left a message, asking us not to look for him. He wants to explore his own life now. He has also recovered from his injuries, thus, your Dad decided to respect his wishes.” At the mention of her son Jayden, Karen’s nose twitched and she almost shed tears.

Although Jayden was not her biological child, Karen raised him like her own for so many years. Now that he suddenly disappeared, how could she not feel hurt?

“As long as Brother is fine.” Karen Joy murmured gently and closed her eyes in a daze. After a while, she frowned again as if she had gone through a nightmare. “Brother Lionel.. Brother Lionel…”

She kept calling the name of the person in her heart, “Brother Lionel… Brother Lionel, you won’t abandon me, will you?”

“No, he has abandoned everything in Country A, and came to look for you. So, why would he abandon you?” Karen held her daughter’s hand to comfort her, but Karen Joy was so ill and weak that she could not hear her mother’s words.

Karen Joy, whose mind was in a daze due to the high fever, gradually fell asleep. She had a dream.. a wonderful dream.

In her dream, her Brother Lionel sat on her bedside. He was holding her hand tightly, looking at her tenderly.

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