My Husband Warm the Bed-993

“Brother Lionel!” Karen Joy shouted his name out loud, hoping that she would keep dreaming and not wake up.

“Karen!” When she heard that he was also calling her name,

she instantly became a little more energetic. Besides responding to her, he also looked at her and smiled

so genuinely. It was so real that she could feel his physical

presence as if he was close to her. “Brother Lionel, can you hug me?” Even if it was just a dream, she still wanted him to hug her so that she could feel his warmth in her dream.

Before she could finish her question, Brother Lionel leaned over. He did not hug her, but he lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “Karen, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for being late!”

“Brother Lionel, no, you’re not late. You’re not late at all. It’s still daytime, it’s still very early.” He would usually come into her dreams at night. However, he appeared in her dreams so early this time, how could he say that he was late?

“Silly girl, what are you talking about?” When he heard what she was saying, he didn’t know how to respond. He wondered if the fever really damaged her brain.

“Brother Lionel, stay with me for a while longer.” She held his hand tightly to prevent him from escaping. “This dream is too real, it’s as if you’re really with me, so let me dream a little longer.”

It turned out that this girl thought that she was in a dream. Lionel bent over and pulled her into his arms. He hugged her tightly and said, “Silly girl, you’re not dreaming. This is real. I’m here to see you.”

“It’s not a dream?” Karen Joy rubbed her eyes hard. He was still in front of her. “It’s impossible. If it’s not a dream, I won’t possibly be able to see you when I open my eyes.”

These days, she had dreamt of him many times. Every time, he would tell her that he was real. However, when she reached out to grab him, she couldn’t touch him.

She was disappointed and felt very sad after countless letdowns. Hence, she couldn’t believe that he would really appear beside her now.

Lionel rubbed her head gently and said, “You can see me

when you open your eyes, and that will prove to you that this is not a dream.”

It seemed that she was really losing her mind. He had been by her side for a day and a night now. Unexpectedly, that was her reaction when she woke up.

However, he could only blame himself for Karen Joy’s lack of emotional security. After all, he didn’t let her know that he would be faking his death again. He must have scared her. “Brother Lionel, are you saying that I’m not dreaming? Are

you really by my side?” She asked cautiously. After asking,

she was so nervous that she did not even dare to blink her

eyes. She just looked at him quietly, afraid of misreading

any signs.

“Karen, you’re not dreaming.” He put her hand on his face. Once again, he affirmed her, “I’m really by your side.”

Hearing his definite answer, Karen Joy finally relaxed. Tears came rolling down her face again.

“Brother Lionel, hang on for a moment, let me calm myself down.” She explained as she wiped her tears and cried like a baby. “I didn’t want to cry, but I don’t know why I can’t control my tears.”

During this period of time, she might have shed more tears than the past 18 years of her life.

“Karen.” Seeing her in tears, Lionel felt extremely distressed. He lowered his head and gently kissed her tears away, and then he hugged her. She buried herself in his arms and said, “I’m crying, but I’m

not sad. I’m happy. I’m happy that you finally came to find


He sighed and said, “You cry when you’re happy, but you also cry when you’re sad. I guess we have to prepare some pools at home next time, just in case our house gets flooded by your tears.”

“Brother Lionel, you are making fun of me.” Hmph, she didn’t even know that her Brother Lionel had such a humorous side.

“No, I was just reminding myself.” As he saw how she wiped her tears and smile, he rubbed her head and said, “Karen, have to introduce myself to you again.”

“Huh?” Karen Joy did not understand what he meant. What did he mean by introducing himself to her again? Was he a fake before this?

Lionel suddenly spoke very seriously, “My name is Lionel Collins. I just turned 30 this year and i’m a new businessman. Miss Kyle, if you like, would you be my girlfriend? “Lionel Collins?” As she heard this name, Karen Joy

understood what it meant immediately. Brother Lion relinquished his position of power in Country A and had come to be with her!

Nathaniel Collins!

He took his mother’s family name, and changed his name to

Lionel, which was what Karen Joy had always addressed him as.

He came to her side with a brand new identity and was pursuing her as a commoner. Her silence made Nathaniel nervous, “Karen…” Karen Joy smiled at him and said, “I thought I was already

your girlfriend for a long time before this. Now that you’re

asking me formally, I guess I must have thought too much


“In the past, you were Nathaniel Cooper’s girlfriend. Now,

this is Lionel Collins asking, would you want to be his girlfriend?” Lionel insisted on getting her answer. She used to be his girlfriend. Now that he had a new

identity, he wanted her to get to know him again. He wanted her to become Lionel Collins’ girlfriend.

Karen Joy said, “Of course I want to be your girlfriend. Not only do I want to be your girlfriend, but I also want to be your wife, the mother of your children and so much more!” “Okay, I’ll promise you all of that,” he replied with a wide


And slowly, Lionel broke the tension between them by filling her with kisses.

“Young Master, Miss Kyle is alright now,” Simon Banks opened the door to the bedroom, and reported to Jayden. He was standing in front of the window, looking into the distance.

Jayden did not answer him. He looked into the distance quietly. He was looking at a large manor situated a distance away. At the manor, there was a girl he was reluctant to leave behind, but he had to leave her.

Jayden stood there quietly, and so did Simon. Simon stood by him, standing guard silently.

After some time, Jayden slowly looked away and said, “Let’s go.”

That man had come, and he was there by her side. That man gave up everything he had and came to her side. Jayden

should be happy for her.

However, he could not bring himself to feel happy. As soon as that man arrived, Karen Joy’s fever subsided, which proved that the man held the top spot in her heart. Jayden had always wanted to conquer this spot in her heart, but after more than ten years of hard work, it was to no


As he thought of this sad reality, Jayden felt incredibly

uneasy, but he was no longer as jealous as before. He realized that he would give his blessings to her relationship. He would rather not see a weak and sickly Karen Joy. He preferred to see her youthful and energetic, just like the bright sun.

Now, he could finally leave at ease and go anywhere he wanted. To live a life he wanted, and do whatever he wanted to do.

Perhaps, if fate permitted it, they would meet again.

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