My Husband Warm the Bed-1000

It was mid-summer.

The sun was shining bright in the sky, but in an instant, the weather changed. Dark clouds filled the sky. With the rumbling sound of thunder, the heavy rain poured down.

In just half an hour, Madison City was close to flooding. The beautiful and historically rich town had turned into a floating

city, somewhat like Venice, Italy. Fortunately, the weather forecast was accurate. The government released the storm signal in advance, and stopped all activities in order to ensure the safety of the people and their property. Therefore, there were no vehicles

and pedestrians on the street.

However, there was a very slender, young girl running wildly

in the rain

Her knee-length dress was soaked by the rain, and the sheer fabric clung close to her body. She looked like a homeless


She had been running in the rain for a long time and she was getting very tired. However, she still gritted her teeth and ran ahead as if she was running for her life.

She couldn’t imagine what her life would be like if she was caught up by the group of evil people behind her.

She had just turned twenty, and there were a lot of things she wanted to accomplish. She also needed to fulfil the wishes of that man, who did not manage to fulfil it in his lifetime. She couldn’t give up.

As she thought about him, she regained her energy again. It seemed like she was running high on adrenaline, and she

ran straight ahead at a fast speed. She didn’t know how long she had run. When she was about

to collapse, a black car caught up with her in the blink of an


Suddenly, that car stopped in front of her. The car blocked her from running forward and its sudden stop on puddle had caused water to splash all over her body.

The girl wanted to stop as she saw how the car came to a halt suddenly, but she could not stop in time. Thus, she lost her balance and collided with the car. It hurt so badly that she went unconscious for a moment.

A man and a woman came out of the black car. The man held an umbrella to shield her from the rain, while the woman put a coat on the girl and said respectfully, “Miss Turner, we are here to bring you back.”

“Bring her back?”

They sounded like they meant well.

However, they were obviously here to capture her! Why were they putting on an act?

Silvia Turner covered her aching abdomen with one hand and pulled her coat tightly with the other hand. She glanced around discreetly, trying to find the right time to escape.

Even if she only had a slim chance of escape, she did not want to give up. This might be her only chance to change her life. She did not want to give up so easily.

However, the man saw through her mind and said, “Miss Turner, without our Master’s permission, you won’t be able to leave Madison City. Besides, the Master has spent a lot of money to purchase you from the black market. Even if you want to leave, shouldn’t you thank him first?”

Silvia gritted her teeth and tried her best to remain calm. She said, “A lot of money? I didn’t take a single penny from you. You should get your thanks from whoever took your

money.” “Miss Turner, I am just following orders. If you have anything to say, you can tell the master personally.” The man smiled coldly and opened the car door. “Miss Turner, please get in

the car.”

The man obviously didn’t want to reason with her any further, and his attitude was stern. Silvia could only get in the car obediently.

As the saying goes, a wise man knows when to retreat. She knew that she would find another chance to escape. She could not let those who betrayed her to get away with it.

“Master, we have brought Miss Turner back. She’s just arrived at the villa next door.”

The man, who was standing with his hands clasped behind his back, demonstrated a disdainful look as he heard the update. However, he quickly hid his emotions and regained his calm.

He looked down from the tall window and watched the girl getting off the car.

The girl was tall and thin. It seemed that a gust of wind could blow her away easily.

She was drenched in the rain. Her dress, hair, and shoes were soaking wet. She looked pathetic and in a mess,

After getting off the car, she held her hands in front of her chest, and she was shivering..

He looked at the girl attentively and commented, “I spent so much money on her, so I must make sure that I get my

money’s worth”

“Yes, ‘ll arrange for a doctor to check on Miss Turner right now,” Simon Banks looked at his Master’s back with distress

in his eyes

Other people wouldn’t understand the reason why his master spent so much money to save Silvia from the black

market. However, Simon had been with his master for so

many years, and he knew more things about him.

Even if there was only a little resemblance, it was enough for his master to protect Silvia with all his strength.

An unfamiliar villa, strangers around her, and an unfamiliar room.

Everything in front of her appeared foreign to Silvia.

Even if she stayed alone in the bathroom at this moment, she did not dare to take off her clothes and take a bath. Who knew if someone would suddenly barge into the room?

It was said that the man who spent a huge sum of money to buy her from the black market was a terrifying big shot in Madison City

There were countless rumors going around about this man. Some said that he was old and ugly, some said that he was lustful. Some even said that he killed people without batting an eye… In conclusion, while Silvia heard many rumors about him, none of them were good.

In Madison City, everyone referred to him as Mr. Kyle, The locals knew only that his last name was Kyle. No one knew where he came from, nor his true identity. No one knew his real name, and few people had seen his face before.

Such a mysterious man…

“D*mn it!” Silvia scratched her hair impatiently. She had just escaped from the wolf’s den but now she’s fallen into a

tiger’s den. Fate was really messing with her.

What should she do in the future?

“Ding-dong! Ding-dong!”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Silvia was so

startled that she jumped up.

“Miss Turner, are you done with your bath?” It was the housemaid. The maid was polite toward Silvia and had been “No, I have not. What’s the matter?” Silvia approached the

looking after her lately.

door of the bathroom carefully and got close to the door to

hear if there were anyone else.

“Miss Turner, please wrap up your bath. The doctor will do a body check-up on you later,” the maid said again. Her words made Silvia shiver.

“Body check-up?”

She heard that this mysterious Mr. Kyle liked young girls the most, and he would ask the doctor to check if they were virgins before he savored them, because he did not want to touch a woman who was deemed impure.

Silvia clenched her fists unknowingly and gritted her teeth in anger. Was her worst nightmare coming? It had been five days since she had been purchased from the black market, but the scary old Mr. Kyle had not shown

up yet. In this large villa, there was only Silvia and the maid.

For a moment, Silvia thought that the man had forgotten her existence, so she wanted to find an opportunity to escape. She had never expected that this terrible day would come.

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