My Husband Warm the Bed-1001


The knock on the door interrupted Silvia’s thoughts again.

She rubbed her aching head and thought for a while. She would have to face this nightmare sooner or later anyway, so it was better to face it as soon as possible.

She replied, “Please wait a moment, I’ll get ready right


After a quick rinse, Silvia changed into a set of home attire that the maid prepared for her.

The clothes were light pink, and there were cartoon prints on the clothes. It looked very cute.. no, actually, it looked very childish

Silvia frowned in disgust. She thought that the man may be a pedophile.

Such a person should be caught or even shot dead, but in reality, he became a very powerful person in Madison City.

Silvia touched her head and thought about it carefully. It was only three years since she first heard the rumor of this perverted old man

In just three years, one could only dream of becoming wealthy so quickly. How on earth did that perverted old guy become so rich and powerful in such a short time?

The citizens of Madison City didn’t know anything about it, and Silvia surely didn’t know anything too.

“Miss Turner, you look so pretty!” Even if Silvia was dressed in simple attire, the maid was still amazed by her beauty when she saw her.

Silvia was such a young, beautiful, and energetic girl, and

the maid couldn’t get enough of her beauty. It was not surprising that their lonely master would take her home. “Thank you!” Although she was being held hostage, Silvia

still replied politely. However, she really hoped that she didn’t look so pretty, so

those perverts would not target her.

If those perverts did not covet her, she would not have been sold in the black market in the first place. Presently, she would not be in this villa too.

Therefore, compared to the perverted old man, she hated the group of evil human traffickers who sold her even more!

One day, she would escape and teach that group of scum a lesson mercilessly. She was not going to just sit idly by and be taken advantage of.

The maid pointed to the middle-aged woman beside her, who looked about fifty years old. She said, “Miss Turner, this is Dr. Thames. You were drenched in the rain today. Let’s do a simple check-up to be sure that you’re fine.”

Silvia was stunned.

They were worried that she would catch a cold…

Were they really just worried that she would catch a cold? Dr. Thames took two steps forward and said, “Miss Turner, let me take your body temperature.”

Silvia nodded in confusion. “Oh… Okay!” In a daze, Silvia followed the doctor’s instructions and got her body checked. She only felt safe when the check-up was done and she could lay in the soft quilt to rest. It was true that she had thought too much just now. This was just a normal body check.

However, the old man had asked someone to recapture her, but he did not even meet her. What was his purpose?

Could it be that the old man wanted her to take the initiative

to look for him, so that he could rape her? Silvia thought a lot, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt that the old man was an evil person.

She couldn’t figure out the old man’s intentions. Since she couldn’t escape either, she tried to stop thinking about it and tried to get a good rest.

She had always been an optimistic person. She could stop worrying about things that she knew she had no control over.


As soon as he heard a cough, Simon opened the door and entered the room immediately. He looked at the man who was busy working at his desk and said, “Young Master, I’m sure you know your health well. Don’t work too hard during rainy days.”

“I’ll be fine,” The man didn’t even raise his head

responded coldly


He had been shot before, and he almost died. Although he survived, he suffered from sequelae. Whenever it rained, his old wound would hurt a lot. It hurt so much that it felt like he was going to die.

“Young Master, you…” Simon was angry, but he didn’t know what else to say, “I’ll ask Dr. Thames to come over and have a look.”

“No need for that.” The man interrupted Simon and asked, “How is she?”

Simon frowned and said, “Dr. Thames said that Miss Turner looks thin, but she is healthy. She did not catch a cold. As long as she rests and eats well, she would regain her strength and be fine.. Young Master, you should take care

of yourself instead.”

“Yes!” He nodded, but he was still busy reading the documents. Simon was not even sure if he heard him out.

Seeing how ignorant he was towards his own health, Simon became anxious and said, “Young Master, even without the help from the Kyle family, you still managed to create your own path and become successful. You have proven your ability. Why are you still working so hard?”

The man chuckled and responded after a pause, “What else can I do besides work?”

Simon didn’t know what to say.

Yes, in the past three years, apart from working hard, he had

never done anything else.

The young master’s involvement in Silvia’s affairs was the only important thing that he had done in the past three years outside of his work

Was that young lady who resembled their Miss Kyle going to be the young master’s savior? Or, would she turn out to be a demon who would push him deep into the abyss?

Simon was worried and he even wanted to set the woman free behind the master’s back. But in the end, he did not do it. It was rare to find someone who could attract the young master’s attention. This could be a good thing.

It was very likely that Silvia could help the Young Master walk out of his depression, and begin a new life together.

“Ahem-” He coughed loudly again.

Simon was very anxious now. “Young Master, I’ll ask Dr.

Thames to come over right now.” The Master didn’t care about his health, so Simon was

worried. Simon couldn’t just watch him destroy himself. “Simon, who is the Master here? You, or me?” It was a simple sentence, and it was enough for Simon to just take a step back.

During dinner time.

Despite looking at the delicious dishes on the table, Silvia had no appetite at all. The dishes were tasty, but she wasn’t used to the food,

especially the strawberry puree. She used to like

strawberries very much, but now, she wanted to puke when

she saw the mashed strawberries.

As she saw how Silvia put her cutleries back down, the maid asked worriedly, “Miss Turner, why aren’t you eating? Is there a problem with my cooking?” Silvia put down the spoon and shook her finger in front of the maid. She spoke nicely and playfully, “Auntie Cherry, I am

already thin enough. Can we have something more

nutritious? I like eating meat and seafood, I eat all different

types of food, and I can eat a lot.”

She just didn’t want to eat any strawberry-related food anymore. No matter how delicious the food was, eating the same thing for a few days in a row would make people feel sick and disgusted.

Was it possible that the old man wanted to test her willpower to live and survive so he could achieve his secret

purpose? He was really an old pervert. She would never allow for his wishes to come true.

Auntie Cherry looked embarrassed and said, “Miss Turner, Mr. Banks ordered me to cook these. Don’t you like strawberries?”

“Auntie Cherry, I prefer other food.” Silvia got up and smiled widely. “I’ll help myself out in the kitchen. Don’t worry about


“Miss Turner, you must eat these dishes!” A cold voice came from behind her, stopping Silvia in her tracks.

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