My Husband Warm the Bed-1002

Silvia turned around and saw a middle-aged man in a suit with a stern face.

She remembered him well. He left quite a deep impression in Silvia’s mind.

A few days ago, this man, who claimed that he was working on behalf of Mr. Kyle, was the one who spent a large sum of

money in buying her off the black market.

He glared at her angrily, as if she had committed a big sin if she didn’t eat the food prepared by Auntie Cherry

Silvia looked at him confidently and fearlessly. She blinked her big, round eyes, attempting to look formidable.

Throughout all these years, in order to protect her mother and herself. Silvia often fought with a lot of evil people. Although she had not learned other skills, she had learned to fight for survival. She wasn’t afraid of anyone.

The two of them were staring at each other. Auntie Cherry,

who was standing at the side, wanted to walk over and mediate the situation. However, she was worried. “Butler Banks..”

Simon waved his hand and said, “It’s none of your business.

You can go now.”

“Okay, i’ll leave.” After receiving the order, Auntie Cherry

turned around and ran away, as if she was running for her


As soon as Auntie Cherry left, Silvia smiled and walked to the kitchen again. Simon stopped her. “Miss Turner, I hope you would learn your place here.”

“I know. Of course, I know.” Silvia looked back and said with a smile, “I am just a pet that your master bought with a huge sum of money. So what? He is willing to spend a huge sum of money buying me. Can’t he allow me to eat something that I want?”

What a smart girl!

Simon frowned unhappily and raised his voice a little, “You must like strawberries, and you must like all the strawberry flavored food.”

Silvia was stunned again. Why were all the people here so

weird? Why must they force her to like strawberries? In the past, she didn’t hate strawberry-flavored food, but after eating strawberry-flavored food for a few days in a row, she was beginning to feel disgusted from even

smelling it.

Silvia calmly told him the truth. “I just don’t like it. Even if your perverted old Master wants to try to persuade me, it won’t change my mind.”

It was indeed perverted to forcefully change others’ habits!

Silvia really wanted to see what kind of person the mysterious perverted old man was. What kind of life did he go through that made him so weird and abnormal?

Simon was angry and he shouted, “You!”

Silvia quickly hid behind and pretended to be pitiful. “Now I’m locked up here by you. I can’t go anywhere. Why don’t you allow me to eat what I like? Think about it. You bought me with a huge sum of money. If I’m hungry and sick, your master will lose out.”

“Miss Turner, if you are willing to cooperate, will consider letting you leave in a few days,” Simon changed his gameplay

“You can consider letting me leave? Why would you do that?” Silvia was skeptical.

Simon said again, “Miss Turner, if our Master had not purchased you a few days ago, you should know that you would have been taken elsewhere by those evil people. In fact, our Master is your savior. It’s alright if you can’t repay his good deed, but I would appreciate it if you refrain from speaking ill about him ever again.”

Silvia kept quiet.

Yes, she knew clearly that if it weren’t for Mr. Kyle’s actions that day, she would have been in a worse situation, because those traffickers would never set her free from the black market.

In the end, Mr. Kyle did save her. Although his reputation was frightening, he did not hurt her.

It was better to follow through with what Mr. Banks wanted to do first. Maybe, she could negotiate a deal with him. If Mr. Banks was happy, she could leave here in a few days.

Silvia asked, “What do you want me to cooperate with you for?”

Simon said seriously, “It’s very simple. Eat the food that was prepared for you. Also, wear the clothes that were prepared for you. Do whatever you were ordered to do.”

Silvia asked, “Why?”

Simon answered calmly, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask. Do as I say, and I can give you the freedom you want.” Silvia still didn’t believe his words. “Really? Are you lying to me?”

Simon frowned and looked very unhappy. “Why should I lie to a person who has no freedom?”

Silvia gritted her teeth and glared at him. He was crossing her line. She knew that she had no freedom, but did he need to emphasize it?

Simon asked again, “Miss Turner, now, do you know what

you should do?” Silvia sat back at the dining table. She picked up the spoon, took a mouthful of the dish and stuffed it into her mouth,

forcing herself to swallow the food in large mouthfuls. She told herself that in order to be free, she had to endure this and this would pass.

After eating for a while, Simon still stood by her side and did not leave. Silvia cursed him rudely countless times in her heart, but she still carried on eating the food on the dining


It was useless for a person who had no freedom to talk about dignity. Freedom was her only pursuit. Suddenly, Simon spoke again, “Miss Turner, help me with

something else later.” Silvia’s mouth was full, and she asked Simon anyway

“What’s the matter?”

Simon said slowly. “Doctor Thames is preparing some medications now. Please bring it to the Master later. You must find a way to make him take them.”

In the past three years, Silvia was the only person who caught the Master’s attention. Simon wanted to try his luck at getting Silvia to persuade the Master to take his medications. He wanted to see if the Master would take a break from work for a while.

“Puff… Silvia was so scared that she spat out the food she had just eaten. “Mr. Banks, please! Don’t scare me when 1 eat, okay?”

Before she was ready, she was asked to meet that perverted old man so soon. Obviously, she was afraid. Simon explained again, “This is also one of the conditions.” Silvia put her spoon down and rolled her eyes angrily.

D*mn it! Simon made it clear that he wanted to send her to the lion’s den so that the perverted old man could abuse


She had been cheated so many times over the years. How could she be so naive? She even believed that Mr. Banks would really let her go.

It seemed that she was still too young!

“Miss Turner, do you want to spend the rest of your life here or do you want freedom? I will give you half an hour to think

about it, After speaking, Simon strode out of the room


Silvia was silent

The thought of seeing the perverted old man and the possibility of being raped by him made her stomach turn. She rushed to the toilet immediately and vomited all the food she had just eaten.

After vomiting, she stood in front of the sink and washed her face to wake herself up.

“It looks like I won’t be able to escape tonight.” She had to think of a way to let the old man feel sick when he saw her.

After thinking about it carefully, Silvia snuck into the kitchen. She ate two cloves of garlic, and then wiped some garlic paste on her body

She would like to see if the perverted old man would still be interested in her when he saw her in this state.

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