My Husband Warm the Bed-1004

After the heavy rain, the sky appeared clear, and the air was particularly fresh. The stars in the night sky looked brighter than usual.

Silvia was sitting on a rocking chair on the balcony. She looked up at the stars in the sky in a daze, thinking about ways to escape.

There were no TV, computers, or any other communication devices in this villa, which completely cut off her contact with the outside world.

It had been five days since she came here. For five days, she did not know what was going on outside, so she started to panic.

She did not know how the company that her father had

worked so hard to set up was going, nor did she know how her mother was, who was lying on the hospital bed. She was afraid that after she escaped, the ungrateful people of the Turner family would take over the company

that her father left for her, and she was even more afraid

that her mother’s illness could not be treated in time,


Silvia wiped away the tears that were welling up in her eyes and suddenly sat up.

She reminded herself that she was Silvia Turner, the daughter of Wateria Corporation’s founder, Kurtson Turner. Her father died in an accident, and her mother fell critically ill. Now, she was the only pillar of her family.

No matter what dirty tricks her relatives from the Turner family used, she couldn’t sit idly. She needed to think of

another way to save Wateria Corporation and take good care of her mother on her father’s behalf.

She knew that if she wanted to save the company, she must escape from here first. However, it was not easy to get out of here.

Earlier that morning, Silvia had hidden herself in the trunk of

the car and escaped. But after a while, someone found her and she was brought back,

It was obvious that she could not use the same method to escape again. She could only think of other ways. In the past few days, she carefully observed the terrain of the villa. This villa was a three-story villa, and there’s a small

yard in front of the house.

She realized that this villa was closely connected with the villa next door, and she could climb to the roof of the next



Did she actually think of an idea? She could find a way to climb onto the villa next door. If she

could get there, she could think of ways to escape later.

Silvia clapped her hands excitedly. Why didn’t she think of this earlier? If she had thought of it earlier, she might have escaped

She had always been a person of action. She was determined to execute her plan.

Silvia went back to her room and rummaged through the wardrobe. She found a set of black clothes. She changed her clothes quickly and was ready to run away.

Her room was on the third floor, and the stairwell to the top floor was just outside her room. Silvia went to the top of the

building smoothly without alarming anyone.

There were some flowers and plants on the roof. Silvia didn’t have the mood to look at them and appreciate them. She climbed over to the roof of the next villa swiftly and quietly.

It was strange that the door located on the roof of the next villa was unlocked, and she snuck into the

house successfully

She broke into someone else’s house in the middle of the night and didn’t know who lived there. Silvia was still a little flustered. She leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths.

Now, she only hoped that the people in this house would not realize her presence.


She didn’t dare to turn on the light, so it was very dark in the corridor. She had just taken a few steps and then tripped over something. She sprained her ankle and fell to the ground.


She fell quite badly, and she was writhing in pain silently, She didn’t want anyone to notice her.

She tried hard to stabilize herself and tried to get back up.

When she was about to get up, a pair of slippers appeared in front of her.

When she looked closer, she found a man’s feet.

Oh no, she had been discovered!

Silvia wailed and reached out to cover her eyes, pretending that no one could see her.

After a while, she didn’t hear anything. Silvia thought that

she had seen something wrongly, so she opened her eyes

slowly and peeked at the two feet in front of her. She still lay on the ground and looked up. Then, she saw a pair of long legs.

The man’s legs were very long. Gradually, she looked up. However, since the place was dark, so she couldn’t see the

person clearly

“I.” Silvia thought quick and came up with an idea.”

traveled through time accidentally and fell onto the roof of your house. Do you believe that?”

The man did not answer.

Silvia endured the pain in her feet and climbed up by supporting herself with the help of the wall. With the faint moonlight, she finally saw his face clearly.

It was a good-looking face. It was not the kind of face that will mesmerize a woman immediately, but he was definitely attractive. However, the person looked gloomy, as if he was

going to beat someone up.

“Sorry to disturb you! I’m very sorry.” She smiled at him and said to him in a friendly tone, “How do I head downstairs?”

The man still did not respond to her, but he still kindly pointed the way.

“Oh, thank you, you are really kind!” Silvia let out the sweetest smile in her life. “I’Ll head down now.” “Ouch!” As soon as she took a step, her ankle hurt so much

that she gasped.

Damn it! She sprained her ankle. How could she escape now?

Why did unlucky things keep happening to her? However, in order to escape, she had to endure the pain no

matter how painful it was. She supported herself against the wall and went downstairs step by step. Every step she took, she felt like her ankle was being stabbed.

“Miss Time Traveler, do you need me to send you out?” Behind her, the man’s deep and powerful voice sounded.

“Is that possible?” Silvia was so happy that she forgot about everything, and even forgot about being cautious. “Well, if you don’t mind…”

How dare she!

Jayden looked at her quietly. Under the moonlight her eyes shone bright and clear. She looked stunning.

“Everyone, look for her separately. Try not to make any sound. Don’t wake the Master up.”

A familiar voice came from the next door. It was Simon talking

What the f*ck!

It was the middle of the night, why weren’t they sleeping?

It seemed that she couldn’t escape now, so she had to find a way to stay here. She would find a way to leave after she escaped from the limelight.

If she wanted to stay, of course, she had to get the approval from the owner of this house.

Silvia rubbed her eyes and her eyes turned red. Tears rolled down her eyes forcibly and she said, “Mister, I haven’t eaten for a few days now. Can I have something to eat before I leave? Don’t worry, I will pay for it.”

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Silvia touched her pocket hurriedly. She wanted to find some money, but she couldn’t even find a single coin.

“Mister, I was caught in the time-travel too suddenly and

forgot to take some money with me. But I can write down an IOU. I will definitely return the money to you in the future!” The situation was so awkward, but Silvia did not feel embarrassed at all. She acted so shamelessly.

After saying that, in order to make herself look even sadder, she sniffled and forced more tears out of her eyes. If it were possible, she wanted to borrow some money from him.

Jayden looked at her calmly. What a good show!

She was even better than what was written in the file. He wanted to see how she would continue her acting.

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