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Three months later.

Spring arrived, and the flowers bloomed. At the headquarters of Rovio in Chatterton Town.

This was already the 88th day of Karen Joy’s internship at


Although she was the precious daughter of Rovio’s boss, Karen Joy did not take up a high position when she joined the company. Instead, she started from the bottom, as all interns did

However, as she was around him a lot since she was a child, Kevin Kyle had a big influence over her. Besides, she had been learning a lot from Kevin in the past three months. Compared to the others, she made a lot of progress in her business acumen and managerial skills.

After the internship period, she passed the official entry

assessment with her hard work. Her results surpassed a

large number of interns. She successfully got into the

secretarial team of the CEO’s office at Rovio to begin the

second course of her internship.

In the past, she never worried about the future of Rovio because Jayden was there. This meant that she always had someone to help her share the workload and burdens of the company

However, it was different now. Her brother had left, and Little Precious was only eight years old. She had to help take some load off so that her father would not be exhausted.

“Karen Joy, the two o’clock meeting is about to begin, but I

have not prepared the documents that Special Assistant Black asked me to prepare, can you help me with that?” One of the experienced employees on Kevin’s secretarial team asked. She was usually very meticulous, but recently, she had made several careless mistakes. This was the third time!

In the last two times, seeing that Secretary Adams was so

anxious that she was about to cry, Karen Joy immediately

helped her and they prepared the documents together.

Fortunately, they were on time and the meeting went on

smoothly. When the secretary asked Karen Joy for help for the third time, she smiled apologetically and said, “Secretary Adams, i’ll help you prepare the documents together, but after the meeting, I hope you will consider resigning.”

Secretary Adams was shocked, “Why, why?” Karen Joy said calmly, “Within a month, you couldn’t

complete the tasks given by the superiors three times. I don’t think Director Kyle needs someone like you here.” Secretary Adams was stunned and immediately explained,

“Karen Joy, you know this, it’s not that I don’t work hard, I am

just forgetful sometimes.”

Karen Joy continued to speak while helping Secretary Adams prepare the documents, “Secretary Adams, you can explain it to Special Assistant Black, it’s pointless if you explain to me.”

Secretary Adams hurriedly said, “Karen Joy, I know I was

careless, but please trust me, I will not make the same

mistake again.”

Karen Joy looked back at her and said, “Secretary Adams, this is what you told me the first and second time. I believed you. But you can’t fool a person again for the third time, no

matter in your personal life or at work.”

Karen Joy’s firm attitude made Secretary Adams anxious, She reached out to hold Karen Joy’s hand and pleaded bitterly, “Karen Joy, I have a family at home, please help me this time. I promise..”

Karen Joy decisively interrupted Secretary Adams and said seriously, “Secretary Adams, there are many employees in Rovio that have families to look after. Do you know that a tiny mistake from an employee might result in Rovio losing a contract, which could then cause many employees in Rovio to lose their jobs? Since we have chosen this career, we should try our best to do our jobs, and we can’t always create excuses for ourselves.”

Secretary Adams was speechless.

She lowered her head slightly and couldn’t defend herself anymore. She was defeated by what Karen Joy said.

“Director Kevin, are you satisfied with our daughter’s performance these days?” Karen Daly knew that her question was a little unnecessary. She knew she could get her answer by just reading his expressions anyway

She clearly knew that Kevin was very satisfied with Karen Joy’s performance. Karen asked him anyway because she wanted to hear Kevin praise their daughter.

“Yes.” Kevin nodded slightly and didn’t intend to say any other words of praise.

“Just a Yes’?” Karen took a deep breath, and she took another deep breath. After a few more seconds, she felt calmer and could continue the conversation.

“She is my daughter. She is decisive and rational when she is working. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? What else can I

say?” Kevin closed the blinds in the office so that no one could look into his office.

“You’ve chosen your words wisely.” Finally, after hearing Kevin’s praises for Karen Joy, Karen raised her eyebrows and chuckled, “You’ve never been good at talking. You have to know that sometimes, saying nice words will make people around you happy, and they would like you more.”

“I don’t need it.” All he needed was for Karen to like him. As for other people, Kevin really didn’t care about what they think.

“You’re always like this.” Karen was powerless when it came to his personality. She shook her head helplessly. “Sometimes, I wonder if you hadn’t met me, would you have had other pursuers? Perhaps if your personality was a little warmer, you would.”

“No, I wouldn’t!” This time, Kevin answered quickly and surely

He was not an object put on display for sale, and that others could pick him based on his appearance.

He was at the helm of Rovio, and it was up to him to decide who he would choose.

Karen was the only woman he wanted in his life.

Looking at his affectionate eyes, Karen suddenly felt a little embarrassed. “Alright, go to your meeting. I’ll wait for you in the office. Let me know what you want to eat at night, so I can go home and cook it.”

“You” Kevin replied with a simple yet groundbreaking word. “Kevin, you..” The older this man was, the more playful he was. What did he mean by wanting her for dinner? Other people would definitely misunderstand his words.

Just as she was feeling embarrassed, Kevin said seriously,

“Wait for a few more days, l’l bring you away for a short


“You don’t have to spare time to accompany me, no matter where we are, as long as I have you by my side, I will be very happy.” Karen helped him adjust his shirt and tie. “Go do your work. Don’t delay your work because of me.”

For Karen, as long as Kevin was there with her, it was enough for her. On the contrary, even if she went to a place as beautiful as Heaven, without Kevin’s presence, she would not think that the place was beautiful.

Kevin replied, “Shouldn’t it be that way? That I should get distracted because of you?”

“You’re a sweet talker.” To be honest, Karen had discreetly come here to peek at her daughter at work. However, Kevin captured her and brought her to his office to spend time

with him instead

Since Kevin brought Karen to his office, she couldn’t say she was not here to see him. If she said so, this petty man would probably ignore her for the whole night.


“Mm?” Why did he suddenly call her name with such a gentle voice?

Kevin spoke seriously. “I’ve told you that I like you, so you

don’t have to worry that i’ll change my mind.”

Karen was stunned. Why did he suddenly say this? When did she ever need to worry that he would change his mind?

Kevin said again, “Whether you are with me or not, I will take good care of your feelings. Don’t worry about that.”

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