My Husband Warm the Bed-996

“Like an ordinary couple on a date!” Lionel repeated what Karen Joy just said thoughtfully. After thinking for a while, he said, “Karen, sit tight, you’re going to have a wonderful date today.”

Karen Joy buckled her seat belt up and asked, “Brother Lionel, where are we going?”

Just as Lionel started the car, he looked at her and asked, “Well, where do you usually like to go on for a date?”

“Let me think about it.” Karen Joy thought carefully for a while, “It seems that there are a lot of activities ordinary couples do on a date. Well, the most common one would be watching a movie together.”

Cinema tickets were inexpensive, and it involved two people intimately engaging in an activity together. Therefore, catching a movie was an ideal dating activity As long as Karen Joy was happy, Lionel would do anything

for her. As he heard her words, he immediately nodded and

said, “Okay, let’s catch a movie today.”

To be honest with Karen Joy and Lionel’s wealthy backgrounds, their home cinemas were definitely as good as public cinemas. Hence, since they were children, they were seldom at the cinema.

“Brother Lionel, is there any movie you’d want to watch?” On

the way to the cinemas, Karen Joy browsed the website on

her phone to search for details on recent blockbusters.

Presently, they were on a romantic date. Of course, if they were on a date, they would need to watch a romantic movie. They could bond over the romance, and perhaps even learn

from it! Killing two birds with one stone.

“I’ll do what you want to do. We can watch whatever you want to watch.” Lionel was only interested in being able to look at her for the entire day. Choosing a movie would be the least of his concerns.

“There’s nothing I’d really want to watch…” While saying this,

Karen Joy scrolled through the website and came across a movie titled ‘Love Was Once Close To Me. At first sight, people would think that this was definitely an

adaptation from a young adult novel. This definitely appealed to young women like Karen Joy.

“Brother Lionel, let’s watch this movie called Love Was Once Close To Me.” While asking for Lionel’s opinion, Karen Joy

booked two tickets on the website immediately.

“Okay.” Nathaniel nodded at Karen Joy’s suggestion. She did not give him a chance to say anything else.

They arrived at the cinema and claimed their couple seat tickets from the counter. When Karen Joy saw some other couples getting popcorn, she asked Lionel to buy some popcorn and drinks too.

Holding a large bucket of popcorn, Karen Joy spoke happily while eating, “Brother Lionel, the popcorn you bought is so delicious. It’s the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten in my life!” She was really Brother Lionel’s biggest fan. No matter what he did, no matter what he bought for her, she would think of

a way to praise him.

“You silly girl,” Lionel poked Karen Joy’s head affectionately and chuckled, “What did do in this life to deserve your love?”

“Well, since you ask, I’d better think that through.” While

eating the popcorn and answering his question, she put on a serious look. Lionel shook his head and chuckled in


After thinking about it seriously, Karen Joy concluded, “Brother Lionel, I think it is very likely that you have done too many good deeds in your past life that made me love you so much in this life.”

“Then I will strive to do more good things in this life and hope that I could meet you in my next life, and you would fall in love with me again.” Lionel replied with a wide smile.

In the past, he had been in a power struggle and he had his hands dirtied with evil deeds. He was always putting on a facade when he interacted with people. Now that he had removed the burden from his shoulders and lived a more relaxed life, he could finally experience how normal life could be.

This group of people around him might not have power or influence, nor did they have endless money to spend, but they were surrounded with people they love dearly, in addition to having their families with them.

Life was short. Some people struggled for power their entire life and ended up with a life filled with hatred.

Meanwhile, there were also people who lived a peaceful and uneventful life. It would look like they had achieved nothing, but they would have their loved ones around them constantly. And when they leave the Earth, they would leave with a smile on their faces.

Life was really short, so it was better to just make the best out of it by living it with true joy and happiness.

Karen Joy smiled at him and said, “Then I have to do more good deeds so that I can meet you in my next life too, and you would be my Brother Lionel again.”

Lionel nodded and said, “Okay.” In their next life, they would definitely meet and fall in love

with each other again. The couple sat in the waiting area and chatted lovingly as if they were the only people around. They didn’t notice that their appearances had caused quite a stir amongst the bystanders.

A handsome guy with a lovely girl would definitely attract attention. This was especially true for Lionel and Karen Joy. who not only looked attractive but were also very dignified. As soon as they appeared, everyone’s eyes were on them.

When Lionel noticed that there were many people who were looking at both of them, it was already time to enter the

cinema hall.

As he realized that many women were looking at him, he devised a plan and quickly held Karen Joy in his arms tightly,

hinting that she was his girlfriend. Karen Joy was very clever and instantly understood Brother Lionel’s intention. “Hey hey… I’m sorry, everyone. This man is

my boyfriend, so stop staring at him already.”

To be able to publicly claim that this man was her boyfriend felt too good to be true, so Karen Joy wanted to repeat it a couple more times

However, the crowd gradually looked away and walked away as they knew that there was no point in staring at a handsome man who was already taken. Karen Joy lost more opportunities to ow off” now.

She probably scared away the group of women who were staring at Lionel while drooling, so she said proudly, “Brother Lionel, Let’s head into the hall. It’s time.”

Lionel nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go in.”

After flashing their tickets and entering the cinema hall, Karen Joy was as happy as a young child. She looked at everything around her curiously. “Brother Lionel, shall we come here often from now on?”

“Do you like this?” he asked.

“Of course, I love it when you’re with me.” She answered


Speaking of which, Kevin played a huge role that allowed Karen Joy to be so happy in their date.

As Kevin was dissatisfied with Lionel, so Karen Joy rarely brought him home. They could only date outside.

Moreover, the two of them were busy with their work. Lionel would always go on business trips, and Karen Joy would be busy learning the ropes in Rovio. Thus, they didn’t have

much time to date.

Karen Joy thought that she had to work hard to help her father share some load in the future. Lionel also promised Kevin that he would double the company’s performance within these two years.

In order to marry Karen Joy, he had to work as hard as he possibly can.

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