My Husband Warm the Bed-997

Helix Inc was once one of the top companies in Country A. In the past two years, Helix Inc expanded really rapidly and had gotten so powerful that they were leading the industry.

At that time, Nathaniel Cooper was able to obtain the position of being the President of Country A because of the help from the funds from Helix Inc. He could fight his battle

without financial concerns. Now, he had given his position up as the President of Country A and changed his name to Lionel Collins. He only needed to manage Helix Inc so that he could spend more

time with his beloved woman, like an ordinary man.

Gradually, he turned his head slightly and saw the side of Karen Joy Kyle’s face. The light from the big screen shone on her face, and she looked radiant and stunning

“Karen..” He called her name out gently, like her name was the most important word in his life.

He thought to himself, in this life, as long as she was with him, there was nothing he couldn’t do. Later on, he really did prove his capabilities. He doubled

Helix Inc’s net worth in just two years.

Karen Joy felt a little uncomfortable under his strong gaze. She tugged at him and said, “Brother Lionel, the movie is about to start. Why are you still staring at me?”

“Alright, let’s focus on the movie,” Lionel responded to her, but he couldn’t stop himself from staring at her from time to time.

Perhaps, she would never know that he looked at her smile the entire time in their first cinema experience together. He

didn’t pay any attention to what was showing on the big


“Love was simple,” he thought to himself. She was his world, and he would do anything for her.

“The ninth act, now!”

As the director shouted, the woman in front of the camera raised her hand and slapped the man in front of the camera. I must have been blind to have fallen in love with you in the past, but from now on, even if you die, it has nothing to do with me.” The man touched his face as it turned red and hot from the

slap. He appeared mad for some time before he continued,

“Look at yourself, you look like a b*tch. No, that would be an

insult to b*tches. If any man falls for a woman like you, that

man must be really blind!”

“That’s the kind of woman I like!”

Their acting was really good. The two actors, despite reciting such long lines, only needed to do one take to complete the scene. Their performance and expressions were great in every aspect. The director was very satisfied with it

However, an unexpected man walked out from behind the director suddenly. He stood in front of the camera and began acting in the scene randomly. Well, if an intruder broke in the director would have ordered someone to escort the intruder out. The director did intend to do so, but when he saw who barged in, he lost the

courage to cut him off.

Neil Brown was a powerful figure in Chatterton Town. If anyone offended him he would retaliate mercilessly.

Hence, the director didn’t dare to stop him, so the actors had to continue to act. The actor continued his lines, “Who are you?”

The intruder pulled the actress into his arms and said, “I am her husband, the father of her child. Who do you think I am?” Although he knew that the actor was putting up a show, Neil

was still very unhappy with his question.

Were there still people out there who didn’t know that he was Mia Kyle’s husband?

“Neil, I’m filming, what are you doing here?” Mia was a responsible and good actress, but with Neil causing a

scene, she couldn’t continue her scenes, “Mia, let me tell you this, you are as beautiful as a blooming flower in my heart. If anyone dares to say anything bad

about you, that would be an insult to my taste.” Neil looked up and glanced at the filming crew, looking extremely bitter.

“Do you all think I have bad taste?” Everyone shook their heads in unison. No one would have the courage to say that there was something wrong with Captain Brown’s taste. They did not want to get in trouble.

“Neil, I’m filming!” Mia shouted at him. She thought that this man was going crazy, and he must have gone mad. She was working now, so why was he here to cause trouble?

“Mia, how can you take insults like this in this film?” Mia was taken aback by his response. Before she could speak, Neil continued, “I can support you, and you don’t even need this job. Quit this film, come home me.”

“Neil, I..” She knew that her scenes were not real. They were merely following the script, and it was not like they were really insulting her. She did not understand why she had to stop!

Before Mia could figure out what was happening, she had already been picked up by Neil. He carried her like he was casually carrying a bag of goods and swaggered away.

Mia was so anxious that she patted him on the back and said, “Neil, put me down. I’m going to film this. I can’t go with you now.”

Neil stopped walking and said, “We are not filming this anymore. As for the breach of contract, please look for Director Kevin from Rovio. He’ll get someone to settle that with you.”

Neil was agreeable for Mia to shoot action movies, science fiction movies, and many more different genres, but she actually took on an intimate romance film without telling him!

Although this film was not explicitly intimate, Mia had to act as the spouse to a guy who looked better than him. What if she really fell for him?

It didn’t matter to him if Mia went off with another man, he was more concerned about his son, Levi Brown. If he lost his mother at such a young age, he would have such a sad childhood.

As a loving father, and to ensure that Levi didn’t have to grow up with an abusive stepmother, Neil decided to bring Mia back.

“Director, wait a minute, I’m not breaching the contract. This man is crazy, I’ll be back in a minute.” Mia valued this role very much and tried hard to stand her ground.

She had been filming for more than ten years now. In the past few years, she had tried different roles before, but she had never tried a role like this.

She wanted to use this opportunity to showcase how

talented she was. Once she had gotten the recognition she

deserved, she wanted to try different roles after. However, she didn’t expect that this crazy Neil would appear and ruin things for her. Needless to say, she was furious at him. Neil put her down. “Mia, you still want to continue with this?”

“Neil, please respect my job.” In the past, if he fooled around,

she would fool around with him too. But today, Neil could

see that Mia was really anxious.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “So you really want to be in this movie?”

Mia nodded and said, “Yes, I do. This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for for so many years. I don’t want to lose it. I also want to prove that I deserve my awards because of my

own abilities, not because of favoritism.”

Neil continued, “You can be in it, but…” Mia said, “No more buts, no matter what you want, I will

agree with you. Even if you want to be the male lead, I will not object to that.”

Neil laughed and said, “Alright, that’s a deal.”

Mia was surprised and asked, “Neil, what did you say? Say it again?”

Did this man really want to be the male lead in this movie? Neil rubbed her head and laughed, “Mia, whether in your movies or in real life, you’ll only have me as your male lead.” Mia was speechless.

These words sounded overbearing, but it actually made her feel assured.

He was her male lead, she was also his female lead. They were meant to be.

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