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It was only April, but the temperature in Chatterton Town was increasing rapidly. Pretty women could be seen everywhere on the streets wearing shorts and summer tops, portraying a wonderful scenery to the already beautiful Chatterton Town.

The press release to introduce the new collection of the internationally famous brand, OF Clothing, was held in the scenic Chatterton Town this year. In recent years, Chatterton Town had been the center of

global fashion trends. Many famous designers that were

internationally renowned were from Chatterton Town.

Hence, it was an obvious choice to hold the press release


As soon as the news that KF Corporation decided to have the press release in Chatterton Town was released, many businessmen in Chatterton Town tried to reach out to KF Corporation and tried their best to fight for the opportunity to sponsor the company.

Over the years, KF Corporation had become a representation of quality assurance. Brands that could work with KF reputation were guaranteed to have a good reputation too, in addition to being wealthier. Of course, everyone wanted to kill two birds with one stone and get multiple benefits.

Therefore, the preparation for the launch of the new collection was very smooth. it was held in a good and strategic location, and it was also sponsored by several famous companies.

The date of the press release was today. Early in the

morning, Karen Daly arrived at the scene and began to prepare. Of course, there was another person in charge, Faye Reed.

Karen didn’t worry too much about the press release, as her main job was to execute the ideas in her mind onto her designs. She was the designer-in-chief.

Faye had experience in marketing and advertising, that was why she was in charge of the press release.

In particular, Faye was outgoing and knew how to communicate with the public and other companies. She made a great contribution in the promotion of KF


Since many years ago, Karen was always in charge of all design work, and Faye was in charge of publicity. The two of them worked very well together.

Later on, Karen’s design work became more and more famous internationally, therefore, she had the idea of starting a business with Faye.

Other than her family, Faye had always cared about Karen… If she had to compare, Faye might have regarded Karen as

someone more important than Sebastian Spencer,

Sebastian argued with Faye over this matter multiple times before.

Later on, he knew that he couldn’t change Faye’s mind, so he could only accept it.

Karen asked Faye to start a business with her. At that time, Faye agreed immediately without much hesitation. She knew that they had enough funds and experience. Hence, she wasn’t afraid of taking this risk with Karen.

Therefore, the two of them founded KF Corporation. The company was named after their initials, K for Karen and F

for Faye. They worked hard at building their own brand and appeared to be doing really well now.

“Karen, the press release is about to begin. You’re going to be the main star today, so why are you still hiding in the lounge?”

No matter how many years had passed, Faye was still the

same, impulsive person. She rushed into the room and

spoke loudly to Karen, disregarding what Karen was doing.

“Wait for me for a while.” Karen raised her hand and looked at her watch. There was still ten minutes before the press conference. She was pressed for time, but she had to wait.

“Are you waiting for Mr. Kyle?” Apart from Kevin Kyle, Faye couldn’t think of another person who Karen would put aside

her work for.

Although it seemed that Director Kevin pampered his wife a lot, Faye knew that Karen treated Kevin as important as her

own life too. “Everyone is here, but he isn’t here yet. Kevin has always been on time, he has never been late before.” Karen looked down from the window, hoping to see Kevin among the

crowd. However, as she scanned through the crowd, she

couldn’t see him

Seeing that Karen was anxious, Faye quickly patted on Karen’s shoulder and comforted her, “Have you called him yet? Why not call him and ask?”

After Faye reminded her, Karen finally remembered that she had a phone with her.

“Sigh, I forgot that I could call him.” Somehow, Karen was always clumsy when the matter involved Kevin

Karen immediately picked up her phone and dialed Kevin’s number. Soon, the person on the other side of the phone

answered, and Kevin’s cold tone was heard, “What’s the matter?”

Karen’s enthusiasm instantly went away after hearing his

voice. She paused and asked, “Do you have time?” Kevin appeared cold and ignorant still, “I’m discussing a

project. I might get home late today.”

“Oh, then carry on with your work.” Hearing that he was in a meeting, Karen felt chills running down her spine. He never missed any of KF Corporation’s press releases before, so he seemed to have forgotten about it this time.

She was waiting for him all this while, yet, he had completely forgotten about her!

“Karen, what’s wrong?” Faye immediately reached out her hand and touched her forehead after noticing that she looked like she was in distress, “Did you guys argue?”

“Argue?” Karen thought hard for a while. Was it because she visited Karen Joy at Rovio a few days ago and made him


It didn’t seem like it.

If Kevin was mad at her, he would definitely make things obvious and let her know that she made him angry.

Kevin was always such a cold and arrogant man. “Karen, did you forget to tell him about today?” Faye thought for a moment and asked. “Do I have to tell him?” Throughout these few years, KF

always held press releases every year for their new

collections but Karen never told Kevin about it, yet, Kevin

was present for each of the press releases. No matter how busy he was, he would make time to support her. It had been more than a decade since they founded KF

Clothing, and Kevin never missed a launch before. Hence, Karen assumed that Kevin would definitely attend

this year’s press release too. The previous night, she was still asking for some of his opinions. He also gave her some suggestions. However, she recalled that she didn’t even invite him to attend the event.

“Karen, are you listening to yourself? He is your man, not a worm in your stomach. If you don’t tell him, how would he know that you want him to join us today?”

Faye was definitely Karen’s best friend for many decades. Every word she threw at Karen gave her an epiphany,

“I see.” Karen looked at Faye gratefully. Then, she picked up her phone and dialed Kevin’s number again. As he picked up the call, she immediately spoke up. “Kevin, we’re having our launch today, once you are done with your work, can you come here?”

“What do you think?” Kevin’s low and seductive voice sounded again, but this time it was not through the receiver, it came from behind Karen.

He once told her that when she needed him, she only had to turn back, and then she would definitely be able to see him. All these years, he had never once broken his promise.

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