My Husband Warm the Bed-999

“Here you are!”

A bright smile appeared on Karen’s face inadvertently, as if she was not surprised that Kevin, who told her that he was in a meeting, would appear behind her.

“How can I not come?” Kevin flashed a sweet smile at her. He deliberately did not show up this time. He was very

satisfied to see that Karen thought of him. If Karen proceeded to attend the event without thinking of him, Kevin decided that he would punish her when they got


Well, one wouldn’t need to think too hard to figure out how Kevin would want to punish Karen then.

“Of course you can’t!” Karen walked forward to hold him and said gently, “How do I look today? Is my outfit alright?” “It’s beautiful!” Kevin was always a straightforward person.

Hence, Karen could trust his compliments.

“Alright, alright, Mr. Kyle is already here. Can we get the

show going now?” If Faye didn’t interrupt them, the conversation between the two of them would go on for a very long time.

If that happened, the audience and media crew would be angry, and their hard work would be in vain.

Over the years, Karen had established a signature style in her designs, which gained a lot of liking and helped boost her fame internationally.

As she got more popular over the years, Karen still

maintained her modesty and was very low-profile. She rarely showed up in front of the media, and she did not forget those who supported her in her early days in the industry. She always stood by a principle, which was to never forget where she came from. Through her early clients who admired her work, they gave her more opportunities to showcase her work and gain recognition. As such, there

was a wider outreach and now, it manifested into the

renowned OF Clothing brand.

Looking at the flashing lights on the stage, Karen was not

nervous at all. But as Karen saw her supporters, she felt all sorts of emotions.

Karen’s eyes swept across the room, and when she finally saw her family, her heart was instantly filled with excitement

Besides Kevin, Papa Kyle, Mama Kyle, Karen Joy, and Little Precious were also present in the crowd. Lionel, Neil, Mia, and their son were also present. Kevin’s parents were elderly now, so they wouldn’t appear in

public outings usually. However, to show support for their

daughter-in-law, they showed up at this event.

Karen Joy and her brother Julien would usually hate events like this. In the past, if they were requested to attend such events, they would beg to stay at home and play board games.

Now, both of them came and attended the launch together,

and they also brought along Karen Daly’s future son-in-law, Lionel

Karen’s eyes fell on Lionel and she kept looking at him. Although she was looking at him, he didn’t seem to notice it at all. Karen saw that Lionel’s focus was fully on her

daughter, who was sitting beside him.

When a man’s eyes were focused on a woman this attentively, Karen believed that it must be the power of love.

When it came to Lionel, Karen felt safe to hand her daughter over to him. Then, she didn’t need to worry about her

daughter anymore.

Neil and Mia did not talk to each other. They seemed like they were mad at each other, but it was not hard to see the trust and love they have for each other from their eyes.

This loving couple had been this way for so many years. It would be weird if they stopped fighting,

Karen’s loved ones showed her their utmost love and support. They cared deeply about her career and they were

her biggest fans. Looking at them, she could feel the support emanating from them,

“Brother?” Karen looked at a figure standing at the exit. He just stood there quietly and looked at her with a smile.

This man, who had disappeared for almost three years, finally appeared. As soon as the press release was over, Karen caught up with him. “Where have you been these past

few years? Don’t you know that I am worried about you?”

“I’m back, aren’t 1?” George Ken changed the subject as he smiled, “I’m hungry, let’s go and have a big feast.”

“Answer me, where have you been these years?” Karen would not give up until she got her answer. She pulled George closer and looked at him. “Are you really going to spend the rest of your life alone? Aren’t you going to find me a sister-in-law?”

Although Karen knew that it was alright to stay unmarried and that George had his own plans, she still wanted to nag him.

Karen would not care if a person wanted to stay single for life, but George was her brother. He was her closest kin. If she didn’t nag him, who else would?

George smiled helplessly and said, “Of course I want to find a wife, but after so many years of traveling, I haven’t met anyone suitable yet.”

“You’re doing very well, how can it be possible that nobody likes you?” Karen suddenly thought of something. “Brother, are you hiding something from me?”

George’s mind went blank for a moment. Then, he stammered, “What could I hide from you?”

Karen looked at him and asked, “Really?”

George shook his head, “If I told you that I like me


you find it strange?” “Don’t mess around with me… Karen suddenly realized that

this was not a joke and it could be a very possible explanation, “Brother, are you serious?”

“No!” George chuckled and continued, “Go on with your job. I’m going to meet our baby Karen’s boyfriend and assess


After being fooled around by George, Karen was speechless. Looking at George’s retreating back, Karen thought of her eldest son, Jayden Elias Kyle.

Even George, who had not shown up for three years, had come back to support her company event. So, where was Jayden?

Did Jayden really decide to break off all contact with the Kyle family and never return?

“What are you thinking about?” It was Kevin’s voice that pulled Karen back from her thoughts. She shook her head and said, “I was thinking about Jayden. I wonder if he’s

doing well.”

Kevin replied calmly. “Jayden is a grown-up, and you’ve seen what he is capable of. No matter where he goes, he can build something for himself.”

Men were always much more rational than women. When Jayden left, Kevin did not worry too much about him. Kevin was sure that this son of his would be fine.

“I know, but…

Kevin grabbed Karen’s hand reassuringly and said, “If you want to know how he is doing, I’ll get someone to check on him some other day.”

Karen shook her head, replying, “Forget it, let’s respect his decision. I know he will come back eventually.”

Kevin gripped her hand and they walked side by side, “That’s right. Let’s go home.”

Karen nodded, “Okay, let’s go home!”

In the early morning, the sun shone through the window into the room.

Karen stretched her body lazily and opened her eyes in a daze.

The moment she opened her eyes, she instinctively looked at the window, searching for Kevin’s figure. By the window, a man dressed in a white shirt and black trousers was reading the newspaper quietly. The sunlight fell upon him, making him look like a majestic work of art.

Just like years ago, in the early days when they lived together, whenever Karen opened her eyes in the morning, she would see Kevin sitting by the window, reading the newspaper quietly.

He sat there elegantly as the morning sun shone on him. To Karen, it was the most peaceful and beautiful view.

So many years had passed now. The world had changed, and so did the people and things around Karen. But Kevin didn’t change much. He was still the same person, and Karen could still see him as soon as she opened her eyes every day

Kevin did this to let Karen know that he would be with her for eternity!

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