My Husband Warm the Bed-1005

Why didn’t he respond?

After putting on a show for a long time, Silvia couldn’t get

any response from the man, so she felt disheartened. But now, there was a crowd of people chasing her down. This man could be her only savior. No matter what, she had to hold onto him tightly.

She bit her lip and showed a more pitiful expression, almost kneeling down to the man in front of her. “Sir, it’s okay if you don’t want to give me any food, but can you let me hide here for a night?”

Jayden was caught by surprise and questioned her, “Hiding for a night?”

Silvia thought she may have said something wrong, “No, I mean, stay for the night. It’s so dark outside. I just traveled through time and I’m not familiar with the area. I’m afraid that I’ll be eaten by wolves if I step out.”

Describing the people hunting her down as ‘wolves’ was not an exaggeration at all. To be honest, the group of people chasing her was even more terrible than the evil wolves.

Jayden raised his eyebrows, “Hmm, but we are not in the


Silvia said pitifully, “There might not be wolves, but there are many bad guys. It’s very likely for a single lady like myself to

meet bad guys in the middle of the night.”

Not knowing whether she was really anxious or pretending Tears welled up in her eyes. For some reason, Jayden’s heart softened.

In Jayden’s heart, he never wanted to see Karen Joy cry. He

didn’t want that at all. Since Karen Joy was a child, he always protected her, cared for her, and would never let her suffer any grievances. Simon was right. Silvia bore a slight resemblance to Karen Joy. Silvia was not Karen Joy, but he was still reluctant to let

Silvia go. Just a little resemblance to Karen Joy was good

enough for Jayden to feel content.

Without much contemplation, Jayden strode toward Silvia. Before she knew it, he grabbed her by the waist and picked

her up “You.. What are you doing?” Silvia breathed in Jayden’s strong, foreign, masculine musk. She pushed him away, but he still held her firmly, so she was unable to break free.

“You sprained your ankle,” he spoke calmly.

“I can walk on my own.” Silvia had broken into a strange man’s house and was being held in his arms. How could this be? Despite the man being so good-looking, he should not bully her!

“Are you frightened?” He asked. So, she was finally afraid!

He thought that she didn’t know how dangerous it was to break into a stranger’s house in the middle of the night.

“Of course I’m frightened. Put me down first.” The man did not look like a person to be trifled with. If she wasn’t desperate, she wouldn’t have wanted to provoke him.

However, he ignored her and carried her to the living room on the first floor. He put her on the sofa and sat down, then

he turned around and left.

What on earth was this person trying to do?

Silvia peeked around. When she was about to stand up and run away, the man came back again. He glared at her and

said, “Sit still.”

He asked her not to move, but she didn’t want to listen to him. She deliberately wanted to defy him and move anyway. While she had those thoughts in her mind, she did not dare


She was frightened by his gloomy face.

He walked to her side, squatted down in front of her and ordered, “Give me your feet.”

Silvia looked at him warily. Instead of stretching her feet, she sat very still. “Well, what… what on earth do you want to do?”

He stopped talking and reached out to hold her injured right foot.

Silvia was so anxious that she struggled hard, “Let me go.” He looked up and warned her, “If you move again, I will hand

you over to those people.”

“You…” Silvia was so scared that her eyes widened. How did this man know that someone was chasing after her? She didn’t say anything.

“How smart you are,” She gave up struggling and Jayden was satisfied. He rubbed her ankle carefully to analyse her ankle dislocation

His hands were very warm, and as he gently rubbed her ankle, Silvia fet as if she was the most precious treasure in his world.

How could she come up with such an inexplicable thought

about the man? Silvia coughed lightly to hide the embarrassment in her

heart. “I’m not smart, I just…”

Before she could finish her words, she suddenly felt a great

pain on her ankle. It was so painful that she screamed, “You,


She must have been blinded just now. This man was obviously trying to hurt her, but she had such an inexplicable thought about their relationship. Her brain must have been damaged after being locked up for a few days.

Jayden ignored her anger and said, “Try walking.”

Was he helping her?

Silvia was very wary, but she still took some steps rather cautiously. Sure enough, she didn’t feel any pain. “Why did you help me?”

“Who said I’m helping you?” When he saw her confused look, he added, “You just said that you’re going to pay me.”

When it came to money matters, Silvia was very defensive. “I mean, I’ll pay you after eating your food. I didn’t ask you to help heal my foot.”

“Oh, since that’s the case…” Jayden smiled and pushed her back to the sofa. “Then, should I help you sprain it again?”

“You…” Silvia said incredulously. How could there be anyone in the world who was even more despicable than this man? As expected, one should not judge a book by its cover, especially a handsome man who was good at telling lies.

As he saw how irritable Silvia had become, Jayden asked,

“What do you want to eat?”

Silvia hadn’t eaten a good meal for a few days now. When she heard his words, she instantly forgot that this man was bullying her earlier. She gave her opinions without hesitation, “I want to eat some meat and soup.”

She was not stupid. She knew it was important not to go hungry.

There was a rare look of admiration in Jayden’s eyes. He turned around and walked to the kitchen.

Looking at his retreating figure, Silvia couldn’t figure out why this person wanted to help her.

He could even afford to live in such a villa, so he certainly didn’t need her money. Did he have other intentions for her?

However, judging by her current state, she was in a mess. What benefit could he get from her? Soon, the man came out of the kitchen with two plates in his

hand. “We don’t have much at home. Just eat some.”

“Oh, okay..” She hadn’t eaten well for a few days. When she saw the plate of ribs, Silvia’s eyes shone brightly, like a hungry wolf who chanced a helpless sheep.

She didn’t care whether her hands were clean or not. She reached out for a piece of rib and took a big bite. After that, she even licked her fingers.

Jayden frowned and couldn’t bear to look at her anymore, After finishing the two dishes, Silvia burped and said with satisfaction, “Mister, may I ask for your last name?”

Jayden didn’t want to answer her.

“Well, you see, you have helped me so much today. Of course, I have to know who you are so that I can return the money to you in the future.” Although she never thought about returning his money, she still had to fake it. Otherwise, he would think that she was really a freeloading bastard.

“Haha.” Jayden sneered. He strode upstairs and said, “Take the plates to the kitchen and wash them. The first room on the second floor is the guest room.”

Silvia was speechless.

She was a little confused.

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