My Husband Warm the Bed-1006

Lying on the large, soft bed, Silvia was not sleepy at all.

After all, this was a completely strange place. And there was a man living next door who she didn’t know whether he was a friend or a foe. How could she rest assured and fall asleep?

Silvia widened her eyes and looked around. The decoration of this room was completely different from the modern simple decorative style of the villa.

This was a room designed to look girly, and it seemed like a teenage girl’s room… But this was not the style that Silvia liked.

Silvia was the only child. She was supposed to inherit the family business. Her father was worried that she was too weak and would be bullied, so her parents raised her like a son.

Back in elementary school, when she fought with boys,

Silvia never lost a match. Later, she also hung around boys a

lot and even had some younger male students become her

underlings. Now that they had grown up, her friends still

addressed her as “Big Brother”.

Silvia’s father was worried that after her parent’s death, no one could take care of her. Over the past ten years, they had planned a lot for her. They couldn’t wait to keep all the good things in the world for her.

However, her father had never expected that his most trusted relatives would plot against his wife and daughter after his accident, and even wanted to annex his company.

Thinking of her father’s death, Silvia gritted her teeth. She

had always suspected that the car accident was not an accident. It was likely to be murder, but she could not prove it.

It was hard to see through a person’s true intentions. It was always difficult to guess what others are thinking, especially the relatives of the Turner family.

When Silvia’s father’s business slowly became successful, the Turner family members came to look for him out of the blue. Her father even arranged work for them.

During festive seasons, her father would treat them well and buy them gifts.

But what did they do in return?

Silvia’s father met with an accident, and her mother was lying in the hospital. Now, Silvia had been sold to a perverted old man by them… The group of scum from the Turner family were really vile lunatics.

While she was tossing and turning in bed, Silvia was most worried about her mother, who was lying in the hospital ward.

After her father’s accident, Silvia was her mother’s only support. Since she had not visited her mother for a few days, her mother must be worried.

She was wondering how her mother was doing.

That’s right, there was a landline in this room. Silvia could call her mother to let her know that she was fine and not to worry about her.

Silvia got up, picked up the phone and dialed her mother’s number. Almost immediately, the call was connected.

Before the person on the other side of the phone spoke, Silvia said in a hurry, “Mom, it’s Silvia. I haven’t been by your side these days. Are you alright?”

“Alright? How can she be alright without you by her side?” A

familiar voice came from the phone. It was one of those evil people who wanted to annex her father’s company, her uncle Norman Turner.

“Norman Turner! It’s you!” Silvia clenched the phone and gnashed her teeth in anger. “Norman, if you dare to touch my mother, I will ruin your reputation.”

Norman said, “Oh Silvia, you have gone through so much. How can you talk to your older relatives so rudely? Let me remind you this, you are just a girl. You have to change your bad temper. Otherwise, you will suffer more.”

Silvia didn’t want to pay attention to this disgusting beast and his words at all. “Norman, don’t f*cking talk nonsense with me. Pass the phone to my mother.”

Norman did not concede. “Silvia, your father died in a car

accident, and your mother is lying in the hospital, and she is mentally unstable. I am your elder. Who would care about you if I don’t?”

“Norman, I warn you again, pass the phone to my mother, or I will definitely teach you a lesson!” Silvia couldn’t wait to detonate an atomic bomb at him to blow him up.

Norman smiled and said calmly. “I’d like to see what lesson are you referring to.”

Silvia responded coldly, “I don’t think so, but what about Mr. Kyle, who spent a huge sum of money on me? Norman, since you are so capable, why don’t you come face to face with him?”

Norman’s reputation was quite well-known in Madison City, but compared to Mr. Kyle, the most powerful man in Madison City, there was a huge disparity in their influence. Silvia knew that Norman had some scruples about Mr. Kyle,

and she also knew that not everyone could meet Mr. Kyle, so she was brave enough to use Mr. Kyle’s name to frighten Norman.

Sure enough, Norman was silent at the other end of the phone. Silvia continued, “Norman, pass the phone to my mother. I want to say something to her.”

“Silvia, if you want to hear your mother’s voice, then come

back and see her. She misses you very much. These days,

when you’re not here, I’m the one who sent people to take care of her.” Norman was not an easy man to be fooled, so Silvia’s simple words could not threaten him.

“Do you think I don’t want to come back? Thanks to you, scumbag, I can’t go back now.” D*mn, Silvia really wanted to scream at Norman, but she couldn’t.

Norman was a scumbag, and he was ten times worse than

she had imagined. If he found out that she did not even meet Mr. Kyle at all, he would definitely do something to her mother. Silvia clenched her fists and tried to calm herself down.

“Since you said so, you should take good care of my mother.

In a few days, I will ask Mr. Kyle to go back with me to see


Norman tried to probe something out of her, “Silvia, I really want to know what kind of method did you use to have caught Mr. Kyle’s attention. He was never a man to meddle with other’s business, however, he chose to buy you off the black market.”

Silvia chuckled and said, “What method can I use? He likes women, I am a woman. It’s just that simple.”

At this moment, Silvia was quite grateful to Mr. Kyle. If it weren’t for him, she would have been in a worse situation now. Perhaps she would never see her mother again in her


Unintentionally, this Old Mr. Kyle became her source of protection.

Silvia shook her head and a bitter smile appeared on her lips. “I’m in such a bad situation! When can it get better?” She thought

“I just wanted to love you, but yet you did not want me… I thought you were pure and innocent. After all, you are just a little btch waiting for others to fck you.” After that, Norman

hung up the phone. “Norman, just wait!” She did not scold him too rudely, but yet he insulted her so vehemently.

Silvia was so disgusted that she retched. She had heard of similar cases before, but she didn’t expect that she would also hear these words said to her face.

She had never expected that Norman not only wanted to annex her father’s company, but he also wanted to r*pe her. If Silvia’s best friend hadn’t woken her up that night, Norman would have succeeded at his vile plans.

To Silvia, Norman was even worse than a beast. He was so vile and disgusting!

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