My Husband Warm the Bed-1008

In case she was mistaken, Silvia rubbed her eyes hard to see the name written on the contract clearly

After rereading a few more times, and ensuring that the name written on the contract was indeed Jayden Elias Kyle’, Silvia raised her head and looked at the man in front of her seriously

She had been locked up for a few days. She did not get to

see Mr. Kyle, the most influential man in Madison City. Instead, she met his son, Jayden. At first glance, Jayden looked like someone not to be

messed with. His eyes appeared so calm, yet intimidating, that it seemed like he had power over everything and

everyone around him.

For example, at this moment, his gaze towards her appeared so intimidating that it seemed like he was ready to pounce on her at a wrong move she might make,

Then, Jayden said, “Miss Turner, take a good look at the contract. If you do not have any questions, sign your name here, and then our contract will take effect.”

“Contract?” Silvia just remembered that she needed to focus on the content of the contract, not the name. She read it carefully and could not stop frowning. “What do you mean by this?”

Jayden explained, “It’s self explanatory.”

Silvia clenched her fists. “Why are you willing to help me?”

She did not believe in luck and goodwill. She only believed that there would be traps and obstacles everywhere in life, and nothing would ever come free.

Jayden asked, “Do you need a reason?” “Why not?” Silvia stared at him and tried to observe his

expression, “Mr. Jayden Kyle, I’m not a fool. You wouldn’t be helping me just because of my good looks, would you?”

Jayden leaned against the chair and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Don’t speak like a know-it-all. You should know that anything is possible.”

Jayden was not willing to give Silvia a clear answer. Silvia

knew that no matter how hard she probed, she would not be able to get an answer.

From their perspective, they bought her away from the black market with a huge sum of money, so she belonged to Jayden.

Jayden wanted her to stay with him, so he could lock her up as he did in the past few days. There was no need to sign a contract with her at all.

As a matter of fact, signing the contract wouldn’t change


After thinking it through, Silvia no longer hesitated. She picked up the pen and quickly signed her name on the contract. She smiled at him sweetly, “Mr. Kyle, cheers to a

good partnership.”

Silvia’s hand was left hanging in the air. Jayden glanced at her, but he did not reach out to shake his hand with hers. “To a good partnership.” “Mr. Kyle, aren’t you going to shake your hand with me?” He

pretended not to see her hand, so Silvia raised her hand a

little higher

Jayden still did not shake her hand. “I do not like touching germ-infested things.”

“Is that it?” Feeling belittled, Silvia cursed him in her heart,

but she still maintained a decent smile on her face. “Your reasoning is really interesting. I’ll take it as a compliment that I’m special.”

She clearly knew that she would lose out if she confronted him, and she knew that this man could help her. At present, it seemed like he was the only savior.

More importantly, when she signed on the contract, this man would be her Master. She couldn’t afford to offend him.

She could not even say for sure if the man who carried her the previous night was this same man. The man from the previous night had held her as if he were not willing to let her go, but Jayden presently looked aloof and disdainful, like he was disgusted by her and would never touch her at all.

Jayden stared at her. Silvia was obviously angry, but she smiled happily, as if she didn’t care about what he said at all. Jayden truly admired this impressive characteristic of hers. Silvia was very sensible. She knew when to hold on and when to retreat. Indeed, she was a rare gem of a woman,

hard to find!

After signing the contract, she had her freedom, and she also had luxury cars to bring her everywhere she wanted to go. There were also two bodyguards following her. Silvia felt that her luck had finally changed.

As soon as she went out, Silvia took out her new mobile

phone that Jayden gave and made a phone call. Soon, the

person on the other side picked up. The man said in a lazy

voice, “It’s so early in the morning. I’ll skin you alive.” This person was still so angry and his words sounded so rude. Silvia cleared her throat and said, “You can try to.”

Hearing Silvia’s voice, the person on the other end of the

phone immediately changed his attitude. “Boss, it’s you. I sought you out for a few days. I’ve missed you so much.”

Silvia didn’t say a word.

The person on the other end continued, “Boss, where have you been these days? I can’t find you everywhere. I was so worried that I got a little angry. Please forgive me.”

Silvia said seriously, “Don’t think you can talk yourself out of it. Tell me, what is the situation in my company now?”

“Boss, even if you didn’t ask, I have to tell you this.” The man on the other end of the phone cursed out loud, “There isn’t anyone who’s good in your family.”

Silvia interrupted him. “Reagan, be careful with your words. Though you are named Reagan, you’re not royalty.”

Reagan laughed again and said, “Sorry for being blunt, I’m poor with words. What I meant to say was that the Turners who wanted to occupy your family business are not good people.”

Silvia reminded him, “Get to the point.”

Reagan continued, “They are going to hold a press conference today. I heard that Norman will officially take over your family’s business.”

“B*stard, he’s really doing it.” Silvia clenched her fists and said, “Call Lemur. I have some powerful news to give him. Ask him to head to Wateria Corporation immediately and watch out for the headlines.”

Reagan said excitedly, “Boss, wait for me. ‘ll get Lemur and we’ll help you out.”

Silvia rejected his help immediately. “The group of people in the Turner family are ruthless. Don’t get involved in it. I don’t want your parents to worry about you.”

Reagan patted his chest and said firmly, “You are our boss. Your business is our business. Don’t think so much for us. We will always be with you.”

“Prince… thank you!” Although Silvia was not someone who was easily touched, when she was in a hopeless situation, these good brothers rushed to support her immediately instead of abandoning her. She was grateful for them.

Compared to her relatives in the Turner family, Reagan,

Lemur, and the group of buddies Silvia had were more like

her true family. After her father’s accident, they had been by

her side and never left her alone. “Young Master, are you really letting Miss Turner go just like that?” Simon thought that he knew his Master very well, but

recently, he realized that he had been mistaken. He really couldn’t understand Jayden at all.

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