My Husband Warm the Bed-1009

In front of the large French windows, Jayden looked at the car that was driving farther away quietly. It was not until Silvia’s car was out of his sight that he said, “Get the driver.” “Young Master, are you going out?” Simon was the one in

charge of arranging Jayden’s schedule. He was very clear that Jayden did not have any appointments today. Jayden, who had never gone out apart from work matters, was planning to go out?!

Simon didn’t quite believe his own ears. For a moment, he thought that he was hallucinating. He asked Jayden with such a surprised tone.

Jayden glanced at him and asked, “Do I need your approval to go out?”

Simon smiled awkwardly and said, “No, no… I didn’t mean that. Young Master, if you want to go out, I’ll arrange it right away.”

After Simon left, Jayden looked in the direction where Silvia’s car drove off. He looked at her with a little more tenderness in his eyes.

He was reminded of that special girl whom he could not get. When he thought of her, his heart softened a little inexplicably

However, in a short period of time, his eyes became gloomy,

as if he came from hell, which gave people goosebumps.

Because the girl he thought of was about to get married with her beloved man.

The wedding of the eldest daughter of Rovio Corporation Inc was absolutely a sensational event. Even without paying

special attention to it, the news reached him.

In the past three years, he didn’t pay much attention to anything regarding the Kyle family and Rovio Corporation Inc. However, Rovio was a big corporation and the Kyles were an influential family nonetheless. Everyone knew about them and would discuss their affairs. It was impossible to not hear anything about them.

The Kyle family!

Rovio Corporation Inc!

Three years ago, Jayden made up his mind to leave the Kyles in secret, and to cut off all ties with them. He wanted to start his own business based on his own capabilities. He wanted to let Karen Joy know that he was not a parasite

to the Kyle family. He could create a success of his own even if he left the Kyle family.

It only took him three years to become a big business tycoon and a financial magnate. Jayden had fame, wealth, and status. However, he was not as satisfied and happy as he expected

His heart was empty as if there was a void within him. Every time he thought of anything related to the Kyle family, his heart would ache a little.

Three years, more than a thousand days and nights later, Jayden thought that he had forgotten about Karen Joy. However, she was like a deep wound in his heart. From time to time, he would feel a sharp pain in his heart, reminding im that there was a girl whom he missed dearly.

The previous day, there had been heavy rain. Despite the rain, the weather felt even hotter than before. The city was approaching 40 degrees today in this

scorching heat.

Fortunately, the air conditioner in the car was cooling enough. Silvia was stuck in her car due to the heavy traffic, and she was worried she would be roasted alive in this scorching heat.

“What happened ahead?” Silvia looked at her watch anxiously. She was stuck in the traffic jam for more than half an hour, and the car barely moved.

“Miss Turner, there’s an accident involving five cars, and it’s a few miles ahead of us. At present, traffic police are clearing the road, but we don’t know when it would be totally cleared.”

“No idea when it will be cleared?” Silvia was so anxious that she scratched her head and looked around. They were really stuck and couldn’t move at all.

Judging by the current situation, if they continued to wait, the press conference hosted by the devilish Norman would have been over when they arrived at the company. Then, there wouldn’t be much that she could do.

Silvia opened the car door and got off the car. She took out

her mobile phone and dialed a number. “Reagan, I am stuck

in traffic. I will send you the location, please pick me up on

your motorcycle.”

“Boss, wait for me. I’ll be there right away. As long as Lemur and I are here, we’ll get you to the office before the press conference!” Reagan replied promptly. “Okay, I’ll wait for you to arrive!” Silvia was grateful. Their

friendship had not been in vain throughout these years. At this critical moment, they were working very hard for her. “Miss Turner, please get in the car and wait. It’s dangerous to wait outside the car.” Silvia had just gotten off the car, and

the bodyguards who followed her were asking her to get in the car again.

On the surface, the men following Silvia around were tasked to protect her and keep her safe. But in fact, Silvia knew that their primary job was to monitor her actions on Jayden’s behalf.

Jayden spent a huge sum of money to purchase Silvia from the black market, and she had signed an extremely unfair contract with him.

She could only endure being under surveillance. Silvia looked at the deteriorating traffic and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t run away. I have heard of how powerful Mr. Kyle is in Madison City. I’m not a fool. How can I escape?”

“Miss Turner, you have a history of trying to escape” The bodyguards spoke with her bluntly.

“I said, you… your Master sent you to follow me and to protect my safety, but he didn’t ask you to treat me as a prisoner. If you dare to talk back to me and order me around, I will speak ill of you in front of your Master every day. In the end, you both would be the ones to suffer!” Of course, Silvia was just making this up. How could Jayden listen to Silvia whom he was so apprehensive about?

Silvia also realized that she did not think too much when she tried to run away yesterday. After she pieced the puzzles together, she knew she needed to be smarter.

Anyway, the powerful Jayden was willing to help her. Silvia decided to take the opportunity to take advantage of his power and complete her initial plans.

On one hand, she could use his power to protect her personal safety. On the other hand, Jayden could help her defeat the people in her family. No matter what, Silvia would

not suffer losses from signing this contract.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and decided to shut up in front of the sharp-tongued Silvia. After all, this woman received special treatment from their Master, so it was better not to provoke her.

“That’s right! Let me be,” Silvia was a little proud of her

successful scheme

Not long after, a unique motorcycle rushed over and dashed quickly between the cars. Silvia saw Reagan from a


She waved to him, and Reagan caught sight of her. He sped up and drove to her side. He braked just in time, and the motorcycle stopped in front of her steadily.

Reagan looked at Silvia, who was surrounded by two strangers, and asked worriedly, “Boss, who are they?”

Silvia said, “These are my new underlings. I heard that they have been trained in martial arts. They can take on around five men each. They are very strong.”

As he heard Silvia praising them like this, Reagan was so excited that his eyes widened. “Boss, where did you find

such treasures?”

Seeing the two burly bodyguards, Reagan was drooling. He couldn’t wait to pounce on them!

Silvia patted on his back and said, “What are you looking at? Hurry up and get me to the office.”

“Okay, sure.” Reagan handed the spare helmet to Silvia. “Boss, sit tight. I’ll get you there in ten minutes.”

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