My Husband Warm the Bed-1010

“Miss Turner, you can’t leave on your own!” The two bodyguards stopped Reagan’s motorcycle from going forward. They didn’t intend to let Silvia leave.

Reagan glared at the two bodyguards and said discontentedly, “She’s my boss. Be careful when you talk, or I’ll make you suffer… Hey, boss, you…”

“How could you pinch me?” Before he could finish his words, Reagan closed his mouth immediately after receiving Silvia’s warning look.

He looked at them again and found that the situation seemed to be a little different from what he had expected. These two people didn’t seem to be following his boss around out of loyalty. Instead, they seemed to be monitoring


Monitoring her?

What exactly had she been through in the past few days?

Why would someone send men to keep tabs on her? Reagan couldn’t understand. He looked at Silvia again, only to see her winking at him and signalling him not to ask

anything. She wanted him to play along. After exchanging meaningful looks with Reagan, Silvia took out her mobile phone and dialed a number. She smiled and said, “Hello, Mr. Kyle. Your men are stopping me from dealing with my personal affairs. What do you think we should do? Oh, you want them to answer the phone?”

She stroked her long dark hair gently and said with a chuckle, “Oh, okay, please wait, I’ll pass the phone to them right away.”

Silvia reached out and handed the mobile phone to the bodyguards. “Hey, Mr. Kyle asked to speak to you.”

The two bodyguards didn’t believe it. They hesitated and didn’t reach out to take the phone. “You don’t want to answer the phone, do you? Then I’ll tell

him that you don’t even want to listen to his orders.” Silvia

was about to take back the phone, but a bodyguard quickly

reached out and took the phone.

Just as the bodyguard grabbed the phone, Reagan accelerated immediately, and the motorcycle dashed

forward quickly, leaving those people far behind. “We were fooled. Chase them.” The two bodyguards were good at martial arts, but they couldn’t move their car due to the traffic now. Their legs couldn’t run faster than the

motorcycle. They could only watch Silvia getting farther and

farther away from them.

Seeing that she had gotten rid of the bodyguards, Silvia

breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Reagan, for the sake of safety, please slow down.” Reagan slowed down and looked at Silvia from the rear-view

mirror of the motorcycle. He saw that she didn’t look too

happy. “Boss, who are those two people?” Silvia patted him on the shoulder and said, “Focus on

driving. Don’t ask so much.”

Reagan said, “Boss, I’m just asking because I’m genuinely worried. I wouldn’t care if it’s about someone else.”

Silvia brushed his concerns off, “Don’t talk so much. Update me about the press conference.”

Reagan replied, “When I sent Lemur over earlier, the reporters were still waiting outside. It’s been quite some time now, so I guess that the reporters have entered.”

Silvia bit her lip and a vicious look flashed in her eyes. “Hurry up. We can’t let that b*stard Norman succeed at his evil antics!”

He answered obediently, “Yes.”

The motorcycle sped up again, leaving the multitude of cars on the road behind.

At Wateria Corporation.

Although Wateria Corporation was not as large as Mr. Kyle’s business, it was still well-known in Madison City. On that day, there was a press conference, and a lot of reporters had been waiting in line at the gate.

Lemur blended in with a group of reporters, and he was looking around anxiously. After a long wait, he finally saw them.

He rushed to the front of the motorcycle and said hurriedly, “Boss, you’re finally here.”

Silvia got off the motorcycle nimbly and asked, “Lemur, the reporters haven’t entered yet. Is the press conference over?”

Lemur reported on the situation immediately. “Well, Norman invited the reporters, but they have been waiting outside for more than an hour now. They haven’t allowed anyone in yet.

I don’t know what is happening in there.” Silvia was puzzled. “Norman invited the reporters, but he stopped the reporters from entering. What kind of tricks

does he want to play?”

Norman did not have any moral integrity, and he also had a cunning mind. At this moment, Silvia could not guess what he was going to do Buzz! Buzz!

Reagan’s phone suddenly rang. He took out his mobile phone and looked at the screen. It was an unknown phone number. Just as he was about to reject the call, Silvia saw the number and said, “Reagan, don’t do that. Give me your mobile phone.”

Reagan handed the phone to Silvia and asked, “Boss, do you know this phone number?”

Silvia nodded and picked up the phone at the same time. “Norman, what are you trying to do?”

Norman smiled gloomily and treacherously. “Silvia, your mother missed you, so she specifically recorded a video and asked me to send it to you.”

Silvia sneered and said, “Norman, stop pretending. Just tell me what you want to do.”

Norman added, “I’ve sent the video to this mobile phone. Open it and have a look. As for what I want to do, you should know it clearly by now. I want all of Wateria Corporation’s shares!”

Silvia chuckled and said, “Norman, you’d better dream on. I’m warning you, as long as I’m alive, I’ll never let your evil plans succeed.”

“Silvia, don’t be so sure. Take a look at the video first and call me after that. I’ll be waiting for your reply!” After that, Norman hung up again

“Boss, what did Norman say?” Reagan and Lemur asked at the same time, but Silvia was not in the mood to answer them. She immediately clicked on the video that she just received

In the video, her mother was tied to a chair with her hair in a mess. Blood could be seen on the corners of her mouth. In the video, there was a man who asked her, “As long as you

call your daughter to persuade her to give up the inheritance

of Wateria Corporation, we will give you a good sum of money to ensure that you and your daughter will live a good life in future.”

Mrs. Turner sneered and spat on the man’s face. “My husband and I worked hard to build Wateria Corporation. No matter how much Norman offers, I won’t sell it.”

The man raised his hand and slapped Mrs. Turner’s face. “You old woman! Why are you making life hard for yourself? Let’s see how long you can keep up with this.

Then, the video ended abruptly. Silvia’s heart trembled like it had been sliced by a knife. If she could, she would have jumped into the video to rescue her poor mother.

Silvia knew that Norman was threatening her with her mother’s life. If Silvia messed around today, Norman would definitely harm her mother.

Reagan and Lemur had also watched the video. They were worried and asked Silvia, “Boss, your mother is in their hands. Her life could be in danger at any time. What should we do now?”

Silvia took a deep breath and said, “You two wait here. I’ll meet Norman alone. That b*stard!”

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