My Husband Warm the Bed-1011

Lemur grabbed Silvia and said worriedly, “Boss, you know what kind of person Norman is. Prince and I will never let you meet him alone.”

“Don’t worry. I will be fine.” Silvia shrugged her shoulders. It was easy for her to say, but deep down, she felt like there was a stone pressing on her heart, making it hard for her to breathe.

Last time, Norman, sent someone to drug her and brought her to the black market to be sold.

Now that her mother was in his hands, Norman would probably do things more unscrupulously. Lemur exchanged glances with Prince quietly and said, “No

matter what, either one of us must go with you.”

“Thank you, both of you.” Silvia was glad that she had a pair of good friends, Reagan and Lemur. Every time she was in trouble, they would accompany her and support her.

Prince said, “Lemur, wait here as boss said. I’ll go in with her, and i’ll keep you posted.”

Anyway, they could not let Silvia take this risk alone. It was better to have someone accompany her than for her to go alone.

Silvia patted their backs and said with a smile, “Don’t worry,

I won’t confront them head-on this time. As long as they

return my mother, whatever they want, i’ll let them have it.”

She had resisted and fought for her rights before. But since she had not graduated from college, she did not have any experience in managing a company. She knew little about the company’s affairs. She could not beat Norman. She

could only watch helplessly as Wateria Corporation, which her parents had worked so hard for, get conquered by the imbeciles in her family.

Wateria Corporation was founded by her parents. The company was important but compared to Sylvia’s mother, of course, her mother’s life was more important.

Between her mother’s life and the company, it was an obvious choice for Silvia to pick her mother, but it did not mean that she would completely give Wateria up.

Silvia was still young. As long as she could save her mother’s and her own life, she would still have the opportunity to take the company back in a few years’ time.

“Miss Turner, President Turner has instructed you to go in alone,” Silvia and Prince walked to the entrance and was

immediately stopped by the security guard. Prince was so anxious that he wanted to rush over and beat the security guard up. “You..”

Silvia grabbed him and said, “Prince, you and Lemur should

wait outside. I will contact you if there is anything.”

Prince raised his voice, “Boss, no! Absolutely not!” Silvia looked at her wrist and said, “Give me 20 minutes. If

don’t contact you in 20 minutes, help me contact someone.”

Prince asked in a hurry, “Who?”

Silvia took out her mobile phone and sent Jayden’s phone number to Prince. “Call this person and tell him that I am in trouble. I don’t think that he would ignore my plea for help.”

Silvia clearly knew that Jayden had spent a lot of money to purchase her from the black market. How could he allow others to bully someone who was under his possession?

Jayden was the only lifeline that Silvia could grasp at the moment. No matter what happened, Silvia had to hold onto him and never let him go.

In the President’s office in Wateria Corporation. Silvia was familiar with this office. However, in just two months, this office had been renovated, and she could no longer recognize it.

The man sitting in the office made her feel even more foreign. The man on the President’s chair was no longer her father who always smiled kindly

“Silvia, you’re here,” Norman looked at her from head to toe. He sounded sweet and respectful, but his eyes spoke otherwise

Silvia hated Norman’s pretentious manner. “Norman, tell me

frankly, what do you want?”

“What do I want? Silvia, don’t you know?” Norman smiled evilly and wretchedly, but he still spoke to Silvia calmly, like how an elder would talk to those younger than them.

Silvia snorted, “You have done so much just to get the company on legal terms. Give my mother back to me, and I will transfer all my shares of the company to you.”

“Haha..” Norman shook his head and sneered. “Silvia, are you really that gullible?”

Silvia kept quiet.

Under Silvia’s glare, Norman got up slowly and came to Silvia’s side. “Silvia, the company is already mine. Exchanging your mother for it.. Did you think I am stupid?” Silvia was so angry that she gnashed her teeth. “Norman, what do you want?”

“You!” Norman stared at Silvia evilly. He looked at Silvia as if she were his prey, and he couldn’t wait to look at her naked body. “Silvia, besides Wateria Corporation, I also want you.”


Silvia didn’t even think much. She slapped Norman hard

across his face. “B*stard, go to hell! How can a scum like

you even live on this planet?”

“How dare you hit me? Haha..” Norman touched his left face and smiled wretchedly. “Well done! I like your hot temper.”

“You pervert!” Silvia stepped back quickly and tried not to let Norman take advantage of her. “Norman, if you are still human, you shouldn’t say such vile words. You sound like a

mindless beast! Disgusting!”

“What a feisty girl! Tell me, who gave you such courage to speak so boldly?” Norman sneered and approached Silvia gradually.


All of a sudden, there was a gunshot. Norman was shot in the thigh and he fell to the ground.

He looked up and saw a man leaning against the door with a gun in his hand. He asked, “Who are you?”

Jayden toyed with the gun in his hand and said, “Mr. Turner, you are the one looking for me, but you don’t know who am?” Norman covered his bleeding thigh with one hand and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with the other hand,

“Who are you? Do you know who I am? You’re looking for

death, behaving so rashly in my territory!”

Jayden smiled and stroked the muzzle of his gun. “It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that I have warned you not to touch my woman.”

“Is she your woman? Then who are you? You can’t be him.”

Norman shook his head. He knew that Mr. Kyle was an old man in his fifties. Mr. Kyle was definitely not this young man, who looked like he was barely thirty, standing before him. “President Turner, bad news!” Norman’s secretary rushed in reporting, “The big screen outside is playing a video of your

illegal trade, and the intentional car accident that killed the

previous President.”

“What?” Norman was so scared that his face turned pale. He wanted to get up but he couldn’t. “Who released the information? Who the hell?”

Norman raised his head and looked at the man in front of him. Suddenly, he understood what was going on. “It’s you. I did not offend you. Why are you doing this to me?”

“As I said, no one can touch my woman. How dare you touch her? Aren’t you looking for death?” Jayden’s voice sounded very casual, but he appeared so calm that he looked scary. Everyone felt a chill.

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