My Husband Warm the Bed-1012

“You, you… just for a woman?” Norman couldn’t believe his words, but he had to believe it.

There was the gunshot on his leg, and also the bad news from his secretary. These sudden events were telling him that he could not afford to offend this man in front of him. However, Norman had already inadvertently done so.

If Norman had known that he would meet a person like him in the black market, he would never have sold Silvia to the black market in the first place. Now, he was in a situation where he went for wool and came home shorn.

Norman had been working for Kurtson Turner for more than ten years. He had made great achievements in Madison City. In these years, he had built himself a good reputation.

Unexpectedly, Norman sent Kurtson to his death easily, but he fell into the hands of such a young b*stard. Mr. Kyle had only arrived in Madison City three years ago. In just three years, he had gained a great reputation, and no

one could compete with him.

Norman was unwilling to give up, but he couldn’t do anything when it came to Mr. Kyle. Norman could only retreat and let this man do whatever he wanted. “Simon, please bring Miss Turner out away.” Jayden had said that Silvia was his woman. However, after entering the

room, Jayden only glanced at Silvia once and did not look ather again. So, he did not notice that Silvia’s face was even paler than Norman’s at this moment.

“Miss Turner, this way please.” Simon gestured for Silvia to leave the room. Silvia didn’t say anything more and left with

him. However, when she walked out of the office, her legs suddenly became weak, so she quickly leaned against the wall and support herself.

Over the years, her father had raised her like a boy, so that she could be tough. She was more adventurous than other girls, but she had never witnessed someone being shot and bleeding from a gunshot wound. Her mind was still reeling from the incident.

In the office, Jayden took two steps and squatted down beside Norman. “Norman, thank you for sending me such a

big gift.” “What big gift?” Norman did not understand, and Jayden did not intend to say anything more to him. Jayden stood up and walked away gracefully.

When exited the office, Jayden saw Silvia, who was shivering, leaning against the wall. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Simon, who was standing aside.

Simon stepped forward immediately and said, “Young

Master, Miss Turner… I.”

Jayden handed the gun to Simon and said, “You deal with the things here. You can work with the police to deal with these people off properly. I don’t want to see these people again in the future.”

After that, Jayden walked toward Silvia. “Miss Turner, are you frightened?


Of course, she was!

Silvia was so afraid that her legs were still too weak to stand still, but she still remained strong. She did not want to show her weakness and fear in front of others.

She straightened her back and said with a smile, “The word ‘fear’ does not exist in my dictionary. Mr. Kyle, I’m not sure what you mean.”

She was so scared that her legs were shaking, but she did not want to admit her weakness. Jayden wanted to laugh out loud. “It’s good that you aren’t afraid. I don’t need a timid woman around me.”

Silvia glared at him and said, “You speak as if I want to be around you. Let me tell you this, you’re the one who forced me to sign a contract with you.”

Jayden replied calmly, “Is that so? Then who is the man who called me to save you just now?”

It turned out that he came to help her after receiving a phone call from Prince. In an instant, Silvia felt that Jayden

was not as bad as she thought.

After all, she knew how to distinguish good from evil. At this moment, few people were willing to get involved in this matter between herself and Norman

“However, you don’t have to thank me too much. It’s written clearly in the contract. It’s my duty to help you.” After saying that, Jayden walked past her.

Silvia gritted her teeth. Jayden was rather offensive when he spoke. She wanted to thank him initially, but now, it seemed that there was no need to

“Miss Turner, aren’t you leaving with us? Do you want the police to take you back with them for a cup of tea later?”

Suddenly, he turned back and looked at her.

Silvia then remembered that there had been a bloody gunshot incident in the office. Although there weren’t any casualties, Norman had been shot and the police would arrive soon. If the police saw her there, it would be hard for

Silvia to explain.

Near the main entrance.

The police had already blocked the way. Silvia was really in a dilemma. She didn’t know how to walk through them, but Jayden’s voice came from behind, “Miss Turner, how is it that you have lived till today?”

Before, Jayden had thought that she was a smart girl. She would know how to assess situations and take care of herself. At present, however, it seemed that she did not live

up to his expectations.

Silvia glared at Jayden angrily. “Just like you, I survived because I mind my own business.”

Jayden smiled slightly and said, “Really? Then I thought that your experiences would’ve build you differently.”

Silvia was so angry that she gritted her teeth. “Jayden Elias Kyle, what do you mean?”

He chuckled. “Can’t you tell that I’m saying you’re stupid?”

Silvia was so angry that she was about to explode. “You!

You’re the Kyle, but it does not mean that you’re smart.

Without your capable father, I’m sure you wouldn’t be here.”

The father Silvia mentioned was naturally the legendary “Mr. Kyle” in Madison City. However, Jayden interpreted her words differently. Three years ago, he left the Kyle Family to start his business

in order to prove himself. He wanted to show others that he

could live his own life and build his own wealth without his family’s help

However, he also knew that his growth and success would be related to the Kyle family no matter what. Without the

love and care of the Kyle family, he wouldn’t be here. Silvia felt a little guilty when he looked at her. She

murmured, “It’s obvious that you are relying on your father’s success, am I wrong to say so?” Jayden’s face darkened, and he strode forward. “He is so unreasonable! Only he can talk bad about others,

but he does not allow others to criticize him!” No matter

how dissatisfied Silvia was with him, she could only follow

him closely

The main entrance was blocked by the police. If Silvia did not follow Jayden, she really did not know how to get out.

However, after a few steps, Silvia thought of something again. The police came here because of the murder case, and not because of the gunshot.

As the victim’s daughter, Silvia should cooperate with the police to investigate the case and try to get Norman arrested as soon as possible.

“Silvia, I hope you don’t forget your place.” Jayden’s cold and angry voice disrupted Silvia’s thoughts. She looked up and saw him staring at her coldly.

How could Silvia forget that she was just someone who was bought over from the black market? She signed a contract with him. She was now a person without any freedom.


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