My Husband Warm the Bed-1013

In the parking lot.

Jayden sat in the car, but Silvia was not willing to get in. She looked around, waiting for the best time to escape.

Jayden just sat in the back seat of the car calmly. He didn’t ask her to get in the car, nor did he ask the driver to drive away

The two of them were in a cold war for a long time. After a while, Silvia couldn’t hold it in anymore. She leaned against the car door and said bravely, “Mr. Kyle, I know that we have a contract, but now I have something very important to attend to. I can’t go back with you.”

Jayden crossed his legs, looked in front and said coldly, “You have something important to attend to? Do you want the police to take you back? Or do you want Norman to accuse you of using guns illegally?”

As soon as he mentioned the gun, Silvia became agitated.

“Jayden, so you do know that using guns is illegal? I thought

you didn’t know that.” Jayden was speechless. What an ungrateful woman.

Silvia said again, “You knew that it was illegal to use a gun, and you still shot someone. Do you think that just because you’re rich and powerful, the police can’t do anything to you?”

Jayden responded faintly, “Who said that I shot someone with a gun?”

Silvia raised her voice. “I saw it with my own eyes. Could it be false?”

Jayden smiled disdainfully and said, “Miss Turner, you are an adult now. Don’t you know that you need to have evidence for everything?”

Silvia was so angry that she stammered, “I..” Jayden tilted his head to look at her. He looked arrogant. “Miss Turner, I saw you shooting someone with my own eyes just now. Not only did I see it, but my assistant, Simon, also saw it.”

Silvia raised her voice, “You, you are slandering me!”

In an instant, Silvia understood something. Jayden dared to fire the gun blatantly Naturally, he was well prepared for any consequence. He would never let anyone get hold of him.

This also made Silvia realize more clearly that Jayden was someone she couldn’t afford to mess with. She couldn’t imagine how powerful he was.

Jayden saw her standing next to the car in a daze and frowned impatiently. “Get in the car. I don’t have much time.”

Silvia remembered that she didn’t get in the car because she had other things to do. She pointed upstairs and said, “I have to ask Norman about my mother’s whereabouts. Can you ask Simon to ask him on my behalf?”

Silvia was a smart person. She knew that if she went back to the scene, it would only cause more trouble. The best way was to request for Simon to help her.

Jayden shot Norman in the open, and he was left defenseless. It was probably a piece of cake for Norman to

find out the whereabouts of her mother. Jayden repeated his words, “Get in the car.”

He didn’t help her.

Silvia was anxious. “I can give up on Norman’s affairs, but I can’t leave my mother alone. If something happens to her, 1 won’t be able to live. The money that the Kyle family spent on me would be in vain. Jayden, do you understand that?”

Jayden yelled, “Get in the car!”

It was an order, which could not be negotiable.

Silvia was so angry that she jumped on her feet. “Jayden Elias Kyle! I’ve spoken so much. Are you even listening to me?”

If she could, she really wanted to jump in the car and kick him. How could there be such an unreasonable man who could not understand her?!

Jayden said in a low voice, “If you don’t get in, I will issue orders to send your mother away so that you will never see her again in your life.”

Silvia was so angry that she kicked the car hard, but it hurt her so badly. She was in so much pain that she jumped and shouted, “Jayden, you bastard, why don’t you let me see my mother.”

While scolding him, Silvia suddenly thought of something and changed her angry expression. She broke into a flattering smile almost in an instant. “Mr. Kyle, you just. did you mean that your people have found my mother?”

Jayden didn’t know what to say. He did not speak, and Silvia regarded that as a yes. She got into the car and sat down beside him. “Mr. Kyle, you are really a kind person. Thank you for saving my mother.”

Although Jayden still didn’t give her a reassuring look, she didn’t care at all. She even thought he looked cute when she saw his gloomy face.


Silvia suddenly felt that Jayden was quite funny, Perhaps because no one wanted to be with him, he acted so

coldly to stop others from approaching him.

On the way back.

Silvia sat in the back seat of the car, with a man as cold as an iceberg next to her. She thought that even if she didn’t turn on the air conditioner, she would not feel warm due to his icy aura.

She stole a glance at Jayden and saw his gloomy face. He looked as if he could throw her out of the car at any time.

Silvia was frightened and moved to the other side of the car carefully. At this time, she had no money and no power, and she could only be a coward. If he was angry, she did not even dare to breathe heavily.

Presumably, she was also a coward before this. She used to

be the heir to Wateria Corporation. She was well protected by her parents. She didn’t expect that after her father was killed by Norman,

she couldn’t even take care of herself. Especially after what

Norman and others did to her family, unknowingly, she became someone else’s belonging.

“That old bastard, Norman, is one son of a b*tch!” She thought to herself Fortunately, someone exposed the evidence to Norman causing her father’s death and revealed the truth, so the police came to interrogate Norman

Silvia spent so much effort but not only did she fail to find the evidence of Norman plotting the murder, she even lost ownership of herself! Who was the one who exposed the truth?

Who could it be?

Who dared to offend Norman?

When she had these thoughts in her mind, Silvia turned back to look at Jayden

There was no need for her to think more about it. The was only one person who could find evidence of Norman’s

murder and save her at a critical moment.

In Madison City, except for someone in the Kyle family, there

wouldn’t be anyone else.

Jayden said that as long as she signed the contract and promised to stay with him, he would help her deal with Norman. He said he would do it, and he was quite efficient. In fact, Jayden was very reliable, and he was also a man

who could make people feel safe and secure. “Jayden, thank you! Thank you so much!”

Although Silvia was reluctant to sign the contract, she still sincerely thanked him for helping her take down the murderer who killed her father. Jayden even helped save her mother

At the same time, she also wanted to thank Jayden’s father for purchasing her from the black market previously, so that

she could be spared from being sent to a brothel. Jayden still looked in front coldly and did not respond to a word she said. It seemed that he did not hear her words at all.

But at this moment, Silvia vowed to never think that the contract was unfair again in the future. She would fulfill its terms and accompany him until he let her go.

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