My Husband Warm the Bed-1014

The car was not going toward the villa where Jayden lived, instead, it was heading in the opposite direction.

Silvia was born and raised in Madison City. She knew the

city like the back of her hand. Soon, she found out that something was wrong.

She looked at Jayden and asked, “Mr. Kyle, where are we

going?” Jayden ignored her and just looked out of the window. He completely ignored her question.

Silvia was so angry that she waved her hand in front of him. “Who on earth is this guy? Can’t he be nice? He’s trying to pretend to be cold and arrogant. Who is he putting a show

on for?”

If she had not been smart enough to know that he was not a bad person, she would have poisoned him to death

Since Jayden did not reply to her, Silvia didn’t ask any further. Anyway, she knew she couldn’t get a cold person like him to speak up.

Not long later, the car arrived at the First People Hospital in Madison City. The driver slowed down and parked outside the gate of the hospital.

The driver got out of the car and opened the door for Silvia.

He said respectfully, “Miss Turner, your mother is in the

senior ward, room number 809. You can visit her, but you

only have half an hour.”

“Half an hour.. Silvia repeated his words angrily. She wasn’t someone who got angry easily, but Jayden was just simply


He allowed her to visit her mother, but he only gave her half an hour. He really treated her like his toy, didn’t he?

Did he need to control her time too?

She looked at Jayden angrily. He was still looking out of the window calmly and ignored her completely again.

Silvia knew her place so she just suppressed the anger. “Thank you! I will come back on time.”

After that, Silvia turned around and left. After two steps, she turned back and glared at the man in the car. Not long ago, she had made up her mind to fulfil the contract terms well. Now, she regretted her words, and she even thought about ways to deal with him later.

In the hospital.

The seniors’ ward was located on the eighth floor of Madison City Hospital. The environment and facilities were much better than the ward that Silvia had arranged for her mother.

After getting out of the elevator, Silvia looked at the sign and

walked toward the ward number 809. When she reached the door, Silvia stopped and took two deep breaths. She tried to look calm before heading in. Since her father died in the accident and her mother was sick and hospitalized, Silvia had faced many challenges. However, every time she went to the hospital to visit her mother, she would try to put up a good front for her mother.

She would never let her mother know how much she had suffered out there.

After putting on a smile, Silvia opened the door and came in. “Mom, I..”

She stopped speaking. The ward was empty, and her

mother was nowhere to be seen. The bathroom door in the room was also left open, and there was no one inside. The room was not that big. It was neat and tidy, but it was

empty Did something happen to her mother again?

“Could it be that her mother was taken away by Norman’s people again?”

Thinking of the video before, Silvia panicked. She turned around and ran out. Unexpectedly, she bumped into someone just as she turned around


It was her mother’s gentle and kind voice.

“Mom?” Silvia hugged her mother. “Mom, is it really you? I’m not blind, right? It’s not an illusion, is it?”

Mrs. Turner patted Silvia’s back gently and said softly, “Dear child, it’s not an illusion. It’s me. I am standing in front of you.”

“Mom.” Silvia rubbed herself in her mother’s arms and held

her tighter. “Mom, I was almost scared to death.” Earlier, she thought of her father’s car accident and her

mother’s miserable state of being beaten. She was afraid that her mother would be hurt by that crazy Norman.

“Don’t worry.” Mrs. Turner kept patting Silvia on her back and comforted her like coaxing a child. “Silvia, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Mom…” Silvia tried to force back the tears that had welled up at the corner of her eyes, and then she looked up at her mother. “Mom, I’m sorry! It’s my fault. I failed to protect you and let you…”

As she remembered seeing her mother being slapped in the

face, Silvia felt so hurt that her heart ached. She hated herself for being so slow and incompetent. Once her father left, she couldn’t do anything.

Her mother also cried when she saw how Silvia blamed herself. “Dear child, aren’t I standing in front of you? Let bygones be bygones.”

Silvia choked as she called her mother gently, “Mom..” Mrs. Turner brought Silvia into the ward and said, “Come in and have a seat.”

Silvia asked, “Mom, where did you go just now?” Mrs. Turner smiled as she replied, “I stayed in the ward for a long time and got bored. I made friends with some people, and I asked the lady from the ward next to mine to accompany me to the yard. I stayed here for a few days and

made some new friends. They are all very good to me.

When you return to your studies in the future, I wouldn’t be so bored anymore.” Silvia said apologetically, “Mom, I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to accompany you for the past few days because I’m

busy with other things.”

Mrs. Turner didn’t know what exactly Silvia had gone through, but she could guess.

Silvia didn’t tell her, so she didn’t want to ask about it. She knew that Silvia was a filial child, and she tends to hide some sad things to herself.

Silvia did not want to talk about what she had been through. Mrs. Turner did not want Silvia to worry either, so she pretended not to know anything.

Mrs. Turner touched Silvia’s head gently. “Silvia, can take care of myself. You’d better prepare for your examination.”

Silvia was worried that she could not find an excuse for her disappearance for the past few days. Now that her mother had reassured her and used a different excuse, she just played along and said, “Mom, I know, I will study hard.” “Mmm.” Mrs. Turner smiled gently. “Your father is gone. In

the future, you will be in charge of the company. If you

haven’t graduated from college yet, how would others take

you seriously?”

When it came to her academics, Silvia was still very confident. “Mom, my grades have always been one of the best in our class. Don’t worry, I will definitely graduate with excellent grades and manage the Wateria Corporation well. I will carry on Dad’s legacy.”

“Well.” Mrs. Turner nodded with tears in her eyes. “Silvia, your father left suddenly. Fortunately, I still have you, or else.”

Being reminded of the car accident, Mrs. Turner felt sad and hated her poor health. She couldn’t help her daughter, and even became a burden for her daughter.

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