My Husband Warm the Bed-1015

Mrs. Turner felt a lump in her throat. Silvia held her hand tightly and comforted her, “Mom, Dad has not gone too far. He must be still with us, in secret. You must cherish your life and health, and not make him be worried.”

“Well, I know, I know..” Mrs. Turner held Silvia’s hand and wiped away her tears silently.

Her husband had passed, but she still had her daughter, so she needed to be strong. She didn’t want her husband to worry about both of them

Ring, ring, ring…

Silvia’s cell phone suddenly rang, disrupting the peaceful

silence between them.

Silvia took her mobile phone out and saw an unfamiliar number on the screen. She answered, “Hello!” “Miss Turner, your half an hour visitation time is up,”

Jayden’s driver spoke nonchalantly.

“You..” Silvia heard it and felt angry secretly, but she couldn’t let her mother worry. She whispered to her mother, “Mom, let me get this call.”

Mrs. Turner was worried. “Silvia, who called?”

Silvia smiled and said, “It was Lemur, he was telling me about what happened in school.”

She lied to her mother. Under her mother’s doubtful gaze, Silvia walked out of the ward and closed the door. Then, she said to the person at the other end of the phone, “Have Jayden Elias Kyle answer the phone.”

The driver said, “Miss Turner..”

Silvia interrupted him. “If Jayden doesn’t want to answer the

phone, please tell him that I’m going to stay in the hospital to take care of my mother today. Please give me 12 hours, and I’ll look for him when the time is up.”

After that, Silvia hung up the phone. She didn’t care if Jayden agreed to her request or not. Anyway, she had to stay in the hospital to take care of her mother.

She didn’t know that the driver had turned on the speaker when he called, and Jayden heard every single word.

Jayden smirked and looked into the distance. He began thinking deeply.

Silvia’s way of asking for help was so similar to Karen Joy. Both of them were so smug as if they were confident that Jayden would agree to their every request.

What if he didn’t agree?

What could they do?

Looking at the smile on his Master’s face, the driver said worriedly, “Master, should I..”

“She can stay.” Jayden turned his head and looked at the hospital building. “Arrange someone to stand guard at the

hospital, Keep Silvia and her mother safe.”

The driver commented, “We have arranged it. We have arranged for the best private guards to take care of Miss Turner’s mother.”

Jayden nodded, “Alright.”

Living in this cruel world, people could not do whatever they wanted to do most of the time. They would be forced to bow down to the cruel reality.

Silvia was a living example. She was so angry earlier, so she

spoke without thinking much. When she hung up the phone, she regretted her words instantly.

Jayden was a powerful person in Madison City. He could take Norman down easily. If he wanted to come for her, she would have no way to fight back.

She spoke so arrogantly and hung up the phone What if Jayden got angry and asked someone to take her away by force?

first then.

What was she going to do?

She would learn to accept it, but it would become a big problem if she made her mother feel worried.

In order not to let her mother worry, Silvia decided to send a message to Jayden, “Mr. Kyle, my mother’s condition is very critical. I must stay by her side to take care of her. You have parents, so I hope you can understand my stance. I promise that you would see me at home when you get up tomorrow.”

After sending the message, Silvia felt that this was not enough. Jayden was so arrogant that he did not care about others. No one could challenge his authority. Therefore, Silvia sent another message, “Mr. Kyle, I know I

should listen to you and go with you, but I have my personal

hardships too, yet I don’t want to disobey your orders.

Please give me one night, and I will handle my affairs well. You will see me at home tomorrow morning. If you don’t reply, I will just assume that you have agreed.” Silvia knew that Jayden would not reply to her messages, so

she decided to add the last sentence to make things easier

for the both of them. Hopefully, it was enough to calm him down.

After sending the message, Silvia put her phone away. She composed her emotions, and then she went into the ward to

see her mother.

Mrs. Turner asked concerningly, “Silvia, is everything okay?”

“Mom, everything’s fine.” Silvia came to her mother’s side and sat down. “Lemur just called me and reminded me about the activities in school tomorrow.”

“It’s good that everything is fine.” Mrs. Turner touched her daughter’s face. “My silly daughter. Have you not eaten well lately? Look, you’re getting thinner.”

“Mom, I look thin, but my weight’s fine. I’m healthy.” Silvia raised her arm in front of her mother. “Touch it and feel how strong I am.”

“You’re always trying to talk your way out of things.” her mother was amused by Silvia’s words and put a rare smile.

“Mom, I’m your child. You are good with words, so I learnt it from the best.” Silvia knew how to win over her mother’s

heart. “Silly girl..” In fact, she did not need Silvia to say these pleasant words. As long as she could see her living happily and healthily every day, she would be satisfied.

As they chatted, Mrs. Turner narrowed her eyes in exhaustion. Silvia knew that her mother was tired, so she helped her mother to bed hurriedly. “Mom, take a short nap.”

“I’m not sleepy, I want to talk to you…” Mrs. Turner wanted to make the best out of her time with her daughter, so she tried hard to open her eyes. However, because she couldn’t see her daughter these days, she didn’t sleep well. She became so sleepy that she kept yawning.

“Mom, I will be right here. I won’t leave before you wake up.” Silvia knew that her mother was worried that she would not see her again when she woke up.

“Okay… Mrs. Turner closed her eyes slowly. When she fell asleep, she still held on Silvia’s hand tightly.

“Mom, don’t be afraid. I will always be with you.” As she saw how nervous her mother had gotten, Silvia felt as if there was a needle pricking in her heart. She felt so sad that she couldn’t breathe.

Silvia reached out and gently touched her mother’s face. She thought about how much pain and fear her mother must have suffered when that cruel man tormented her these

past few days.

Although her mother was in pain and fear, she did not say anything about it to Silvia. She didn’t want Silvia to worry about her

Silvia bit her lip and thought to herself, “Mom, I will definitely protect you and will never let anyone hurt you again.”

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