My Husband Warm the Bed-1016

“Doctor, I am a family member of the patient in ward number 809. Can you tell me how she is doing now?” After her mother had fallen asleep. Silvia went to look for her mother’s attending doctor.

“You’re Miss Turner, aren’t you?” The old doctor, who was about 60 years old, adjusted the glasses on his nose bridge and looked up at Silvia. He pointed to the opposite seat and said, “Have a seat. I’ll explain to you in detail.”

“Doctor…” Looking at the doctor’s serious expression, Silvia was a little flustered. “Doctor, how bad is my mother’s condition?”

The doctor handed Mrs. Turner’s medical records to Silvia. “Miss Turner, as her daughter, don’t you know anything about your mother’s health?”

“I.” The doctor’s words made Silvia realize that her mother’s condition should be much worse than she had expected, but she had no clue how bad it was.

She was so anxious that she grabbed the doctor’s hand and said, “Doctor, no matter what, please help my mother.”

The doctor patted her hand and said, “Miss Turner, your mother is suffering from a chronic illness. It could be a mild case, or it could also be critical. Most importantly, she needs extra care from her family. As her daughter, your role is paramount to her well-being. If your mother is to ever recover fully from this, it would really depend on your efforts.”

After her father’s accident, her mother had fallen ill. Silvia knew that the reason for her mother’s illness was because

of her father’s sudden death. She had not recovered after such a long time because Silvia did not take good care of her.

The doctor explained again, “But, you don’t have to worry too much, Miss Turner. There is a group of voluntary psychologists in our hospital. They will help the patients who need help for free. With their help and your care, believe that Mrs. Turner will be cured soon.”

After listening to the doctor’s advice, Silvia was moved and thanked him repeatedly, “Doctor, thank you! Thank the volunteers too.”

What volunteer is she thankful for?

How could the most famous psychologist in Madison City have the time to be a volunteer? His consultation charges must be pricey, and ordinary people would not be able to afford it at all.

Of course, the doctor knew who the psychologist was, but he didn’t say it. He didn’t dare to say it because he was told to keep mouth about the information. Therefore, the doctor had to continue with his act. “Your

mother lives in the luxury ward. Every ward has special

caretakers assigned. Miss Turner, you can go on with your

day and do whatever you want to do. Just remember to come to the hospital to accompany the patient when you’re free.”

“Thank you, doctor!” It was comfortable to live in the luxury ward, but she was financially tight now. “Doctor, how about the hospital expenses?”

The doctor explained, “Miss Turner, you don’t have to worry about this. Someone has already paid the hospitalization expenses on your mother’s behalf.”

Silvia asked, “Doctor, who paid for the expenses?”

The doctor said, “The person who paid didn’t give his name. The administrative staff over at the payment counter has no idea too.”

The doctor didn’t know, but Silvia could guess that since Jayden had arranged for her mother to be in the hospital, he must have covered the medical expenses.

Silvia was a grateful person. As soon as she walked out of the doctor’s office, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Jayden, “Mr. Kyle, thank you!”

She should really thank him.

If he hadn’t appeared in her life and helped her so much, she really didn’t know how to deal with this unfortunate series of



When Jayden was listening to Simon’s update on Norman, his mobile phone on the desk suddenly rang. He took a glance and saw “Silvia” displayed on the screen.

He picked it up and looked through the message, “Mr. Kyle,

thank you!”

“This woman still had some conscience,” he thought to himself. She was not the kind of woman who would repay

kindness with ingratitude He put his mobile phone down and motioned Simon to continue. Simon said, “Young Master, the evidence of Norman plotting

the murder was certain. Plus, he is charged with illegal

usage of guns. This time, he will definitely be thrown into


Jayden nodded with satisfaction and said, “Very good.

Follow up with the case personally, I don’t want any accident

to happen.”

Simon reassured him, “Yes.”

Jayden waved his hand, indicating Simon to leave. However, Simon stood still and said worriedly, “Young Master, it’s

getting late. It’s time to rest.”

Jayden said, “I’ll rest after reading the documents.” Simon persuaded carefully, “Young Master, you should take

good care of your body. You are still young, so you should start taking care of yourself. There’s more to life than work.”

Besides, his Master had old injuries that would hurt from time to time, which meant that his health condition was

more vulnerable.

“Don’t worry.” Jayden raised his eyebrows impatiently. This time, before Jayden spoke, Simon did not dare to say anything more and left the room quietly.

However, what Jayden was looking at wasn’t the work documents. Instead, he was looking at a couple of wedding photos.

In the photo, the young, beautiful lady and the handsome man looked at each other with deep affection in their eyes.

She looked more beautiful than before. There was more maturity and gentleness in her eyes. She looked as happy as a child on Christmas morning,

The same was true for the man standing with her. He was calm and reserved, yet his eyes looked like they were full of infatuation and contentment.

After learning that she was about to get married, Jayden tried to resist the news, but he still couldn’t control himself and secretly found her wedding photos.

Three years had passed. However, he still found himself daydreaming. He wondered how good it would be if the man standing in front of her was him.


Suddenly, Jayden swept his hand across his work table angrily and the glass cup fell off the table, smashing into


“D*mn it!”

He had been thinking about her for so many years. In the end, she had become someone else’s wife and showed no

mercy to his affection.

She never cared about his


Simon, who was guarding outside the door, wanted to go in and have a look when he heard the sound of glass shattering. However, just as he was about to knock on the

door, he took a step back.

He didn’t dare to walk into the room, especially at a time like this.

He understood why his Master was angry.

Simon couldn’t understand why his Master had done so many things for a woman who had never taken him seriously. He even almost lost his life for her. Was it really worth it?

Anyway, personally, he felt that it was not worth it. Not worth it at all

However, Simon knew that his Master did not share the same sentiments as him. He was willing to do anything to make Miss Karen Joy happy.

Simon placed his ear against the door gently. If his master did something rash again, he could stop him in time.

However, after a long time, he didn’t hear anything else.

Simon was still worried about him and did not dare to leave, who stayed outside the door until midnight. He only went back to his room to rest when he was almost falling asleep.

He knew that this night was definitely a long, sleepless night for his Master

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