My Husband Warm the Bed-1018

“Jayden Elias Kyle, you’re a lunatic! Have you gone crazy? Do you know what you’re doing?”

Silvia tried to push him away with all her strength, but she was much weaker than him. She struggled for a long time but did not manage to push him away at all.

“You came here willingly.” Jayden reached out his fingers to pinch her lips and whispered in her ear, “This time, I will not let you go!”

He once let her go, deciding to fulfill her wishes. However,

this time, she had returned willingly, so he could not be

blamed for seizing the opportunity,

“D*mn it, what do you mean by I came here willingly? Do you think I’m willing to come to this damn place?” Silvia was in a panic and was at a loss. She was nearly naked in front of


“Isn’t it so?” He smiled gently.

Yes, Silvia saw tenderness in his eyes.

His smile also looked so genuine at this moment. It didn’t look as fake as usual. She had not seen him smiling so

happily before. Silvia panicked even more because she couldn’t understand him and could not figure out what was going through his mind. She stretched out her leg in panic, but before she could kick him, he caught her foot.

“Be good, don’t fool around!” He pulled her into his arms, lowered his head and bit her lips. “Enjoy this. You’d like what I’m about to do.”

“Pervert! I’m not sick. How can I like anything a pervert like you will do!” For the first time, Silvia clearly knew that the disparity in strength between a man and a woman was so huge. No matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape from his clutches.

“You don’t like me?” Jayden’s face changed, and he looked

at her gloomily. “Then tell me, who do you like? The man

Cooper or Collins?”

“No matter Cooper or Collins, it’s none of your business. Does that matter?” Silvia couldn’t get rid of him. She opened her mouth and bit his shoulder mercilessly, trying to scare him away.

However, he didn’t seem to feel anything. Even though he was bleeding from her bite, he did not push her away.

In the end, Silvia was tired of biting. Just as she was about

to look at him, she heard him speak confidently, “You hurt

me. Then, don’t blame me for hurting you.”


At this moment, there was only one word in Silvia’s mind –


Silvia had never known that there would be such a pain,

which hurt more than getting beaten up. The pain was worse than what she had ever suffered in the past. A searing pain, the feeling of tearing and rubbing… It was

something she had never experienced before. At this

moment, it was as if she was experiencing a disaster in her life.

“D*mn it!” Silvia gritted her teeth and clenched her fists to bear the tremendous pain that she had never experienced


In front of her, Jayden was like a beast, biting and devouring her again and again.

In the end, she lost all consciousness…


After turning her body over gently, Silvia screamed in pain. She seemed to be dreaming of a terrible and cruel


In the dream, the man named Jayden Elias Kyle bullied her, and even…

No, this was not a dream.

If it were a dream, the pain in her body would not be so real.

Silvia opened her eyes and saw that it was dark around her. She could not even see her fingers, so she could not see anything else clearly.

She had no idea where she was and what time it was. The only thing she knew was that her body felt like it was falling apart, and it was painful for her to move.

Perhaps it was not just because of the physical pain, but she was also tortured psychologically. Her mental state was on the verge of collapse.

Silvia had never thought that her virginity would be taken

away like this

The pain buried itself deep into her bones! It hurt so much and was traumatizing that she would never forget it! “You’re awake!” Suddenly, a deep male voice came from the


“You…” Silvia was too familiar with this voice. It was him. It

was he who tormented her. She had lost her precious virginity which she had treasured for nearly twenty years. All of a sudden, Silvia was dumbstruck. She laughed at

herself for being so stupid, and also how pathetic her fate was.

She knew that there was no free lunch in the world.

She didn’t expect that after experiencing the betrayal of the Turner family, she would be so foolish to believe that a strange man would help her sincerely.

Because he had dealt with Norman to save her and also helped her save her mother, she lowered her guard and

believed that he was a good person. However, she had never thought that maybe all this was just a play that he and Norman had schemed together to make a

fool out of her.

Jayden was right. Silvia came to him willingly and ended up being humiliated by him. It was not his fault. She could only blame herself for being ignorant and stupid.

Silvia suppressed her nausea and put on a bright smile. “Mr. Kyle, are you satisfied with my body?”

Silvia did not hear his answer, but she heard his footsteps toward her. He came to her side and grabbed her chin despite the darkness. “Tell me, what did you do to me?”

“What did I do to you?” It was clear that he had ruined her innocence, and yet he tried to push the blame unto her.

Silvia felt that Jayden was actually worse than Norman, that

vile and heartless man.

“Speak!” He added more strength and pinched her lower jaw. The pain made Silvia’s mouth twitch, but she didn’t cry out or whined.

“Mr. Kyle, what do you want to hear from me?” Anyway, he was her benefactor. She could tell him whatever he wanted to hear.

“Tell me, what did you do to me?” Jayden was getting annoyed and thought that this woman was really sick. In the past, Jayden knew that she was full of lies. But now,

she had done something so despicable to him.

“Haha.. What did I do to you?” Silvia chuckled out loud. “It’s exactly what you remember. I slept with you.”

If he didn’t want to admit it, she could just take the fall. After all, she was like an ant in his hands. He could crush her easily if he wanted to.

“You! Damn it!”

“Mr. Kyle, don’t pretend to be so wronged. Not long ago, you were bl*ody aggressive. Don’t forget, you were enjoying it just now, moaning in satisfaction!”

“Get lost!”

“Mr. Kyle, where do you want me to go?” “Get lost! I don’t want to see you again!”

“Mr. Kyle, after all, we did, you really want me to get lost?”

She hoped to get away from him and to never see this man who made her feel so disgusted. However, without his permission, she could not get away, so she needed his final answer.

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