My Husband Warm the Bed-1019

As she gradually adapted to the darkness of the room, Silvia saw the face in front of her faintly. This face appeared cold and heartless, like a bloodthirsty lion.

She looked at him and smiled gently, “Mr. Kyle, does this mean that the contract is void?”

Silvia wanted to leave, but she needed to be sure that she was not breaking any terms of the contract. She didn’t want to be involved with this man anymore. She hoped that he would give her a clear answer quickly

She hoped that he would denounce the contract and told her

to get away as far as possible so that she would not have to

see him again.

“Contract?” He was looking at her aggressively and furiously. He spoke loudly and clearly, “Do you think that by sleeping with me once, you can get out of the contract?” How ridiculous!

These words pierced through Silvia’s heart like nails. It hurt very much, but she still had a smile on her face. “I thought if I slept with you once, you would void the contract. I guess

that wasn’t true.” Jayden clenched his fist, gnashed his teeth and said, “I bought you. You’re mine, and you’re mine even after you die. Don’t think that i’ll let you go that easily.”

Silvia reached out and grabbed his hand. “Mr. Kyle, if once was not enough, I can sleep with you a few more times until you are satisfied. What do you say?”

Jayden shook her hand off as if she was a parasite. He stepped back and said, “Do you think I’ll touch a filthy

woman like you?”

After that, he slammed the door and left, but his voice lingered in the room for a long time.

A filthy woman?

This phrase kept echoing in her ears like a broken record on repeat constantly reminding and mocking her of her pitiable state of life.

Jayden was right. At this moment, she was indeed filthy. From the moment she touched him, she had become filthy from the inside out.

But he was the one who did the act earlier and made her “filthy”. What right did he have to feel disgusted by her?


It was the maid, Auntie Cherry who knocked outside the door. Then, she heard her ask, “Miss Turner, may I come in?”

Before Silvia answered, Auntie Cherry had opened the door and entered the room. Silvia was so scared that she pulled up the quilt and covered her naked body immediately. She looked at Auntie Cherry warily and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Auntie Cherry turned on the light in the room and came to Silvia’s side. She handed two white pills to Silvia and said, “Miss Turner, the Master asked me to bring you these.” Silvia asked cautiously, “What pills are these?”

Auntie Cherry scratched her head and stammered, “Miss Turner, this is… for colds. The pills can prevent colds.”

As she saw how Auntie Cherry was having cold sweats on her hand and forehead, and listening to her stuttering explanation, Silvia easily understood what the pills were for.

If she guessed correctly, they should be after-morning pills.

Silvia took the pills over and looked at them. “Auntie Cherry, your Master is very thoughtful. Please thank him for me.”

Jayden did not want her to get pregnant with his child. Did he think that she was willing to give birth to his child? How preposterous!

She could have told him that she didn’t want to have anything to do with him as long as she was alive.

As she was lying, Auntie Cherry felt guilty. “Miss Turner, I will tell the Master what you said. Now, take this medicine.”

“Auntie Cherry, put the pills here. You can go on with your tasks. I’ll eat them later.” Silvia had been apprehensive about taking medicine since she was young. When she was sick, her mother would prepare juices for her in advance. This helped a lot in improving the taste. Everyone around Silvia

would try their best to help her when she was sick so that she wouldn’t need to suffer so much.

Silvia didn’t even have a glass of water around her, and she really couldn’t swallow the pills.

Auntie Cherry was embarrassed. “Miss Turner, the Master said that you must eat the pills in front of me. Or else..”

Silvia asked, “Or else..what?”

“Otherwise, he would fault me,” Auntie Cherry blurted out honestly, but she thought that it was not nice to say so. She explained hurriedly, “Miss Turner, I mean, if I didn’t see you taking the pills and you caught a cold accidentally, the Master would blame me for not taking good care of you.”

Silvia didn’t want to embarrass Auntie Cherry, but she really couldn’t swallow the pills on their own. She said, “Auntie Cherry, can you get me a glass of water?”

Auntie Cherry was stunned for a moment and nodded immediately. “Of course. Please wait for a moment, Miss

Turner. I’ll get you a glass of water.”

It was Auntie Cherry’s negligence that she had forgotten to bring some water for Silvia to take the pills. She had been too focused on bringing the pills over. Thankfully, the young lady was quite naive and did not question her.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t know how to explain herself to

Butler Banks.

Silvia smiled and said, “Please and thank you.”

Seeing Auntie Cherry’s expression of relief, Silvia’s heart was full of mixed feelings. Her life had turned upside down in the span of a day,

Not long ago, her uncle, Norman, wanted to rape her. He

crawled into her room in the middle of the night. She

managed to escape that day, but she did not escape the

man earlier this day

That damned Jayden Elias Kyle. Silvia regarded him as her savior, but he abused her.

It had been a whole day now, but the pain and weakness in her body still reminded her of what he had done.

Auntie Cherry came back soon with a glass of water in her hand. She said urgently, “Miss Turner, you can take the medicine now.”

“Of course.” Silvia first drank a big mouthful of water, then, she placed the two pills into her mouth. She swallowed the pills quickly with a big mouthful of water. After swallowing the medications, she opened her mouth

for Auntie Cherry to have a look. “Auntie Cherry, I have taken the pills. You can report it to your Master.”

After confirming that Silvia had taken the medicine, Auntie Cherry smiled awkwardly and said, “Miss Turner, it’s getting late, I won’t disturb you anymore. Have some rest.”

Silvia just smiled and nodded at her as she watched Auntie Cherry leave.

As soon as the door closed, the fake smile on Silvia’s face disappeared instantly. She said with hatred in her eyes, “Jayden Elias Kyle, remember this. I will make you pay for what you’ve done, one day!”

Silvia got up and locked the door. She dragged her painful body to the bathroom. She stood under the running water, and washed her body repeatedly with plenty of soap.

She felt dirty. No matter how hard she tried to wash her body, she knew she could not be pure anymore. She could not wash away the stains that the beast had left on her


“I’m sorry! Brother Felix, I’m sorry!” She kept apologizing while washing her body thoroughly, “Brother Felix, I’m sorry!

So sorry…” She apologized repeatedly. Suddenly, she broke down and tears rolled down her cheeks.

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