My Husband Warm the Bed-1020

At the same time.

In Jayden’s study

Jayden was rubbing his temples trying to sober himself up, but it did not work. He still felt groggy, as if his brain had stopped working.

Simon rushed over and asked, “Young Master, you asked for


Jayden shot a sharp look at him. “What happened?” Jayden did not ask clearly, but Simon knew what he was

talking about. He said hurriedly, “Young Master, it’s my negligence.”

How could a clear-minded person mistake someone for the other person? However, this was what happened to Jayden.

Jayden didn’t know the reason, but Simon knew why. However, Simon didn’t dare to admit it.

Jayden narrowed his eyes and did not answer him. Simon looked at Jayden’s gloomy face and continued to say,

“I had asked Miss Turner to send your breakfast up, but I didn’t expect that she would dare to drug you secretly. It’s all my fault. I was careless and she took advantage.”

Simon kept his head down and didn’t dare to look up at his Master. He would not be able to hide the secret of their eyes

met. He knew that it was not right for him to do this, but he didn’t want to see his Master suffer again, so he took advantage of the clueless Silvia.

Simon thought that as long as Jayden had a sexual relationship with another woman, Jayden would not think of Miss Karen Joy so much.

“Did she drug me?” Jayden approached Simon carefully He gritted his teeth and asked firmly, “I didn’t touch the food she brought to me. How did she drug me?”

At first, Jayden also thought that Silvia was the one who drugged him. However, after he calmed down, he felt that it was unlikely that she was the one who did it

Silvia was a woman who was full of lies. She was wild and chased after wealth. She had many bad habits, but Jayden believed that she would never sell her body.

On the contrary, there was a man in Silvia’s heart. She had protected herself well all this while and saved her virginity for him. She was waiting for that person’s return. However,

Jayden had destroyed all of it.

“Young Master, I’m not sure about this. I also heard that Dr. Thames found the drug in Miss Turner’s bag.” Simon knew that he could not admit to it no matter the cost. If he admitted to it, Simon could not bear the consequences.

Jayden raised his eyebrows and sneered, “You’re not sure?” Simon said stubbornly. “Young Master, why don’t get someone to ask Miss Turner?”

“Is she someone you have the right to question?” Jayden looked extremely skeptical, “Simon, just because you have been with me for a long time, don’t get too comfortable and do things at your own will.”

Simon was so frightened that his legs felt weak. “Young Master, I would not dare do anything foolish. Besides, no matter what I do, I’m doing it for your own good.”

Jayden sneered and continued, “I don’t need someone who

will do evil things behind my back by saying it’s for my own good. You can go now. I don’t need you here.”

If a subordinate dared to mess around behind his Master’s back once, it would likely happen again. Jayden could not work with such a person again.

Simon became very anxious, “Young Master, how could this

be? I’ve been taking care of you throughout all these years.

If it were someone else, I wouldn’t be able to rest assured.” Jayden glanced at him and said, “This is the price you have to pay for your mistakes.”

Simon pleaded, “Young Master…”

Before doing this, Simon had already expected this to be the lightest punishment he could receive.

He knew that his Master’s decision would be difficult to change, so it was pointless for Simon to fight for his stand. However, he still played the “loyalty card” at the last

moment. Simon added, “Young Master, do you need me to take Miss Turner away before I leave? If you don’t want to see her anymore, I promise that I can make that happen.”

Jayden responded indifferently, “Simon, do you know what you’re talking about?”

Simon answered, “Young Master, don’t you despise Miss Turner?” Simon suddenly felt a little scared, as if his disguise had

been seen through by his Master. He could not hide his

actions from his Master’s eyes.

Jayden glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

Simon understood this look in his eyes. He knew that even if Jayden thought that Silvia had used despicable means on

him, Jayden still did not intend to let her go. Simon suddenly realized that he had done so many things at

the risk of losing his head at any time. In the end, it was pointless.

Not only did Simon fail to heal his Master’s broken heart, but he also created a huge mess for himself.

At the cemetery

In a quiet corner, there was a very special tombstone.

The reason why it looked special was that this tombstone was painted with different colors. It looked particularly bright and vibrant, unlike the usual dull graves.

There was a line of words engraved on the tombstone,

marking the grave of Felix Xavier.

Silvia stood in front of the tombstone, and the scorching sun shone on her body. The sweat on her body had drenched her clothes, but she stood there for nearly an hour as if she didn’t feel the heat at all.

After a long time, she reached out her hand gently to touch the engraving on the tombstone. She touched the name that she was so familiar with, “Brother Felix…”

Silvia’s nose twitched as she called out his name. Tears welled up in her eyes again. “Brother Felix, where have you

been? “Brother Felix, I know that you are still here. You must still be

alive, but you must be hiding somewhere that I can’t go.” “Brother Felix, you said that when I get into trouble, you will definitely show up to help me. But when I was bullied, where were you? I shouted out loudly but you didn’t come to me. Brother Felix, have you forgotten me? Completely?”

Silvia still remembered a vivid memory where Felix took her hand and said to her, “Silvia, don’t be afraid. Although your father is gone, you still have me. Let me love you and protect you in the future.” At that time, when she heard his words, Silvia looked as

happy as a fool. She held Felix’s hand, laughing and jumping,

“Brother Felix, I have been waiting for you to say this. I have

been waiting for so long for you to confess your love to me.

I thought the day would never come, but it did.”

She stood on her tiptoe and leaned forward to kiss him on

the face. “Brother Felix, I like you. I have always wanted to marry you since I was a child.” They grew up together, went to school together, and went through the best years of their lives together. However, not long ago, when Silvia was going through the worst time in

her life, Felix disappeared.

He disappeared completely out of the blue, and there was no news about this. She searched for him for a long time, but she could not find any clues about him.

It was as if he had never existed before.

She even doubted whether her memories with him were real or not, and wondered if everything was just a hallucination

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