My Husband Warm the Bed-1021

Brother Felix, even if your mother told me that you’re gone, even if they had set up this tombstone for you, I still don’t believe that you’re gone.”

Someone had said that Silvia was living in her own delusions, while others said that she was suffering from a mental disorder. Whatever it was, Silvia didn’t care at all.

However, no matter what other people said, she was determined that Felix

would never leave her alone in this world.

He had just confessed his love to her. They had just fallen in love, and they had their future ahead of them. How could God take him away from her so cruelly?

“Brother Felix, but.”

Once again, when she said his name, Silvia felt a lump in her throat and she couldn’t continue anymore. Tears flowed down uncontrollably, She did not believe that he had left this world, and now, her innocence had

been destroyed by that man, Jayden Elias Kyle. Even if Felix could come back in the future, how could she face him?

The pure and innocent Silvia no longer existed. Now, she was a girl who had

been tarnished and humiliated.

At the end of the day, Silvia could only blame herself. She didn’t know herself well enough. She always thought that she was strong enough to protect everyone around her. However, in the end, she realized that she was a weak person who couldn’t even protect herself.

Silvia wiped her tears and sniffled. “Brother Felix, tell me, what should I do?” However, no matter what she asked, she couldn’t get any response. The only sound around her was the sound of her sobbing and birds chirping above her.

The sun was hanging high in the sky. The heat was scorching as if the sun was about to roast all living creatures on Earth It was noon, and it was the hottest time of the day. There were not many people in the cemetery.

Not far from the colorful tombstone where Silvia was, there was a handsome man in a black shirt.

He stood not far away from Silvia and looked at her face quietly, observing every slight change in her expression.

Looking at her crying, watching her tears falling. his hands hanging by his side clenched into fists. He clenched them so tightly that veins were protruding. Dmn it! The anger in him suddenly rose. He never thought that he would be

out of control and forcibly possess a woman he didn’t love.

After a long time, Stanley Pierson ran up to the man and gave him a gentle reminder, “Master, it’s so hot out here. You’ve been standing here for more than an hour already. If you keep standing here, you’ll certainly suffer from heatstroke.

Jayden was slightly stunned by Stanley’s words and replied immediately. Take her back immediately, and don’t let her stay here any longer.

Stanley was clear whom Jayden was referring to. He nodded and said, ii have

her leave right now.”

“Miss Turner, time’s up. Please return with me. Stanley walked up to Silvia and tried to talk to her as politely as possible. However, no matter how he phrased it, it still did not sound pleasing to the ears.

Silvia turned around and stared at him with a sharp glance. She looked at him and said, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Stanley was a little embarrassed, but he still needed to do his duty, “Miss

Turner, my name is Stanley Pierson. The Master asked me to follow you. It’s so

hot out here, please come back with me

Silvia was not happy. “What’s wrong? Do you really think I’m a criminal? Are you going to follow me around like i’m a criminal on parole?

Stanley explained, “Miss Turner, how can we treat you as a prisoner? In fact, the Master is worried about you, and he.”

“He. came along too. Before he could say these words, Stanley turned back to look at the position where Jayden had just stood. There was no one there. Since his Master had left, no matter what he said, Silvia would not believe him. Stanley didn’t want to explain too much either. The more he explained, the sillier

he looked “Worried about me?” Silvia laughed, and her laughter sounded sarcastic. “I don’t

need a pervert like him to worry about me.” Stanley felt so awkward that he scratched his head and didn’t know what to say

next. He could only laugh awkwardly

Silvia turned around and spoke to the tombstone gently, “Brother Felix, that’s all for today. I’ll visit you another day when I have the time.”

On the way back to the city,

Silvia looked out of the window and said, “Mr. Pierson, please bring me to the First People Hospital. I want to visit my mother.”

Stanley glanced at Silvia from the rear-view mirror. His Master’s order was to bring her back home. He did not say anything about taking her to the hospital. After thinking for a while, Stanley said, “Miss Turner, you only have so much time to go out everyday. Today, you have used up your quota

“Used up my quota?” Silvia snorted. She was only granted three hours outside every day. The journey took two

hours, so she was only left with one hour of time.

Silvia held the phone tightly and thought of calling Jayden. After contemplating for a while, she decided not to. The thought of hearing his voice made her feel sick and nauseous.

She was weak and powerless. It was her fault that other powerful individuals like Norman could hurt and frame her. It was her fault that she was in the present circumstance,

“Miss Turner, how about tomorrow… Stanley was about to say something more

when his phone suddenly vibrated. He picked it up and saw a text message. It

was from the Master. Stanley would not neglect his Master’s messages. He quickly read it, and there were three simple words – “Let her go.

Let her go!

His Master ordered to let her go, and of course, Stanley would abide. However, he couldn’t take credit for this. He had to let Silvia know that it was his Master’s order.

Stanley smiled and said, “Miss Turner, why don’t I call the Master and ask him?

Silvia did not respond

How could she understand the mind of that pervert?

Stanley took out his mobile phone and pretended to dial a number quickly. He

respectfully expressed his opinion to his Master. Soon, he hung up the phone

and said, “Miss Turner, my Master is a very kind person As soon as Stanley said this, Silvia felt that she was listening to the funniest

joke in the world. Stanley actually thought so too. Others might not know if their Master was a kind person or not, but the people around him were very clear about what kind of person their Master was. Stanley added, “Miss Turner, our Master has agreed to grant you two more hours to go to the hospital to visit your mother.”

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