My Husband Warm the Bed-1023

Silvia, don’t make things harder for us!” Jayden looked at her and said angrily. “No matter what, you would have to sign it. Even if you don’t want to sign it, you would still have to sign it. You do not have an option.”

“Huh. Jayden, kill me if you want to, but I won’t compromise on this!” What the hell? Perhaps Jayden could forget what he had done to Silvia, but she would never forget that he was a r*pist.

This scumbag, rubbish, animal, and pervert. She felt disgusted being around him. And now, he even proposed to marry her! “In his dreams! She scoffed in her heart

Silvia was never a kind person, nor would she be a little lamb at the mercy of

others. She would never marry this beast had ruined her innocence

destroyed her dreams.

“Is that so?” Jayden smiled coldly and turned around. He walked out confidently, “Silvia, I’ll only give you until tonight. If you miss this opportunity. there’s no second chance. Don’t come begging tomorrow!

“Beg you? Wow, Young Master Kyle, sure, you can wait for the day I’ll come begging.” But as soon as she said those words, Silvia regretted it. It was not that she changed her mind, but because she sensed something from Jayden’s smile as he turned away

Silvia couldn’t discern how Jayden was trying to deal with her, but when she remembered why she was still in his home, she understood instantly.

Jayden, this animal, could threaten her with her mother’s safety once, so

naturally, he would do it again. Since he seized her weakness, Jayden could use

this tactic to pin her down.

This man had no humanity and no moral boundaries. Plus, he had power and influence, Going up against him was like throwing an egg against a stone

Everyone knew what the consequences wo be

Therefore, the moment when Jayden stepped out of the door, Silvia rushed in front of him and said, “Jayden, what do you plan to do?”

She would no longer believe that such a man who was this unpredictable and

inhuman would really want to compensate her for her loss!

He answered, “To compensate you!”

She gritted her teeth and said, “If you really want to compensate me, let me go, and we could part ways. This is the biggest compensation for me.”

Jayden reached out to her suddenly, played with her hair, and sniffed it. He whispered evilly, I’m mesmerized by the scent of you. I don’t want to let you go.”

“You damned pervert! Don’t touch me, it’s disgusting!” Silvia wanted to step back, but Jayden grabbed her waist. “You damn pervert! Let go of me!” His eyes suddenly sank. “Silvia, don’t play hard-to-get. I don’t have time to play tricks with you. If I ask you to sign it, you’d better sign it obediently. Don’t

challenge my patience again and again.

“What are you talking about? Silvia was so angry that she raised her voice. “Jayden, who the hell is playing hard-to-get here?” What an arrogant and selfish man. Did he really think that she wanted to stick

with him?! That she wanted to have a relationship with him? This was


Jayden looked at her gloomily and said in a low voice, “Silvia, L. I’m not a man you can afford to offend”

He sounded so intimidating that Silvia did not dare refute. She could only let

him hold her in his arms. Silvia believed that her life was in his hands. If she did not listen to him, he might break her neck in the next second

As she thought about how she could lose her life so easily, Silvia was so scared that her body trembled she broke into a cold sweat She was so weak that she didn’t even have the strength to stand firmly. “You. . I’ll sign it

He reached out and touched her face. He pinched her face gently and said with a faint smile, “Silvia, if you signed it earlier, it would have been much easier. Insisting on negotiating something that was far beyond your reach, that’s not courage, that’s stupidity.

“Yes, yes, yes. You must be right, Master Kyle… Silvia answered with a sweet smile, but deep down, she felt so helpless that she would rather be dead. However, she still agreed with him.

A wise person would know when to attack or retreat, whom he could or couldn’t offend, and what he should say in front of others.

Therefore, Silvia put her defences down and put on a lovely smile. “Young Master Kyle, you’ve taught me a good lesson. I’ll do whatever you say in the

future ME learn my place.

Jayden let go of her and kept a distance from her. He didn’t say anything else.

Silvia glanced at him and picked up the document that she had thrown on the ground obediently. She signed and even stamped her fingerprint on the document. “Young Master Kyle, I did what you asked me to do. Are you

satisfied now?”

Jayden took the document over and looked at it. I’m not satisfied!” Silvia thought that he was making things hard deliberately. “What on earth do you want me to do?”

Damn it! She really wanted to rush over and bite this man to death. No, biting him meant that she would dirty her teeth, so maybe, she should trample on him to kill him

Jayden spoke while walking away, “There is a set of clothes on your bed. Come

to my study after changing into it.

Silvia was so angry that she waved her fists behind him. “It’s so late. Why should I go to your study?” “Don’t think too much. You’re not sexually attracted to me” Jayden suddenly

turned back and said, “By the way, you only have five minutes. If I don’t see you in five minutes, you’ll bear the consequences.

“B*stard! Scumbag! You perverti” Silvia was so angry that she stamped her legs. However, she kicked the dressing table accidentally. She shouted because of the pain


How many bad things had she done in her past life? Why would God bully her like this in this life?

The clothes Jayden prepared for her was actually just a white shirt. Silvia didn’t understand why he asked her to wear this. However, she had to wear this no matter how reluctant she was.

Silvia’s face was beautiful and delicate, and her skin was fair and smooth. Hence, although it was just a plain shirt, she still looked stunning. Well, Silvia knew she was pretty, but the looks and reactions that others gave

her when she walked into the study reinforced her belief.

In the study, besides Jayden, there were also a few other men in suits who looked so serious. When Silvia appeared, their eyes fell on her and couldn’t look


The look on their faces was like a pack of hungry wolves who had starved for days and finally saw some delicious roast chicken served in front of their faces They were drooling,

Silvia felt as if she was helpless prey walking into a den full of predators.

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