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Their gazes made Silvia feel ashamed. She said to herself, “These men may look normal, but in fact, they are just wolves hiding in sheep fur!”

Under everyone’s gaze, Silvia came to the conclusion that all men were the same. No man would stay calm when a beautiful woman was around. This was especially true for the Young Master of the Kyle family. He looked so

elegant, stern, and aloof. Who knew how many vile things he had done behind

his back?

He was the worst trash amongst the scumbags!

“Everyone, can we start now?” Jayden spoke unhappily as he stood in front of Silvia, blocking the lustful gaze of the men in the room.

Perhaps it was a man’s instinct. He didn’t like how others were looking at his woman so lustfully. It didn’t matter if he liked her genuinely or not.

The men came back to their senses after hearing Jayden’s words. Some of them coughed deliberately to cover up their embarrassment, while others pretended to adjust the glasses on the bridge of their noses and look at the documents in their hands.

There was a man who looked relatively calm compared to others, and he answered, “Mr. Kyle, we are ready. We can start anytime.

Jayden’s eyes were gloomy and he seemed to be unhappy, but he didn’t lose his temper. He nodded and said, “Let’s proceed.” The man said again, “Mr. Kyle, could you sit together with Miss Turner? We

need a photo of the two of you for the registration

“Photo? What photo?” Silvia was a little confused. Then, she noticed that Jayden had also changed into a clean and neat white shirt too. No one responded to her. Jayden ushered Silvia to sit on a chair while she was

confused. Jayden then sat next to her.

Silvia didn’t like him getting too close to her. She wanted to get up and leave, but Jayden held her waist. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Be obedient and cooperate with me”

She felt his warm breath around her neck and she trembled slightly. She adjusted herself and said, “Jayden, are you planning on selling me?”

Jayden put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, showing a strong sense of dominance. “If this is what you want, I can fulfill your wish”

Silvia tried to elbow his waist. However, he reacted quickly and she didn’t manage to hurt him. Instead, he pinched her strongly.

He gripped her wrist, and he didn’t let go. The pain was so great that Silvia

wanted to curse him out loud, but she didn’t dare to do so. She blinked her eyes

at him, begging him to let go of her.

The staff spoke again, “Mr. Kyle, Miss Turner, please take a look at the camera. It’s best if you two can smile, then the photo will look better.

Jayden smiled, but his smile appeared a little stiff, looking fake at first glance, Silvia didn’t want to smile, but Jayden put his hand on her waist and pinched her hard. She was forced to smile. From the photo, it was obvious that she was unwilling to smile too.

The staff felt very awkward as he looked at the photo. “Mr. Kyle, Miss Turner, I think we can do better. Would you like to try another one?” “There’s no need too!” Jayden and Silvia said simultaneously. How rare it was

that they were of the same opinion!

“Well, please wait for a minute” Several staff members worked together to print the photos and validate them. Soon, two copies of the marriage certificate were handed over to Jayden and Silvia.

“What. what’s this?” The words “marriage certificate” were obvious, but Silvia

was not willing to believe what was happening.

She took the certificate and read it again and again, hoping that someone would tell her that everything was a joke. She was hoping that this was not real and it might be something else.

However, no one corrected the document, nor her confusion, and what the staff

said next made her heart sink.

The staff spoke seriously, “Mr. Kyle, the registration procedure tonight is in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Your marriage takes effect from now on. I now pronounce you man and wife.”

“What the f*ck, who are you guys? What are you doing?” Silvia lost her cool and forgot that she had to cooperate well with Jayden, When she lost her temper, it was hard to hold her back

The staff replied, “Miss Turner, oh sorry, I meant. Mrs. Kyle. Mrs. Kyle, we are staff from Madison City’s Civil Affairs Bureau. Mr. Kyle invited us over to

legalize this marriage *Civil Affairs Bureau? Does the Civil Affairs Bureau provide door-to-door

service? Do you think I’m a three-year-old child? Would I believe what you said?” As she spoke, she looked at a very calm Jayden. Instantly, Silvia pieced the puzzles together. As the saying goes, money may not solve all your problems, but it could solve

most of it. With Jayden’s power and his father’s influence in Madison City, it was probably nothing for him to hire the people from the Civil Affairs Bureau over for a special service

but. Silvia was absolutely not willing to become the legal wife of this scum. This meant that he could do whatever he wanted to her in the future. Silvia was so angry that she shouted, “Try calling me Mrs. Kyle again. I’ll beat


The staff continued to explain, “Mrs. Kyle‚Ķ

you up. I’m the one who got married. Why didn’t I know that you’ve already

gotten the marriage certificate? I’m warning you, annul this right away, or I’ll pay

a visit to the office and destroy all of you.” Silvia had suddenly become someone else’s wife in just a few minutes. She did

not consent to this.

The staff was also helpless. They came to fulfill a request but ended up being threatened with a complaint. They looked at Jayden for help. Jayden looked at Silvia and simply ignored them

Silvia was getting increasingly furious. “I didn’t agree to get married. How could this marriage certificate be real and in effect? How could it be legal? How did he and I become legal husband and wife? “How? Let me explain” Jayden waved his hand to signal for the staff to leave.

He approached Silvia and spoke in her ear. “I want it! So, I’ll do whatever


“You.” Silvia raised her hand and wanted to slap him. However, just like before, Jayden quickly grabbed her hand hard. Jayden’s reaction was always quicker than that Silvia could expect. This person

seemed to have received years of combat training, and his reflexes were incredibly quick. He said coldly, “Silvia, stop being so defensive. No one is playing house with

you! You can’t change the fact that we’re legally wedded. Even if I die, you will still be my wife.”

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